best portable turntable

The best portable record player

The Benefits of owning a portable record player

best portable turntable

 ModelWhy should you buy?PriceOur Rating
Crosley Dansette Junior Portable TurntableGreat design - Easy to transport - Robust - Decent sound$$4.3
electrohome-archer-turntableElectrohome Archer Vinyl Record PlayerGreat on the go - Practical suitcase design - Solid$$4.0
Crosley Snap Portable TurntableExternal speakers - Great sound en volume - Easy to fold and handle$$$3.8
Tyler Bluetooth Briefcase Vinyl Record PlayerGreat USB and Bluetooth connection - Top quality sound$3.4
Crosley Nomad Portable TurntableBeautiful vinyl wrapped design - Durable on the go$$3.7

In modern times people usually listen to their music on their smartphones, computers, laptops, and other modern devices. What should be known is that the newer doesn’t necessarily mean better – the older technology is as capable of delivering the fullest sound, if not even better.

The record players offer you something that no phone or computer ever could – the amazing experience that could not be replaced or substituted by anything. We are going to review the portable record players that are even more interesting due to their compactness.

There are several benefits of owning and using a portable record player – first of all, they are as easy to carry with you as phones, but they offer much fuller sound, better in quality by at least tenfold. Secondly, they’re beautiful and attractive, and most people feel proud to own them.

Lastly, they’re very affordable, perhaps even cheaper than phones, and most definitely cheaper than personal computers and laptops. It is quite paradoxical that something should be cheaper while providing more options concerning the issue of sound output. Here is the list of the very best portable record players we’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

The review of top 5 portable turntables

The Dansette – a Crosley portable record player review

The Crosley brand is very famous for making record players of premium quality, that much is certain, but they invented a new level of efficiency and reliability with this product. The standard, top-notch quality is first on the list of attributes of the Dansette turntable, while the others involve compactness, stylish design, and utmost practicability.

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There is a very strong reason why we want to introduce you to this product so much – it’s a Crosley record player – a brand that reinvented the turntable manufacturing process. Picking them is always a good choice.

As for the specifics about the Dansette, we mentioned top quality as one of its main attributes. This involves the supreme sound capabilities, a durability that exceeds the standard, and the traditional design that people want in their turntables.

The great sound quality is exactly why you should want to consider this player – practical knobs for volume and control are able to finely attune the sound output through dynamic stereo speakers. You won’t get a sound that gets clearer than this.

Consider the portability as one of the functions that a turntable simply needs to possess. The Dansette delivers it without fail – it is not too heavy or too large, it is as compact as it needs to be. Place it wherever you wish with ease.

The final thing that makes the Dansette so unique is the simplified methods of operation. All you need to do is simply place the record, play it, and enjoy it. Only two knobs are supplied for this model, and two knobs are all you are going to need with Dansette. The manufacturers took care of the supreme sound, so you just sit back and enjoy your experience. It’s Crosley.


  • Tremendous sound quality – the Dansette is able to produce sound of great quality;
  • Portable and practical – not too heavy, and very easy to use due to a single volume knob;
  • Very affordable – the price is all but expensive.


  • Pretty basic for a Crosley product – the usual Dansette design is a bit more capable than the portable Dansette.


Electrohome Archer, A record player for on the go


This one is a keeper. When you look at the Archer you will see that it has everything you want – perfect, beautiful design, absolute portability, decent weight. What you won’t be able to see is the terrific sound output – this you need to hear. The final thing that makes it so good is that it’s amazingly cheap, even for a turntable product.

First of all, you will want your portable turntable to be, actually, portable. The Electrohome Archer provides it to the fullest – it is designed in the form of a 60’s suitcase, covered in an elegant black color. Stylish and attractive, this turntable is phenomenal, as it does not lack in any other field.

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As for the portability issue, it is quite obvious that the Archer is as portable as a turntable can ever be. Decent weight and the suitcase design made it possible to be able to carry it whenever you want, and you can even listen to your music in the meanwhile.

Finally, the matter of price – the Archer is very affordable. All of these settings, phenomenal design, great portability, and decent sound output are available at such low price that it is staggering. Finding a cheaper turntable might be easy, but finding one that has the same abilities as the Archer is virtually impossible. Phenomenal value for a turntable of this quality.


  • Absolutely portable – The suitcase design does not make it only look beautiful, it makes it portable;
  • Simple method of operation – Putting the record on and pressing a button is all that it is required in order to listen to your favorite music;
  • Very affordable – you won’t find a better portable turntable for this price, wherever you look;


  • No auxiliary or USB ports – this is quite a big downfall, as the speakers of the Archer are decent, but not excellent. In these situations, you would want to attach some external speakers to the turntable, but this is quite impossible without USB or auxiliary ports


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The Crosley Snap – one of the best Portable Turntables



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Another one of the Crosley record players, the Snap is, actually, very intriguing. There are several things that you need to know before you can decide if it’s worth of the Crosley name, but if you happen to have an opportunity to play a record on this model, this will all be made clear by itself.

If this, however, is not the case, we would be more than glad to explain you all of the phenomenal features that this fine turntable possesses. The first thing is that it is very compact due to its small size and case-like design. Next, the software suite is combined with many settings, and lastly, the capabilities to deliver you the finest sounds and melodies.

If you want a portable turntable, take a look at the Crosley Snap – it looks like a simple, small suitcase. Stylish and clever design make it very sought after. A handle is attached to it so you could easily just grip it and take your Crosley record player wherever you wish. It has small, yet powerful speakers attached on the sides, so you won’t have to worry about it being too quiet.

The software suite is included, and it allows the audio to be ripped and edited at your whim – you can create MP3 files with great ease, as it is also equipped with a USB port which allows you to connect it to any PC or Mac device.

Lastly, it is well known that the Crosley players are incapable of sounding bad. They were carefully designed to provide you the most majestic listening experience, and this product is no different. The turntable is mechanized by a Belt-driven contraption which is capable of playing at three different speeds.

All in all, this record player is highly recommended for anyone that looks for a portable device capable of sounding good. The price is not the issue since it is very affordable. Very good value for a very good record player.


  • Compact
  • A lot of settings and options
  • Capable and reliable


  • The design is not perfect – the speakers attached on the sides are in different color


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Review of the Tyler Turntable Briefcase

A very fine turntable product that comes in a form of a briefcase – This might be your first opinion of this turntable device. You would not be wrong, but you wouldn’t be right either. There’s much more to this record player than simply saying it is fine and convenient. It offers majestic sound, it is highly portable, it is versatile as it can be connected to many digital devices, and it offers great value.


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First of all, since we’re reviewing the compact types of turntables, let us see how compact this turntable is. It is designed as a briefcase, with a handle on the top in order to help transport it at your whim. This speaks a lot on its own, but it is also very lightweight in nature. It is, obviously, not that light, as if compared to a spoon or a leaf, but for a turntable, it is practically light as a feather.

Next, we will explain the versatility of this turntable device. It can easily connect to any iPhone, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or any Android product through USB or Bluetooth, meaning that there’re no limits in terms of its field of use. The Bluetooth addition is rare among the turntable products, but this one has it, which is very nice for anyone who likes listening to their music in absolute privacy, or with friends.

Last, but definitely not the least, the issue of how good it sounds. The built-in speakers offer the full-range sound of top quality and are housed in the wooden cabinet that provides exceptional acoustics which make the sound output of this device an extraordinary one. If, however, you are still not satisfied with the sound, the RCA jacks are supplied so that you can connect it to any external speakers or amps.


  • Very versatile – It can be connected to any tablet or smartphone device through USB or Bluetooth, making it possible to enjoy private listening on a whole new level;
  • Portable – The briefcase design is very stylish and compact;
  • Phenomenal sound – Speakers of high quality are implemented in this device;


  • Quite confusing settings.


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Your travel companion, the Crosley Nomad

The last of Crosley record players that we’re going to review is, perhaps, one of the best Crosley products up to date. The Nomad is very popular, as it is designed with great care by the top manufacturer in record player industry. Variable speeds, USB connection, Auxiliary input, and vinyl wrapped wooden cabinet are the punchlines of this extraordinary device.

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Most people that are well versed in the turntable design and manufacture tend to use this model as a default example. It simply offers everything you are ever going to need out of a listening device. The compactness and sound abilities of this product can’t be compared to any other as they are simply majestic.

The NP5 needle is what grazes the surface of the vinyl record when it is played. This provides the dreamy melodies we all want to hear, but it is also famous for supreme reliability – it never, ever damaged any record.

The USB connection allows you to connect this turntable to your own PC, so you can enjoy the vinyl records on a more digitalized machine. There are many options that this turntable offers beyond this – the headphone jacks, Auxiliary input and the RCA output are supplied so that there’s no end to possibilities that this turntable offers.

What’s more, the vinyl wrapped cabinet is made entirely out of wood with chromed closure, making the Nomad look exquisite and elegant – anyone with a taste for the beautiful will easily say that this turntable looks ravishing. However, this is not out of aesthetic purpose. The whole point of this design was to make the Nomad portable and compact, which it definitely did.


  • Beautiful, attractive design – the vinyl wrapped cabinet is made of wood with a chrome closure;
  • Very versatile – USB connection, Auxiliary input, headphone jack and RCA output are supplied;
  • Reliable and durable;


  • The interior speakers are often replaced by exterior speakers for greater sound output.


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What are the best portable turntables – Verdict

There is no easy and simple answer to this question as these are the best of the best we’ve come across. If, however, there is one turntable that could cast a shadow over others, that would be the Crosley Nomad.

If we would test it against the other turntables in every aspect individually, the Nomad would come on top every time. In terms of sound capabilities, the versatility, durability, and design – Nomad would win every battle. The Crosley brand is responsible for those potential victories, as they made the Nomad look best, be the best, and emerge the victor if a case such as this should ever occur.

The second place should be awarded to the Tyler Briefcase turntable, as it is the closest thing that could ever compare to the Nomad. The style of design is just a little bit inferior, the sound capabilities of the Nomad are better by a straw, and the overall versatility is greater in the Nomad. However, the casual listener would find it very hard to find any difference between them.

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