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Best Turntable Cabinet Reviews

A word about record player cabinets Record player cabinets (or turntable stands) are pieces of furniture that are designed to hold your record player and your vinyl records. Now, you could always put your turntable wherever you want, but the manufacturers of turntables often make these cabinets

Best Modern Turntables

Modern Turntables – Key points and notable features Turntables have been around for quite some time, and it’s only natural that modern manufacturers decided to reinvent and improve their older designs. Surely enough, the purpose remained the same – record players are there so you could enjoy

Best Turntable Speakers

Best Turntable Speaker Reviews Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter A short summary: Micca’s MB42 bookshelf speakers are very cheap, their woofers come with woven carbon fiber material that enhances the overall bass performance, which makes it deep, clear, and

Victrola VTA-750B Nostalgic Aviator

Victrola – A word about the manufacturer Victrola is one of the leading brands in the record player industry, and they hold several generations of high-end turntable series. Their models are extremely beautiful, and literally everyone can find a turntable that suits them in their catalog. The

Loudest Portable Speaker

What are portable speakers – introduction Speakers can be built-in or external, and we’re mainly concerned with the latter. Now, external speakers are contraptions and “machines” that amplify the sound of whatever they’re attached to – guitar amplification devices, PCs, record players, or whatever product that has

IT Record Players

Innovative Technology – Genius design and ideal sound performance Innovative Technology is one of the leading brands in the turntable market. Their name could tell you all about them – their innovative technologies have reinvented turntables. Their catalog is rather vast, so everyone could find a turntable

Technics Turntable Parts

Turntable parts – introduction Record players come in a manifold of variations – cheap, expensive, durable, high-end, urban, DJ, and other. Now, we all love these beautiful contraptions. We seldom think about what to do in the case when they start to hum, vibrate, or break down.

Gemini Turntables

Gemini – A word or two about the brand Gemini Sound Products (or simply “Gemini”) is an exceptional brand that manufactures professional audio, DJ, and record player equipment. They were founded in the early 80s, and their headquarters are located in New Jersey, US. They joined forces

Best Turntables under 200

Cheap turntables – the myth about the bargain record player models Most people think that cheap turntables can’t even compare with the rest of the price point categories. Now, that’s not exactly true. These record players have this price out of various reasons: Some of these record