How to Buy the Best Turntable and Stereo System for Your Records

Introduction – A word about turntables and stereo systems

Some people think that record players are a thing of the past. That may be true, as modern technology has given way to much advancement in the stereo-system sphere, but record players are all but forgotten.

Recently, the world has experienced a resurgence of record players. People have remembered how these nostalgic contraptions can sound and make you feel so real – the one thing that modern systems lack.

Record players are, and were, the heart and soul of contraptions that reproduce music, so finding the best one is quite hard. The market of record players and stereo systems is huge, and there are a lot of manufacturers, brands, and models. The sole purpose of this article is to help you find the best record player without having to pay a fortune.

Record Player Types

First of all, you want to settle for one record player type. There are a lot of styles, and it’s hard to say what is a standard record player these days, mainly because the modern manufacturers have innovative workforce and superior technology (when compared to the times when the first record players surfaced).

Record Player Types:

  • All-in-One record player

These record players are usually quite big and quite expensive. The All-in-one record player features various features, including a radio, wireless connection, the Bluetooth feature, CD/DVD feature, USB connections, and more.

These record players usually don’t excel in the field of aesthetics, but they’re extremely versatile.However, these record players usually cost quite a lot, so be prepared to pay top dollar if you consider buying this type of record players.

  • Compact/Portable Turntable

Compact record players focus on portability. If you want to enjoy music wherever you go, this might be your best option. Now, these turntables are often either small or lightweight, but they can’t compare to versatile and high-end record players when it comes to performance. They’re not extremely expensive, though.

  • Record players with AM/FM Radio

Record players with AM/FM radio are often good as home variants. People who enjoy listening to radio will like these turntables best, as they’re capable of reproducing vinyl records, and they come with a built-in radio. This is one of the basic types of record players – usually cheap, with a solid performance.

  • Record players with wireless connection

If you’re out of room for your turntable, Wireless record players are absolutely ideal. You can put them virtually wherever you want, as the remote method of operation comes in handy in these situations. Wireless record players are often supplied with additional features, such as CD/DVD drive and USB connections.

  • Record players with audio ripping software

If you’d like to throw a party with vinyl records and you lack the corresponding amplification device to pump up the volume, these record players are definitely for you. Record players with audio ripping software allow you to convert your vinyl records to MP3 format which you can later reproduce via your PC or Laptop.

Things you should look out for

Now that you’ve settled for a type, you should be aware of certain things concerning these record players. One of the most obvious factors is the price. However, there are expensive record players and stereo systems that are definitely worth the cash. People usually call them high-end record players, as the value ratio between the price and performance is decently balanced.

Furthermore, you should look out for the features. There are brands that offer similar record players, and the only difference is in the parts. Some record players are pretty plain and basic, and these turntables come with a modest number of parts. This can be good, if these features are exceptionally good at what they’re intended to do.

Lastly, you should always compare the models you have in mind. First of all, the price is easy to compare, but the features are a different category altogether. If the record player you’re interested in fulfills the criteria, you’ve found your turntable.

The Final Verdict

Finding a record player of any sort is easy. The market is vast, and the manufacturers offer their products globally and locally. Now, finding the best record player isn’t such an easy task, so make sure to take everything into account. The type of a record player you like in, the prices of various models, the features they come with it, and so on.