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How to connect your record player to the computer

If you were listening to your favorite tunes on a record player or perhaps you find it enjoyable to play a song on a record player only now, maybe you have been wondering how to connect your record player to the computer, this will help you do

Top Record Player Upgrades

Introduction Usually, we think that we’ve hit jackpot when we buy the turntable we wanted, but what if we can improve the sound we already adore? Turntable upgrades are basically superior turntable parts. Since most record player parts can be replaced, this replacement often means an improvement.

Should I Repair LP Record Covers?

Introduction Most people storage their LP records in their corresponding record covers, and this is perfectly fine until these covers wear out, tear, or get destroyed in any other way. Since it’s the actual record that’s important, people often throw damaged covers away, but what if I

Record Player & Skipping Problems – Fixing The Problem

Record Players are amazing, but they sometimes malfunction, and it’s up to us to determine the best course of action when they do. Now, some people don’t bother too much – replacing an old record player is a solution too. Other people (who don’t possess handyman skills)

Lathe Cutting Your Own Records – Beginner’s Guide

What is lathe cutting and why should you consider doing it? Lathe cutting is, basically, a technique to make or modify vinyl records. A lathe is, basically, a tool that can be used in various different ways, and it will help you to produce (or modify) music

How To Use A Turntable – Operating A Crosley Record Player

Introduction – a foreword about Crosley Record Players First of all, there are tons and tons of different record players, and Crosley might be the best manufacturer in the industry of turntables. Their models are simply the best, but their series share only little of similarities between