Best Record Shops in Seattle – Places You should pay a visit

Seattle is a place that’s brimming with interesting sights – the first thing you’ll notice is the Space Needle tower, shoppers can enjoy the Pike Place Market while they’re browse for premium seafood, and the Olympic Sculpture park offers a fantastic view while you’re resting.

That’s not everything, though – Seattle also offers some of the best record shops in all of the USA, and we’ve composed a short list of their best record venues. Make sure you check them out if you’re around.

1. Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is a somewhat minimalist store that is absolutely adored by the local community. Not only that, but most tourists also find it very appealing, warm, and welcoming. The main reasons why they’re so cool is because they often host in-store events, they have a large stock of well-known records, but they also feature a cheap used records section.

If you’re looking for rare releases, this is the place to be. The only problem with Sonic Boom is that their prices are not quite cheap, so to say – there are affordable releases, and you could always check out the used records section, but you’ll be spending a lot of time (and cash) once you’re in, just so you know.

2. Easy Street Café & Records

This record shop is located in 4559 California Avenue (Alaska Street), and it’s providing the dwellers of West Seattle with top-notch records for quite a while now. They’ve received a lot of positive critics, mainly because of their versatility. This is a great place to have your breakfast, you could always enjoy a warm cup of coffee, but there’s also beer and snacks bar.

As for the records, their stocks are always on point, and their prices are affordable, to say the least. The only bummer is that a lot of people like them so much that the place is pretty much crowded all the time.

3. Silver Platters

A catchy name for a shop that goes along with the times. You can find the Silver Platters in the 1st avenue between the Forest Street and the Hanford Street in West Seattle – one of the Seattle’s loveliest neighborhoods.

The staff of Silver Platters is very friendly, and they have a lot of patience for people who can’t decide which rare release they want to get. You will understand this at the moment you enter – there are so many records to choose from that your head will spin.

All in all, you can find everything you need here for an affordable price, so make sure you check out the Silver Platters if you ever happen to be in WS.

4. Everyday Music

Everyday Music record shop is located on the 10th Avenue between Pike and Pine street on the Capitol Hill. The interior is quite indie, as it’s decorated with various relaxing motives. Their stocks are enormous, and there are great chances of you scoring a rare find.

There’s a downfall, though – Everyday Music lacks versatility that most underground shops possess. The prices are cool, the staff is professional and well-informed, so pretty much everything checks out – this is a great record store.

5. Georgetown Records

It’s pretty obvious where Georgetown Records are located, but, in case you’re a tourist, you should visit the 1201 Vale Street if you don’t want to miss this awesome venue.

The place is very hip, and they boast a wide variety of records from all kinds of music genres. The 50 cent record bins are ideal for people who’re on a budget, but, if your wallet requires some lightening, you could always rummage through the tons of premium releases. The only downfall is that they open up at 11:30 am, so you can expect a long line forming up at around 9:00. Be quick, and you might get lucky.

6. Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle can be found at Capitol Hill on the 321 Broadway, Harrison Street. They have a massive collection of movies, vinyl records, LPs, and used records, and, most importantly, they’re quite cheap. Most people admire the staff working here, mainly because they’re extremely friendly and well-informed, so don’t be shy – ask for help if you need it, and they’ll gladly step in.

Most record shops deal with records and band merchandise primarily, but Spin Cycle also offers a wide selection of the latest movies (as well as the oldies). All in all, a great place to be if you’re in Seattle.