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The Crosley Nomad Turntable

Pro’s: We are stunned with the design of this Crosley Nomad record player. Crosley really brought some history to the twentieth century. Next to great design, the sound is very smooth. This model does bring back some awesome memories for those who dig up their old vinyl. You will for sure love this turntable!

Cons: A user on Amazon reported he received a broken copy. Although our product was in good shape, apparently there is a change you in bad luck and need to contact the manufacturer for a new model.

Beautiful Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Turntable!


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Introduction to the Crosley Nomad

I was looking for a good-quality record player with inbuilt speakers. After doing a bit of research online, I placed an order on Amazon for the Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Turntable. The product was shipped quickly and it arrived in good condition. I am so glad that I selected the Crosley turntable!

It is a sturdy, well-built, and portable record player that should be a part of your collection. The player took me back into my past. I remember having record players like these as a teen. And, now I have got another chance to hear my favorite vinyl records all over again.

The Crosley Nomad

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Operating the player is simple and easy. I just need to use one knob to turn on the turntable and increase the volume. What I liked the most of the player was that the speaker grill is made up of metal and not fabric. While playing the records I did not experience any speed fluctuations. It is an amazing collectible with fantastic sound quality.

The speakers are extremely loud, especially for a turntable of this size. Moreover, you have an option to attach bigger speakers if you want to. However, I am happy with its speakers and did not find the necessity to attach any other speaker. In short, it is one of the best all-in-one solutions in the market today.

the crosley nomad closed view

Yes, even with the lid closed it is very smooth


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Product Introduction

  • Design of the product: The design of the product is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The player will not damage your vinyl as it comes with a moving magnet cartridge and stylus that has been made by Audio Technica.
  • Sound: The sound quality is excellent as it has a magnetic Audio Technica cartridge. The player has two speakers, one on each side and they are incredibly loud. Also, the headphone jack will let you enjoy your songs in privacy.
  • Quality of the product: The quality of the player is sturdy and if handled properly, it will last for a long time. It looks beautiful and stylish as compared to other similar record players.
  • Usability: It is the best record player for casual listeners who are looking for a stylish and affordable turntable. You can listen to your favorite old songs and bring back your memories.

Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Turntable 1Features of the Nomad

Some amazing features of the record player:

  • It has an NP5 Needle with belt-driven turntable mechanism.
  • It is a USB enabled turntable for connection to Windows that are equipped to PC and Mac.
  • The turntable can play 3 speeds i.e. 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records.
  • The product includes software suit for ripping and editing audio content.
  • It has an auxiliary input, RCA output, and headphone jack. The headphone jack will enable you to listen to your favorite songs in privacy.
  • It has a dynamic, full range, stereo speakers. There are two speakers; one on each side of the unit, which ensures more sound and flexibility.
  • The player has a magnetic Audio Technica cartridge, which is much better than the regular and cheaper ceramic kind.
  • It comes fitted with an Audio Technica NP5 diamond stylus.
  • The vinyl wrapped wooden enclosure features a chrome snap closure, woven cloth exterior, and a handle for easy transportation.

portable crosley record player

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Here are the record player’s specifications:

  • Dimensions: 13x17x4 inches.
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 12.8 pounds.
  • Power: AC Adapter
  • Mode: Manual
  • Drive: Belt drive
  • USB: Yes
  • Built-in speakers: Yes
  • Built-in Preamp: Yes
  • Adjustable volume of speakers: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Find Out The Current Price and Users Reviews On Amazon

Yes, it is USB enabled

With the Nomad turntable you can take your musical journey to different heights. As it is USB enabled, you can record your favorite vinyl to digital files quickly and easily. All you need to do is simply plug in the USB cable, play your record and watch as the player creates digital files on your computer with the supplied software. So, even while you are on a go you can listen to your favorite vinyl songs.

usb function crosley nomad portable record player

Hook it onto you computer to store your vinyl collection


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In case you are considering using external speakers, the USB interface will be a great option. You can hook it up to your computer speakers for better sound or use the RCS jacks for the same purpose.

Quality Stylus (Audio Technica):

The record player is fitted with a quality stylus that prevents your vinyl from getting damaged. The amazing NP5 diamond stylus makes the Crosley one of the best record players to buy.

sideview crosley nomadHere are some amazing merits of using the record player:

  • Easy to move: The player is portable which makes it easy to move from one place to another.
  • Low cost: By looking at the amazing features that the record player provides, the cost is quite low.
  • High-quality product: The quality of the product is excellent and it has been built to last for long.
  • Amazing speed: The player can play at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, so you can enjoy your old songs right away. However, if you are playing 45 RPM records then don’t forget to use the 45 adapter that has been provided with the turntable.
  • Belt driven unit: This ensures that there is less vibration as the belt acts as a shock absorber.
  • Inbuilt preamp: This feature makes sure that you just need to plug and play. Simple, isn’t it?

Cons of the product:

Customers have found the Crosley record player to be compact and beautifully designed. There is a minor issue that was highlighted by few customers. Though the record player is compact and portable, yet some users find it to be a bit heavier than other record players. However, the handle that is been provided with the player makes transportation easy and simple. So, carrying it from one place to another is not a major problem.

Customer Reviews and Scores:

At the moment, on Amazon, 111 customers have bought the product out of which most customers are extremely happy with their purchase and they have given 5 stars in their reviews.

Some customers find the manually operated unit to be a drawback.

However, this feature actually is a big plus. It makes cueing of specific tracks better and the tonearm will not lift for a few seconds before the end of the last track.

So, there isn’t any other issue that can stop you from adding this beauty to your collection.

Price of the turntable

The Nomad USB Portable Turntable from Crosley is available in the $$$ price range on Amazon. Check the actual price on here. The price is quite reasonable in comparison to the amazing features that it provides to the user. Those who are not quite sure whether they want to venture into the world of vinyl can too buy the most reasonably priced Crosley record player.


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Conclusion and our verdict

record player stand crosley best record player

If you are looking for an all-in-one vinyl record player then the Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Turntable is a reliable and affordable choice. You can use it to play different speeds and it is an awesome player for converting your music so that you can listen while traveling. I am very happy with my purchase and would give it 5 stars. I have already recommended most of my friends to purchase the Crosley record player for their home.


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Review: Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System!

Pros:  This is a wholesome product with several modern specifications wrapped in a classic vintage look. The stereo system is user friendly and can be easily operated by all the members of the family. The remote control offers the utmost convenience. This comprehensively featured and impressive looking stereo system offers a good value for money.

Cons: It needs regular maintenance to upkeep its efficiency. Luckily there are a variety of vinyl record cleaning kits available in the market.

Enjoy You Favorite Music When Modern Technology Blends With The Classic Styled Pyle PTCD56UBGR



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Melodious music is soothing to heart. It helps the mind to relax and unwind by pacifying the ongoing tensions and worries. Listening to the favorite band playing is my best way to end the hectic day. It makes me calm and re-energized to take up my evening chores. I feel, it is necessary to listen to good songs and bands to keep up a good mental and physical health.

But it will only help when the music system it is played upon is of premium quality. Poor quality stereo system damages the soul of music thus making it a noisy unpleasant sound. So, if you are a music lover like me, a high quality stereo system is a must for you! So let us take a good look at the Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System!

An inside view at the PYLE PTCD56UBGR

The Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System is the ultimate piece of gadget liked by many users. The latest technology is seamlessly integrated in the vintage style retro design to create this music system. This amazing product features all the cutting edge functions along with old style record playing functionality.

It simply means, you can uninterruptedly enjoy the classic records without missing the latest musical launches. The Pyle Record player is elegantly classic in its looks. It is intricately designed as a replica of the olden times record player. It gives a classy look to the room it is placed in!

This sound system is well versed with the modern technology. It has powerful built -in stereo speakers of full range which makes the system apt to be used for parties and family functions. You will never miss a beat when playing your favorite band on this stereo.


Its easy connectivity via Bluetooth, USB Flash Reader and wireless audio streaming capability makes the device easily compatible with other systems as well. It means, you can stream your favorite song from your mobile or tablet or even television to the Pyle Record Player Stereo System and can enjoy it to the fullest.



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Its compatible interface makes it work effortlessly with most of the mobile computing devices such as laptops, smartphones, iPads and even desktops. It has all the features we seek for in an ideal music system.

This is an ideal piece of technology for the people like me who are not very comfortable in scrolling and selecting music from varied devices as it allows me to play my favorite CD and plug in to the popular AM/FM Radio channels as well.

With its Aux (3.5 mm) feature, it can also be connected directly with the television hence producing an uncompromised sound quality. This stereo system comes with a remote control thus making its usage convenient. It is sure to make the room it is housed in, very rich in high quality stereo sounds.

The speed Vinyl Turntable features a decent 45 and 78 RPM thus making the device more efficient than its previous versions. It comes with three speed selection options thus enabling me to play all the records effortlessly.  The gadget also facilitates saving and sharing of the music files along with supporting MP3 recording, thus making it comprehensive in all metrics. Furthermore, I can stack up my collection of old music nicely in the spacious yet compact digital library in it.

Listening to the contemporary band on this antique styled record playing system is a unique experience. Housed in a box like cabinet, the device though is portable but should better be placed at one allocated place in the room.

Features And Specifications

Pyle Stereo Record System

  • Modern Technology blended with the classic retro styled Turntable Sound System
  • Beautiful design with the latest technology embedded in a classic vintage body
  • The Full Range Stereo Speakers are built -in
  • The device can be easily connected via Bluetooth, USB flash reader
  • Supports wireless audio streaming ability.


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  • Highly compatible with all the mobile devices such as iPhone, Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, Cand Android phones.
  • Features three speed options; 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM respectively. Allows all kind of records to be played on it seamlessly. Pyle PTCD56UBGR
  • Features AM/FM Radio
  • Inputs: Aux (3.5mm), CD player
  • Easily save, share music files with friends and family

Beautiful design with latest technology

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is an outstanding example of high end technology fused with eye pleasing design. There are a number of premium quality stereo systems available in market. However, just a few like Pyle Record Player offer a comprehensive set of functionalities.

The device is loaded with all new features and latest functionalities yet has housed the traditional ways of playing music safely within it. It is a perfect music player system that will be loved by all the family members. Whether playing Jazz or a melodious symphony, the end result will indeed be mesmerizing.

An addition to your interior

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is highly impressive in its looks along with its functionality. Unlike any other stereo system, this piece of art is designed to be enjoyed even when not in use! The record player gives the impression of an expensive antique brought from an exotic era. It adds to the grandeur of the room. Its sturdy yet elegant looking body painted in Grey-wood colour attracts every eye.


  • Pyle Record Player Stereo System is a wholesome product that features built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, built-in speakers, supports inputs from CD, Cassette, AM/FM and USB.
  • The stereo system is user friendly. It can be easily operated by all the members of the family. The remote control offers the utmost convenience.
  • This comprehensively featured and impressive looking stereo system offers a good value for money.


Pyle Record Player Stereo System needs regular maintenance to upkeep its efficiency. The record surface of the system may get spoiled because of excessive dust exposure. The cleaning of the system regularly is imperative. However, the record surface should be cleaned using a very soft cloth as it can get scratched and damaged very easily.

There are a variety of vinyl record cleaning kits available in the market. These kits are easy, carry all the necessary things required for cleaning the gadget and are safe to use. They are meant to remove all the foreign elements from the grooves and helps in maintaining the product effortlessly.

Customers Reviews And Scores

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is eventually getting popular. On Amazon itself, the product has earned around 65 reviews. The product has scored an overall decent stars rating. However, according to some users, the bass output of the system doesn’t score high.

It is not as good as other music systems available in the market. But this problem can be easily rectified using an additional pair of external speakers which can get easily attached to the system.

And what about the Price?

Pyle Record Player Stereo System is available on in the $$$ price range. Check the actual price on here. It is decently priced for the amazing features it offers. There are many other stereo systems available in this category that appear cheaper than this product as they offer limited functionalities.


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Pyle Vintage Bluetooth Turntable Speaker System offers a lot at a reasonable cost. It is a onetime investment that will keep you and your family entertained for many years. You can introduce many old musical classics to your children while enjoying their kind of music as well. Pyle Vintage Bluetooth Turntable Speaker System is indeed a winner product in its category.


The Crosley Keepsake Deluxe, an in depth look

Pro’s: Users on Amazon report to be very satisfied with the sound of this Crosley record player. Combine the great sound quality with the smooth design and you have what most users appreciate in this model. We did particularly like the black cabinet while most turntables being wood or bright colored. The Crosley Keepsake is one model you should consider.

Cons: Well, of course their is room for some improvement. Two Amazon buyers report problems with the tonearm. When this problem does not appear you will have a great turntable with this model. When it does appear, one should contact the manufacturer.


Let’s Review the Crosley Keepsake CR6250A Record Player

Crosley Keepsake Deluxe Portable Record Player


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Looking to get a top-notch turntable without spending a fortune?

The Crosley CR6250A may be exactly what you have been longing for. This carefully and perfectly designed record player is one of Crosley’s famous stylish line of record players. The Crosley CR6250A-BK is increasingly gaining popularity for its sound quality, durability, speed accuracy, and affordability. What we specifically like about this model is portability, a portable turntable is a friend on the go!

The Crosley CR6250A is a two-speed portable turntable player with built-in deluxe stereo speakers. Neatly stashed in a beautiful vintage-inspired lightweight package, it’s easy enough to carry around; moreover, you can digitize every record via the USB port and store them on a portable music player so you can always enjoy your collection whenever you wish.


The cool retro design has caught the attention of people of all ages, including teens and young adults. However, before you buy this incredibly looking portable turntable, go through this review to ensure it meets your particular needs. In this review, you’ll get everything you need to know about the Crosley USB turntable, to help you make an informed decision while purchasing.

Features and Specifications

  • Belt-driven turntable mechanismCrosley turntable
  • Dynamic full range stereo speakers
  • Plays 2 speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records
  • S-Shaped tonearm with integrated headshell
  • Adjustabletonearm weight



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  • Replaceable pre-mounted Audio Technica phonon cartridge for a customized listening experience
  • Diamond Stylus Needle
  • Switchable RCA analog output to PHONO or LINE Out (RCA Cable Included)
  • Auxiliary input
  • Adjustable pitch control
  • Built-in strobe indicator lamp for speed accuracy verification
  • Anti – Skate adjustment


  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 17 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 pounds

Style and design

With both “deluxe” and “portable” in its official name, one could already have some ideas about the design of this model. The suitcase-like formed turntables from Crosley are iconic in the world of vinyl. With the Crosley Cruiser being the most popular model, suitcase record players are among the most desired types of vinyl machines.

Within the range of suitcase models, this CR6250A-BK is one of the more high end models. It is slightly bigger compared to most suitcase models and a bit more robust. The design is clearly retro with the classic look which most people aim for with vinyl instruments. The robust design with the black cover will make sure this Crosley will spread some vintage love in the room in which it is placed. One particular style item we liked, is the blue light at the power button. The blue glow combined with the black design gives the turntable a real classy appearance.

Key features

Tonearm and adjustments

Crosley’s turntable has had a meaty step-up. Backed by a pinpoint diamond stylus needle, the Audio Technica’s sharp magnetic cartridge, and S-shaped tonearm, playback is richly precise. The dynamic stereo speakers channel tracks with room-filling power, whereas the belt-driven system minimizes rumble distortion. Featuring a belt-driven turntable and an adjustable weight tone arm, this Crosley suitcase turntable delivers smooth, skip-free playback.

High-End Control

Crosley CR6250A features two speeds (33 1/3 and 45 RPM), allowing you to play any vinyl that you wish. Get the perfect settings to let each record thrive by adjusting the pitch, tone and volume to your choice. Although the Audio Technica phono cartridge is of high-quality, it is still replaceable enabling you to customize your listening experience. True to its name, the Keepsake allows you to record all your old albums in a digital audio format for a high-quality sound.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in preamp
  • Compact design and affordable
  • USB connection


  • Skipping Tonearm

The arm return starts to malfunction after a certain period of use. This can be resolved by turning the platter counter-clockwise several times; otherwise, you can contact Crosley’s support service to get it fixed or replaced. To solve issues with skipping and noise production, you should always keep your records and stylus clean as well as ensure that your record player is leveled.

Customer Reviews and Scores

With over a dozen reviews on Amazon with and an overall rating above 3-star, this product boasts of numerous Crosley CR6250A-BK Sideviewpositive reviews with most users report using this record player devoid of a single problem. Users appreciate the durability and professional look.
Despite the player’s high ratings, some consumers complain of warped sound; however, many users have been satisfied with the quality of sound surpassing their expectations. Overall, consumers find this unit hassle-free to assemble and setup. One reviewer even says she is using the turntable as an extern speaker for her television, when camping she brings this portable model nog only to listen to some music but also to improve the sound by her aged television.

What about the price

Amazon brings you this model in the $$$ price range. Check the actual price on down here. This is higher compared to the Crosley Cruiser, but this Keepsake also gives a lot more for this price. With this price the Keepsake Deluxe is one of the cheaper middle end models. With the design and features one will get with this model, the price is fair in our view. Crosley delivers more quality for that price than you will get for comparable models in this price range.

Conclusion and Who should buy this Crosley CR6250A-BK

Crosley Keepsake Deluxe Portable Record PlayerCrosley’s vintage vinyl-wrapped suitcase includes a high-end turntable with everything you need to fall entirely in love with your old albums all over again.

Its deluxe speakers capture the warmth of LP audio, whereas the top-shelf build maintains playback in position and accurate. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or an inquisitive newbie, the Crosley CR6250A-BK is a forward-thinking throwback with breathtaking features.


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With its retro design and many positive reviews online, it’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking an easy to use, a self-contained player at an affordable price.

The strong side of this model is the portability without losing sound quality in combination with the strong vintage design. When looking for a great looking record player that really brings something extra to your room, this is your choice. You will for sure have lots of enjoyable moments with your records, because this machines produces some nice music and sounds.

When you aim for the most superb sound and are willing to pay premium money for it, you might want to look further. But if you aim for great retro design, portability and a decent sound, you will be very pleased with the CR6250A-BK.


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Review: Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable System!

Pro’s: On of the more fresh and sleek designed “old days – look” record players. Aside from its trendy design the system is very easy to use. Its has both USB and SD-jacks, and is easily compatible with devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Smartphones, u name it.

Con’s: When the record is done playing, the needle stops on the end of the record and does not return automatically to the cradle. You will have to do this manually. In spite of its great compatibility with modern devices, is does not have a CD-player.


Awesome & Sleek Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable System!

Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable


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I am a vinyl enthusiast and I just missed listening to the old vinyl records. These records cannot match at all with the newer versions of songs i.e. CDs and MP3s. However, listening to vinyl on computer or laptops was not possible at all. I needed an affordable vinyl record player. While researching online, I came across the Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable System. After reading its wonderful features, I purchased it instantly. The product was shipped quickly and I received the player in utmost condition. Then, I purchased some of my favourite vinyl records to listen on my brand new player.

It was a classic record player that had an inbuilt Bluetooth for wireless music streaming. I purely enjoyed the time when I used to hear songs on the Pyle player. One thing is for sure, vinyl records have a special sound that digital music cannot replicate or capture. So, I welcomed the Pyle recorder with open hands. The main difference between vinyl recording and DVD or CD recording is that the former is an analogue recording while the later is digital recording. This feature makes a lot of difference in the sound effect. The sound of the vinyl is much richer and impressive.

Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable


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Product introduction:

Design: The looks and design of the system is pretty and sharp. It has a sleek design in comparison to the traditional vinyl recorders.

Sound: The sound of the record player is amazing! It brought back my childhood memories when I used to listen to the vinyl records of the 50s and 60s.

Quality: The quality of the product is durable. If handled with care, the player should work for several years.

Usability: It can be used for playing vinyl recorders. You can even create MP3 files and save or share your songs with others. The player can also be used to hear songs on AM/FM radio.

Features and Specifications:

Listed below are some amazing features of the record player:

  • It is a classic record player that is built by using modern technology.
  • It allows wireless music streaming to play through the speakers, as it has a built-in Bluetooth.
  • You can enjoy your favorite vinyl records as it has a 3 speed turntable that comprises of 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.
  • It has dual built-in 3-inch stereo speakers.
  • The Vinyl to MP3 digital audio file recording ability is 3.5mm. It can turn your stack of records into a compact digital audio library.
  • You can even enjoy numerous songs on the AM/FM radio as it has an illuminated classic dial display.
  • The record player is MP3 compatible with USB Flash and SD Memory Card Readers.
  • The headphone jack is of 3.5 mm, which enables you to hear your songs privately at home.
  • You can save and share your music through Mac or PC. This feature will help you in creating MP3 files easily.
  • The player works on all devices inclusive of Android, iPhone, iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.
  • You are even provided with the facility to unlock more music streaming ability to combine the old with the new ones.
  • The player has simple button and rotary controls.
  • It has a rear panel RCA Line Output Connector Jack.
  • The player has the ability to connect external audio speaker systems.
  • It has a blue backlight LCD digital display.
  • The collapsible top lid cover reveals the record player.
  • You will receive a 45 RPM Adaptor with the player.
  • It can also record Aux input and Bluetooth Audio.stereo system

Here are the record player’s specifications:

  • Model number is: PTR8UBTBK
  • The weight of the product is 7.6 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are 12.2” L x 13.0” W x 5.8” H.
  • It is MP3 Digital Audio file compatibility.
  • The maximum USB/SD Card Support size is 16GB.
  • Power: 120V, AC
  • Color: Black

Wireless Music Streaming: 

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Gone are the days when you were unable to hear your favourite vinyl records! With this amazing record player, you can now enjoy the old classic songs or the new ones. You can even turn your stack of vinyl records into a compact digital audio library. It makes it much easier to decide which format you need. Moreover, the inbuilt Bluetooth will allow wireless music streaming to play through the speakers.

Works on all devices:

Whether you have an Android, iPhone, or iPad, the classic record player works amazingly well on all tablets and smartphones. You can even save and share your music through Mac or PC with your friends and family members. This feature will help you in creating MP3 files quickly.

Want to know more about this amazing product? Read on to know about the wonderful pros of using the record player:

  • The player is extremely easy to use and can be used by kids as well as adults.
  • The cost of the product is low as compared to other turntables available in the market.
  • It is used by those who are addicted to music and want to make their songs special by listening to them on the analogue recording equipment.   
  • The medium lends itself to a more intimate and spirited way of enjoying your favorite tracks.

Some of the cons of the product:

The product has received mixed reviews on Amazon. More than half of the buyers have given 5 star reviews. However, the buyers that are not much satisfied with the product have some minor issues that can be resolved easily. One of the buyer thought that the sound needed help so he purchased some additional speakers. This worked perfectly fine! Another customer complained that the when the record is done playing, the needle just stops at the end of the record and does not automatically return to the Cradle.

Price of the player:

The Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable System is available for $94 on Amazon. Looking at the amazing features that it provides, it surely is a great value for money. If handled with care, the player should last for many years. Also, getting amazing sound quality at such a price is difficult! So, it is definitely worth investing in one! Some buyers might find the price to be a bit on the higher side, but for me it’s a hobby and an obsession that’s interesting and absolutely worth it!

# To give you an idea about user experiences, here are some honest reviews from Amazon.


Check out on Amazon


Overall, the record player is one of the best additions to your home. It’s time to rediscover your records and introduce some of the old beautiful songs to kids. Nowadays, most of the big artists are releasing their latest albums in vinyl as well as digital. So, you can buy the upcoming releases too and enjoy on your record player. Most of the record labels are releasing their back catalogues on vinyl, so that you can add a lot of old classics to your collection.

Even though it requires a bit of effort to listen to the vinyl recorder, it certainly makes music a great experience. I actually want to get down to the meaning of the song or collect information of the singer while listening to one. In short, it has made me more involved with the music that I am listening to. The record player has certainly changed my life completely. It has bought a lot of peace and happiness for me. It’s time for me to go and listen to my favorite album! See you all soon!

Record store Day 2015

Well, RSD 2015 was Epic!

For the ones who do not know Record Store Day; it is the day that we celebrate the independent record stores, the third Saturday of April. Each year this day is graced by new releases. So this day is a biggie for vinyl collectors.

After the success of 2014, 2015 was aiming for even more. In 2014 Rolling Stone calculated that 58% more records were sold. With vinyl becoming more and more popular, the scene is on the rise. Some say however that this is also the Achilles heel of RSD, the focus is more and more on making sales. The new releases are becoming so exclusive that they become commercial again..

Some of the big releases in 2015 where:2015 record store day rsd

  • Foo Fighters – Songs From the Laundry Room
  • The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
  • The Doors – Strange Days
  • Paul McCartney – The Family Way
  • U2 – Songs of Innocence


But not only is this day about new releases, also the culture of vinyl music and more specific of independent music stores is celebrated. With more and more commercial influence from the big labels, it can be hard for stores to have their own collection instead of all the mainstream songs. This leads to less diversity and thereby less quality. RSD is a chance to really dig through the whole variety of music. The aim is therefore not promote the mainstream big labels, but to discover some new music in the classic stores that bring us vinyl albums for decades and decades.

Numbers of records sold for RSD 2015

Still the numbers of sold records are decent:

  • In 2011 182.000 extra records in the week of RSD (Ambassador Ozzy Osbourne)
  • In 2012 192.000 extra records in the week of RSD (Ambassador Iggy Pop)
  • In 2013 244.000 extra records in the week of RSD (Ambassador Jack White)
  • In 2014 400.000 extra records in the week of RSD (Ambassador Chuck D, 58% grow!)
  • In 2015 500.000 extra records in the week of RSD (Ambassador Dave Grohl)


So, one could say that the RSD´s are a success. But there is also criticism. With the focus originally on independent stores, RSD is more and more captured by the big brands and labels. Making it still a great event for vinyl, but not with the focus on the gems in small stores. This is giving RSD a double character, yes the vinyl gets attention but that attention is shifting to the same big names we find anywhere in the music branch.

How to continue Record Store Day

So, in what way should RSD 2016 be presented. Are we still able to promote the ones that started this event, the small independent store owner?

Well, lets be fair, it won’t be easy. With the ambassadors being big artist with huge contracts with the main stream labels and brands, there is a lot of money on the line. And with that money, the game is played at a whole new level. With the big names representing RSD, the big money will stay. And that money is not interested in diversity and creativity. Nope big labels want to sell as many as possible. Therefore, with choosing each year ambassadors which sell millions of albums, nothing will change for the good.

It may be time to give RSD back to people who started it, the obscure small stores with numerous crates full of lp’s, those still make the backbone of R(SD).

Review: Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable!

Pro’s: An absolute beginner-beauty if you want to be more in touch with the world of Vinyl and built a collection for your own, or start with your parents attic stock. It is very easy to handle and set-up. “Remove packaging – plug in – remove needle cover – put on record – be happy. The end.”, thus a very happy customer.

Con’s: Being a basic record player, it is a bit limited in its features and options. If you want more and different options for this price, then we can definitely recommend you to look at more models we have tested and reviewed here.


Begin Your Vinyl Adventure with Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable!

wooden studebaker turntable

While most people will think of cars with the company Studebaker, they also bring us some very nice pieces of musical instruments. In this review we zoom in on the Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable, which truly has some features that does make it worth mentioning. With having a smaller and more modest design than other retro models, this Studebaker item is less shiny than most vintage models. It does however look classic, very classic. This player can be summarized with “basic, simple and satisfactory”

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At a glance

Wood, lots of wood. The record player has a warm antique case design that immediately draws attention, while being compact. Combined with the metal display and characteristic speakers, the player breaths nostalgia. When placing a record and putting down the needle, the music is of higher quality than expected. The FM radio is producing decent sound and receiving as well. A basic but quality item that does what it is asked to do, playing all sizes of records and bringing an old school look to your interior.


studebaker retro

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What about the sound

As we said before, the sound was better than we had expected. The sound is a bit thin when put on max volume with a room full of people but is for sure enough to bring some atmosphere when put into action. The stereo speakers produces enough volume to fill the room or even for reaching for instance the next door kitchen. If needed can external speakers be plugged in the rear, thereby amplifying the sound without loosing the “vinyl touch”. When the lid is closed, the sound is a bit boosted and even warmer. There is not that much to say about the sound, for items in this price range, the sound is just pretty good.

The design

Most attention will be attracted by the wooden cave, which is somewhat brown / paprika red in color, giving the model a vintage look. Nicely accompanied by the display and speakers the wooden chest is providing the retro look of more expensive models. With the design being straight and basic, the looks of the cherry wood and speakers are not cheap or thin. The analog FM radio tuner is a detail that goes really well along with the wooden cave. A simple retro look the will bring a bit of nostalgia to the room it is placed in.

studebaker sb5062


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Other features

With being quite basic, the FM radio and the Cassette player are the most interesting other features. The receiving of the radio is good and the sound by the internal speakers is sufficient. When in need for more sound, external speakers can be hooked up on the back of the device. The player stops automatically when the record is finishes playing, making sure the needle will not wear out the LP. Last but not least, it is nice to have the Cassette Player as an extra. This audio-jewel from the 1980’s still kept it’s grip on the American Music Scene.

To give you an exact overview of the features and specifications, we made a list:

  • 3-speed Selectable Turntable
  • Am/fm/fm Stereo Radio With Analog Tuning
  • Includes a Cassette Player
  • 2″ Built-in Speaker
  • 2 X 1.5w Rms Output
  • Antique Wooden Case Design

Other reviewers

On Amazon, this is a popular product. With over a 100 reviews and scoring 4.0 stars, the player is complimented for both the looks and the sound. With the sound being warm but the volume a bit low, people are happy about the speakers.

The Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable seems like a convenient suitable Record Player for the vinyl beginners among us. It is easy to set up and simple to handle. Here are some honest user experiences from Amazon:

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“I Love the retro feel of this cute little phonograph”, thus says a happy customer who bought this Record Player on Amazon. For a music system under  a $100, this product for sure offers some nice features that will respond to the needs of every music lover. This is a good starter for your parents vinyl-collection, or to built one your own. However, if you are a more experienced vinyl-user and want more options to listen to you favorite music, we then recommend to look at more comprehensive models.


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Review of the PYLE-HOME PVNP4CD Vintage Phonograph

There are so many choices for record players, it almost boggles your mind. Do you go for a phonograph type of more a turntable design? Crosley or Electrohome? Vintage or modern? And for what price? Enough choices to make your head spin. Still, we do think that there are some models that do stand out enough to justify mention. One of those is the Pyle-Home PVNP4CD vintage phonograph, further referred to as “Pyle home PVNP4CD”. 

Despite its boring name, the Pyle-Home has some interesting features to put on the table. Characteristics vintage looks and retro sound. Keep reading to find out what we thought of this model.

Pyle Home Pros and Cons

First, the good thing, this item has a very nice design. The big prominent horn instantly reminds you to days in the past, it has no problem with easily becoming the center piece in your room. The authentically wood-crafted cabinet and combined analog/digital display can also be held responsible for that. We did like the sound this item produces, in manufacturing however, the company could have been more thoroughly.

The Design

The number one reason for owners of this model. This media player will look at home in any setting where you’re trying to accomplish old-timeyness.. Victorian, Early 20th century, etc. The brass horn is the part that is most characteristic, it does instantly bring a vintage look to your whole room. The horn is nicely accompanied by the wood crafted cabinet and copper display with solidly mounted rotary switches. Therefore this Pyle Home is not to be placed in a dusty corner of the chamber, it is fit for the job of catching some eyes. You can’t help but watch the records spin on this vintage style, authentically wood-crafted turntable as it plays your music.

The Sound

But as important as the design is the sound the player produces. You do not only want to look at your LP’s spinning, of course you also want to enjoy listening to them.

You Want A Vintage Record Player

You Want a Vintage Record Player

vintage record player

You do care for style and thereby you love some nostalgia. Probably everything around you is carbon or polyester and clinically designed.

But you would like to stand out, right?

A vintage turntable does have that nostalgic look and will for sure bring character along with that.

But choosing the right Vintage Record Player can be tough!

So we’ve put together this resource A-ONE-STOP-SHOP ALL-INCLUSIVE GUIDE to help you find the right model that fits your style.

So, what is the bottom line?

You are at the right place to find your personal best Vintage Record Player!


Ultimate Guide – the Best Vintage Record Player 2017

PictureModelExtra'sPriceOur Rating
Crosley Dansette Junior Portable TurntablePortable, Full range speakers, Headphone jack, Diamond stylus needle, Aux output/input$$$4.5
Pyle PPTCM80BTBR Portable TurntableUSB function, CD player, external speakers, aux input, Bluetooth $$$4.3
PYLE-HOME PVNP4CD Vintage PhonographFull brass horn, cassette, CD player, FM Radio, USB, Recording function, Aux input$$$$4.5
Crosley Cr704c Pa MusicianFM Radio, CD player, Cassette, Aux input, MP3 function$$4.2
Crosley Dansette BermudaMatching stand, Auxiliary input, headphone jacks, full range stereo speakers$$$4
Crosley Nomad Portable Turntable Auxiliary input,
Headphone jack, full range stereo speakers
Crosley Snap Portable TurntableUSB, external speakers, portable$$$4.4

5 important things for choosing your vintage record player

1. The picture of the device.

They look great, don’t they?

But there is more.

Watch better and bigger quality pics of the best looking turntables in 2017 here!

2. Brand and name/model – Click on them to view more details!

Or..go spoil yourself! A music lover like you deserves such a beautiful copy!

3. The Extra’s: Some of the best options the device has!

What ways are there to connect the device for storage or volume? Can you connect this one to a computer? All the answers are right there.

4. And off course – the Price

These are approximate prices on  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions and more.

But generally speaking:

$ = under $50
$$ = $50 to $100
$$$ = $100 to $200
$$$$ = $200 to $500
$$$$$ = $500+

5. The Rating – Our impression when using the turntable

You might be wondering: Is this the ULTIMATE GUIDE?

Truth is there are a lot of record players out there. To make your journey more easy, we reviewed some of the best models in different categories.

Record Player Reviews

We offer an inside look for multiple categories. Please find below the types and models we review.

In order to make our tested models easier to find, we provide an overview:

The 6 most important tested categories for the best vintage record player.

Attention please!

Our team truly adore the vintage turntables and put a lot of effort in this list, so we hope it provides you with what you need.

1. Best under 100 dollars

Here we show you the 5 BEST RECORD PLAYERS UNDER $100 that deliver some good music, look nice and are yet very affordable.

Is your budget limited to only $100? Don’t worry, there is still PLENTY to choose from!

2. Best Turntable Under 300 dollars

Among the numerous turntables that are available in the market, you just want that little extra. Whether it is good sound, a nice design or just a few more options.

If you are looking for the best turntable under 300 dollars, then read on!

3. Best Turntable Under 500 dollars

Considering the fact that you are searching for a turntable in this price range, it is clear that you want it to be darn good!

We get that.

So, we’ve compiled a list of turntables to guide you to the best turntable under 500 dollars! We examine if they are affordable, reliable, beautiful, powerful, and what great value they offer.

4. Best Crosley Record Player

For over a hundred years we’ve been blessed by the sweet melodies that Crosley record players make!

The Crosley players began to emerge on the market nearly a century ago!

And that speaks volumes about their quality, knowing that they’re still up and running.

A lot of things speak for their quality. First of all, the brand aged up with time, not against it, implementing the use of modern technology while still remaining true to the core.

If you are asking yourself at any time – are the Crosley record players any good?

Read the answers RIGHT HERE.

5. Best Portable Record Player

In modern times people usually listen to their music on their smartphones, computers, laptops, and other modern devices.

Portable Record Players offer you something that no phone or computer ever could – the amazing experience that could not be replaced or substituted by anything.

We are going to review the portable record players that are even more interesting due to their compactness.

Here is the list of the very best portable record players we’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

6. Best Record Player with Speakers

Today many players come with in-built speakers to free the users from hassles of connecting and carrying external speakers.

But not all the turntables with speakers deliver QUALITY sound.

Finding the best record player with speakers that deliver high-quality sound is not an easy job.

There are  so many models available on the market.

So, here’s the deal:

We thought we can make your job easy by bringing you the details of the best record players with speakers. Enjoy!

And what about other categories?

You probably know by now that the record players in these reviews have a lot to offer. But possibly you haven’t made your choice yet.

Since we want to offer a comprehensive guide, we did not exaggerate about the effort of our team.  What about a turntable with highly versatile settings? The Jensen All-In-One or the Teac All-In-One for example. Both record players that are equipped with various features.

Some turntable brands are a category on its own. Pro-Ject is one of the prominent leaders in the high-end turntable industry. A darn good reason to give this brand some special attention. Have a look at these different Pro-Ject Turntables for example.

More Vinyl Insights

If you read all the way down to here, you must be interested in some vintage vinyl insights.

We are right, aren’t we?

Do we have some great news for you!

Our team did not only spend hours and hours on testing the different turntables on our site.

We’re also deluded by the world of vinyl. The techniques, the origin and history are topics we can go on and on about for hours and hours.

We would like to welcome you in our crazy vinyl geek world with some in-depth on!


Types of Classic Record Players

basic vintage turntablePyle vintage phonograph








There are many ways to divide record players in different categories.

Preamp vs power amp, belt driven vs direct drive etc.

Those are more technical ways of discriminating between turntables.

Most people visiting this blog are choosing between a gramophone, the one with the big brass horn on the left, the Pyle-Home Vintage Phonograph Horn Turntable.

Or maybe a turntable model without a horn, in this example on the right the Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player.

Although these terms are not officially selecting for with/without horn, everybody understands the difference.

We are not going to get in debate which is better. They both clearly have specific benefits.

  • Drawing attention. The big shiny brass horn immediately draws attention, this can be an advantage if you do like to show the gramophone. Some people however consider it too much of a presence in their room.
  • Cleaning. With an ordinary record player being easy to clean, the horn does need some attention. In order to make is shine or at least keep it clean, you will have pledge some sweat.
  • Space. Without a horn you can close the record player and put for instance some records on it. With the horn, there is no way that you are using that space.
  • Sound. With the sound coming from the horn it does sound even more characteristic. All record players have that vinyl sound, but the horn can even add some vintage touch to that. Not all new gramophones however do really use the horn for musical output.

Reviews of THE 5: What is the Coolest Retro Record Player ?


Vintage record player

The Pyle-Home is one of the most characteristic looking gramophones. With  the handmade high quality wood veneer cabinet and prominent horn this is one of the top selling record players on Amazon.

And here’s the kicker:

The horn is not only there for charm and elegance!

It really does amplify the sound giving it a rich sound quality that will fill your room.

Additionally this classic vinyl record player is capable of playing a wide variety of music.

You can experience your vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, or tune into AM/FM radio.

On top of that, the 3.5mm aux-in port can also handle you music from Ipod or MP3 player.

The USB port gives you the opportunity to connect with your pc and record music straight to you hard disk or external drive.

In short this well designed and fully equipped classic vinyl player will bring both excellent style and high quality music to your room.

best record playerWellington Nostalgia

One model that could for sure not be forgotten: The Electrohome Nostalgia.

With the massive wooden chest, this item has a classic look. But also the inside is attractive.

With this 4-in-1 model, you also get a CD function, an USB recording option and FM Radio.


Why are Old Fashioned Record Players so Popular again

Obviously you can buy a new high end Stereo system. But modern electronics probably do not represent your personality.

At the moment, vintage is hot. A beard, an old fashioned bike or retro design furniture, all are being popular at the moment.

And the same is true for musical instruments and in this case turntables.

Therefore mostly not the characteristic sound but more the looks of the record player that are the reason to place a turntable in the room.

And not only the old-school record player. Also the vinyl albums are being seen everywhere again.

With big events like Record-Store-Day the vinyl hype is only getting bigger!

One of our team members visited Chicago a while ago. He was surprised by the number of genuine Vinyl Stores he encountered. He decided he had to share this with fellow Vinyl lovers and wrote a where-to guide about Vinyl Stores in Chicago.

Belt Drive or Direct Drive

In every turntable, a motor is spinning the platter. This motor can be attached to the platter in two different ways. The motor can be placed next to the platter. An elastic belt is then used to connect the motor and the platter. This way of spinning the platter is called belt drive.  An advantage of this system is the belt dampens the noise (vibration) of the motor.

An other way to drive the platter is not placing the motor besides the platter, but under it. Thereby the platter can be directly attached to the motor. In this process there is no dampening of the noise, but there is a more stable speed.

Old fashioned models almost all the time have the belt driven technology. DJ’s do prefer the direct driven models. When you are planning on creating sound effects as a DJ, the direct drive is your type. But for most people that buy the instrument to listen to music, belt driven is the way to go. See some models we tested for yourself here.

Manual or automatic tonearm placement

With a manual model, the user is required to lift the tonearm and place it on the platter with the album. For a automatic type, this is done by the device. Way more models are manual compared to automatic. The reason for being more common is not for technical issues or price. The main purpose of listening music from these instruments is the experience. Part of that experience in placing the needle carefully in the grooves.

Semi automatic models are becoming also more popular. Hereby the tonearm with stylus is placed above the plate, but not lowered. The lowering is done automatically by the push of a button. Thereby providing both the feeling of placing the stylus and preservation from the album.

Recording and USB functions

Nowadays most music is stored digital on hard disk or cloud. This ensures high quality and durability. With recording music from a USB turntable to a hard disk or laptop you can store your old school albums. With the recording being done really from the LP, the characteristic sound is also stored. With this recording therefore you have the sound of vinyl on a digital medium. This is making an excellent way to both store old music and giving an extra touch to your digital collection. Be sure to checkout if the model is suited for recording all LP sizes. With albums being produced on 33′, 45′ and 78′ size, there are a number of models that do not support all the formats. There will be no problem with 33 and 45, but 78 can be a problem for some recording players. Luckily several record players have this ability.

Best Vinyl Player in 2016

Best vinyl player 2016This one is not easy to answer, there are multiple interesting models added this year that could compete for best vinyl player 2016. At this moment we really get enthusiastic with the Crosley Dansette, mostly because of the combination of smooth sound with a vintage vinyl look. One other we must mention is the new version of the Electrohome Wellington, this vinyl player always delivers.

Is there a Best Record Player

This is one hard question to address. Because of the difference of need, the best turntable can differ from person to person. We review some models and thereby specify what type of user would benefit the most from this record player.

For the real audiophiles we dig a little deeper. What are the parts of a turntable that make it so special for their performance? You would be surprised, for sure. The turntable’s base, or plinth, for example.

The better the turntable plinth, the better the overall quality.

The History of Vinyl

Where it all began – Colombia Records Colombia-LP-1948

It was in 1948 when Colombia Records introduced the “long-playing-microgroove”, widely known as the LP. Colombia was originally founded in 1888, mainly distributing and selling Phonographs. By the end of the 19th century it started more tight cooperation’s with the company’s Edison and the North American Phonograph Company. By then, Colombia would focus itself on producing wax rollers, which were used in the Phonograph for recording and playing sound. The wax rollers, or Phonograph Cilinders, were in fact the first media for recording and producing sound, available for commercial purposes. Colombia and  Edison kept on improving the quality of the Phonographs and the cylinders, while around the same time the German inventor Emile Berliner, invented the phonograph record.
The phonograph record is the predecessor of the Vinyl record, the main difference being the amount, size and quality of the grooves on the record, and off course the material itself. (More information in the section Techniques) The two media carriers competed and dominated the music recording industry in the first decades of the twentieth century, until at some point a big difference in production costs took form. Although the sound quality of a cylinder in a phonograph was as good as a record on a disc record gramophone, the latter was way more suitable for mass production and thereby commercially more profitable. So from around the early 1920’s until the late 1940’, the phonograph record was the mainstream sound equipment in the United States, followed by the Vinyl record in 1948.

Techniques – How does it work? Vinyl-Record-Press
As said before, the predecessor of the Vinyl record was the Phonograph record. So why this invention?
At first, the phonograph disc was made out of an abrasive shellac on a label, which made it very delicate and easy to break. In fact, this was a common problem back then. If possible, ask an old and aged person if he ever tried to play an broken record. Strange question right? Well, in fact, the label still kept the abrasive together, that made it possible. Second, the size of the shellac discs became larger and larger because it could only contain eighty to a hundred groove walls per inch before the risk of groove wall collapse would become too high. This off course limited the amount of sound and playing time on a record to less than five minutes per side. So in the middle of the 1940’s major music labels started experimenting with laminated records. The material had to be more firm, in order to add playtime and to be more lasting against use. Yet the sound quality had to be sufficient, so no rough materials. Vinyl turned out to be the way. An aluminium disc covered with pre-heated Vinyl would be compressed  into a hydraulic record press with thin nickel stampers that were negative impressions of a master disc. This compressing method forced the hot Vinyl to fill the grooves in the nickel stampers, and take the form of the final product. This new product was a fine-grooved (hence the “micro-groove”) disc, available in 12 or 10 inches. It would be played by a special stylus with a smaller tip. This resulted in playtime per side of more than 20 minutes. An almost seventy percent increase per side, not bad! Another advantage of this production method and use of materials was a more steady product, although it still had to be handled with care, because of the sensitive surface of the Vinyl.

Here’s a video that show’s you how it works..


Global Influence
So, remember that before the invention and distribution of the Phonograph, the only way to listen to music was actually to see and hear a live performance. Recorded sound simply did not exist until the last quarter of the ninetieth century. Well, to be more precise, at least not for the common man. In the early years of these “remarkable” machines, one was divided. Sure they were very suitable for people who were not able to attend performances or make music by their selves, but one feared that it would undermine the creation of original pieces. In fact, living in the begin of the twenty-first century and looking back for say a hundred years, one cannot deny that for the last three of four decades many and many successful artists became successful by using samples from songs of the old days.
The possibility of and access to recorded music however, had some very positive influences on global culture itself. It resulted in much bigger exposure to a wide variety for all types people. A good example of this was the rise in popularity of black artists in the 20th century. This population group is known for their musical talent, as much as for their suffering during their years of oppression in recent history. Local musicians who made recordings could share their music worldwide, thanks to the easiness of stamping out large numbers of copies. This helped to begin to bridge the racial cross-roads of whites and blacks in the United States. Think of several famous Jazz Musicians, and off course the unprecedented success of the Motown years.
Especially the invention of the LP by Colombia marked a new era in home recording and the fame of numerous of artist. One of the reasons was the high fidelity sound of an LP on a record player. Now it was like listening to a studio-recorded performance! Next to that, the LP was never intended for singles. In fact, because of the used techniques, a lot more music fitted both sides. So when record companies discovered that a particular song from an artist became popular on the radio, they would not only produce that one song. They would produce a whole album, stimulating (or forcing, for that matter) the consumer to buy the whole album, which of course contained the one hit-single, but many other songs as well.