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Fixing and Repairing Deep Scratches Of Your Vinyl Records

Introduction – Can this mess be avoided?

Most certainly, it can. You can always prevent deep record scratches if you stop your record player when you hear anything unfamiliar – skipping, ticking, clocking, and such.

Regularly cleaning your vinyl records will also tremendously help in preserving them, so it’s safe to say that as long as you are doing everything right, your records won’t be scratched (or at least won’t be scratched so deeply).

What should you expect

No matter what method you use, there’s simply no way to restore your records to their original condition and quality. Every record gets scratched eventually, but those scratches may or may not have a significant impact on the overall sound quality.

By fixing deep scratches on your records, you can expect a boost in quality of the sound output, but nothing too major – some records are considered to be better once they wear, as they age like wine.

What exactly happens when your records get scratched?

First of all, we need to know how a record player operates, and what happens before the sound is produced. When you place the vinyl in the groove, the needle grazes the surface of the record which produces sound.
Secondly, these needles follow a pre-designed path, puncturing (slowly and gently) the surface of the record. Now, when a scratch (or cut) appears, the standard route of the record player needle changes. In other words, the stylus jumps over or cuts deeper through the vinyl record, creating a deformed sound in the process.

Most records that get scratched will either sound pretty bad or skip certain parts of the song. There’s a way to mend most of these scratches, but there are also cases when nothing can be done to revert the damages to a prior state.

Spotting deep scratches

The surface of vinyl records is usually made of plastic, so most people can tell that their record has been damaged by simply going over the surface with your finger. However, the surface is also black, which makes spotting the difference with the naked eye nearly impossible. There are certain hints that will help you spot scratches before they become too deep to fix.

  • Inferior sound output and quality

If you notice that your record plays in such a way that the sound output is in any way inferior, your record is scratched (or damaged in any other way). This is the perfect time to clean your records thoroughly.

  • Skipping certain song parts

When the scratches on your records become too deep, your record will begin skipping certain parts. This situation can hardly be mended by cleaning alone, but it’s worth a shot. If that doesn’t work, try some of the methods we’ve mentioned below.

How to repair the damages – The First Thing you should do

Some scratches can be neutralized by applying distilled water. A good cleaning can improve the current condition of your vinyl record if the scratches aren’t too deep, so this is definitely the first thing you should do.
Surface scratches don’t have a huge impact on the overall performance of your vinyl records, but you’ll hear the difference eventually. Clean your records a couple of times, and if you don’t notice the difference, make sure to try something else.

Repairing your vinyl records – Deep scratches mended with isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is capable of fixing deep scratches on vinyl records when combined with pre and post cleaning with distilled de-ionized water. This is a perfect solution for laymen and people who don’t possess any sanding skills (which is a more complex alternative).

This method is fairly simple – all you need to do is simply prepare the working area, apply de-ionized water, apply isopropyl alcohol, and apply de-ionized water again after which you’ll rinse and clean the records thoroughly.

This method is not fool-proof, and there’s a small chance that you won’t be able to save your record. In certain cases (extremely deep scratches), there is nothing you can do to revert the damages and preserve your record.


Your records will get damaged eventually, but that’s not a reason to panic – clean them from top to bottom and try playing them. If that doesn’t work, apply some isopropyl alcohol, and let the magic happen. These are some of the best ways to mend deep scratches, but there are certain situations when no method can be of any help. Extremely deep scratches are almost impossible to mend, so all you can do is simply buy a new record and try to be more careful with it.

Should I Repair LP Record Covers?


Most people storage their LP records in their corresponding record covers, and this is perfectly fine until these covers wear out, tear, or get destroyed in any other way. Since it’s the actual record that’s important, people often throw damaged covers away, but what if I told you that you should repair these covers?

You can always shelter your records in the cover of some other LP record, but you will risk unnecessary confusion, as you can easily mix up your records. There’s also the problem of multiple coverless records. This article was created so that you can make the decision of repairing your record covers more easily.

What are your options?

Well, when it comes to record cover repairs, most people instinctively just throw them away when they become unusable, but that’s not all that you can do. You can glue together the seams and spine splits, you can pressure the warped lips of your LP records, scrub down the debris and dust, and so on.

All I want to say is that you have multiple options, and each option comes with a whole set of arguments (pro and contra).

Option #1 – repairing the LP record covers

If you want to preserve your vinyl record covers, you can do it in a multitude of ways. We’re going to mention just some of them:

Repairing Worn Record Covers – Minimal Damage

Worn out record covers are the easiest to fix. A careful scrub (or two) with polishing cream or spray can get the most out of the rub-wear off. You might’ve heard about the record repair and that you can use water in these situations – when it comes to record covers, you mustn’t use water. Apart from that, you should only use sprays and creams that don’t moisturize the surface on which they are used.

Repairing Torn Record Covers – Medium Damage

With time, your record covers will wear out – that’s inevitable. However, if you don’t pay attention to them, your covers might get torn – this is considered to be medium damage (between worn which is minimal, and completely destroyed which is maximal).

Torn record covers can often be glued back to the original state. They might not look as awesome as when you first bought them, but they could still provide decent shelter for your LP records. In more extreme cases, you could often tape some cardboard material to fill the gaps.

Repairing Destroyed Record Covers – Complete Ruination

Now, this is where things get tricky. Those record covers that are completely ruined often require an innovative approach. You’ll have to remove the stickers, glue together any split spines and seams, tape together cardboard material wherever there are holes and gaps, and so on.
Any record cover can be saved, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not the whole process is worth your time and effort. Just remember, you’ll have to scissor, glue, and tape your way through completely ruined record covers if you want to restore them to their virgin condition. You may even need to paint or draw some of the content (if you wish to completely restore its condition).

Option#2 – switching to another method of storage

The second option implies that you don’t want to bother with record cover repairs. Sometimes, the situation is so dire that you just don’t want to waste your time. Furthermore, there are times when the situation just seems to hopeless – such is with completely ruined record covers.

If you still want to shelter your records and don’t want to save your record covers, you need to look for an alternative solution. One of those solutions would be switching to another method of storage.

This alternative method of storage can be permanent or temporary:

Temporary Alternative Method of Storage

You can’t just put your records anywhere if they’re coverless – the fragile composition of vinyl records demands proper care, as any environment apart from their covers may be hazardous for their structure. Basically, this is how records get damaged, dirty, and warped.

A temporary solution means that you’ll shelter your records in some other covers while you search for a more permanent solution.

Permanent Alternative Method of Storage

You can literally go to a flea market and search for record player covers. These covers are usually less than $1, so you can buy them in bulk. If you don’t find the corresponding cover for your vinyl record, just make sure that the dimensions are good.

How To Use A Turntable – Operating A Crosley Record Player

Introduction – a foreword about Crosley Record Players

First of all, there are tons and tons of different record players, and Crosley might be the best manufacturer in the industry of turntables. Their models are simply the best, but their series share only little of similarities between each other.

If you want to know how to operate a Crosley turntable, you should first read the instructions manual. There are different models in each series that are operated differently. For the purposes of this article, we’ll use a standard Crosley record player – a pure example of standard issue Crosley player is Portable Crosley Turntable, Crosley Cruiser, and such.

Before you start – things you should know

There are several things you need to know before you actually get to the operating part. Each Crosley turntable serves one purpose, and one purpose alone – to reproduce the sound of your records. Now, there are different types of records (just as there are different types of players), and you should know which records you have and which records will your record player support.

For instance, most Crosley record players are able to reproduce the sound of standard LP (long play) records that are 7 and 8 inches long. The majority of record players can also reproduce the longer ones that are 12 and 14 inches long.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that various parts, bits, and pieces of a Crosley record player come with a special cover. This cover shields them from damage, as they’re quite fragile in nature. For instance, the turntable needle is very small and flimsy, so it comes with a cover. If you want to preserve your record player, you should always remove these coverings before you start to operate your record player.

Lastly, you should never force a record. If your record player skips parts, if it hums, vibrates, or even shakes during playing, you should consider repairing it before you actually use it. Defective record players can damage your records (the same goes for wrongly cut records and defective parts).

This is not such a huge matter. After all, most record player parts are easily replaceable (and easily reparable). Now, let’s get to the part where we explain how to operate a Crosley record player.

Operating a Crosley record player

Even though operating a Crosley record player is a breeze, you can still get it wrong if you don’t do everything properly. If you miss out on some of the steps, you can damage your record player, damage your records, and, ultimately, lose some cash on repairs:

  • Read the instructions manual

Every Crosley record player comes with a user’s manual. This manual explains in detail all you need to know about your record player, the parts, and how to use it. Now, in the unfortunate event that you happen to receive your record player without a user’s manual, official Crosley™ site offers full customer service. Just give them a call and they’ll gladly help you out.

  • Put the record on the platter

It’s hard to imagine a record player that can reproduce sound without a record. However, that’s still possible – some models (including Crosley’s record players) are capable of wireless sound reproduction, USB sound reproduction, and such. In that case, you can skip this step.

  • Unlock the turntable stylus (tonearm)

Every turntable comes with a special tonearm which is locked before usage. Now, to unlock it, simply remove the small brake that’s keeping it locked. Keep in mind that these parts are fragile, so take it slow.

  • Set the turntable stylus on the record

The sound is reproduced once the record starts spinning, and that can only be achieved when the turntable stylus is on the record. The needle of the turntable stylus will then slowly graze the surface of the record, producing sound. This is pretty obvious and straightforward, but it has to be done slowly, lest you damage the needle (or the turntable stylus itself).

  • Turn on the turntable

The tricky part is as following – some turntables come without the “power” button. Most people don’t bother with the user’s manual, and think that all they need to do is simply put the record on the platter and press the “ON” button.

If that’s the case, you should always try toggling the volume. Most Crosley record players can be turned on this way, and (in the case that the user’s manual doesn’t say anything in particular), this is how you operate a Crosley turntable.

We tested the Crosley Memory Master II Turntable – Check it’s 4 best features

Crosley CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Turntable – A short summary

Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II record player is a beautiful four-in-one record player that boasts a high level of versatility. It’s outfitted with the AM/Fm radio, a CD player, a cassette deck mounted on the side, a remote control method of operation, and a beautiful base.
antique portable record player

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You simply can’t be wrong if you choose Crosley, but you need to decide what you need before you take a look at their catalog. They offer products in various shapes, designs, and styles, products that belong to different price point categories, portable record players, and such.

This model is versatile because it’s packed with various extraordinary features – it could easily replace your old CD players and radio. As for the price, we can’t really say it’s cheap per se, but it’s definitely worth the cash. A capital product such as this deserves a more careful approach when it comes to description of the manifold of its features, so if you like what you’ve seen so far, you might want to stick around some more.

Crosley CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Turntable Design

Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II comes with a classic “Music Box” design – a rectangular shaped paprika wooden box. It’s extremely simple, and that’s, perhaps, the reason why it is so beautiful. The built-in speakers, control knobs, and the CD player are “etched” into the design, along with the beautiful LCD screen.
old portable record player

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People who value simplicity would find Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II extremely attractive – the hardwood used in the design with the paprika finish is something to behold. This record player model comes in two color variants – Paprika and Black. If you chose the Black, however, you should know that the design is somewhat different.
old school record player for sale

The design rating of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II would be 7/10:


  • Simple, practical and quite beautiful;
  • Durable materials;
  • An attractive paprika finish;
  • Comes in two color variants;


  • Too simplified, perhaps;
  • No outstanding features whatsoever;

Crosley CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Turntable Features

Features of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II include a Record Player, a CD recorder, a special software for audio content edit, a AM/FM radio, and the cassette deck mounted on the side. This is the reason why it’s called “four-in-one” turntable – it’s versatile, and it serves multiple purposes and
phonograph record player for sale

  • A CD player and CD recorder

The CD player is there so you can enjoy your music and audio content from your CDs. It’s also outfitted with a CD REC option – this feature allows you to record your albums or cassettes onto a CD easily.
vinyl record player vintage

  • A complementary software for audio content edit

The software for audio edit of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II resembles those software programs that are used on PCs (such as Cubase, Fruityloops, and similar). You can use it to rip or edit your audio content.

  • The AM/FM radio

A radio function is always good – whenever you are too lazy to search for your records or CDs, you can simply flip the switch and enjoy the songs that are played on the radio. This is also a good way to discover new bands and songs.

  • The Cassette Deck

The cassette Deck has been pre-mounted on the side of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II. It’s meant for old-school people who are accustomed to this method of music enjoyment. Even if you don’t have any cassettes in your possession, most record stores offer your favorite music in this format for a price that’s more affordable when compared to CDs, DVDs or vintage records.
vinyl player vintage

The rating of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Record Player features is 8/10:


  • A handful of simple features – nothing too complex, most people can utilize every function of this amazing record player;
  • High-quality functions – every function of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II is extremely reliable;
  • Very versatile record player – the four-in-one record players boast a high level of versatility;


  • The cassette deck is on the side – most record players have this feature on the front side;

Crosley CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Turntable Performance

The performance of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II is its strongest point. Sure, this record player is quite attractive, but its performance is what makes it so valuable. In this section we will talk about the high-quality built-in speakers, the remote and manual methods of operation, the portability, and such:
vintage stereo record player

  • The sound quality – audio output

The overall sound quality of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II is just a bit above satisfactory. This record player focuses on versatility and the easiness of use, so it’s pretty obvious that you could find better turntables in terms of sound quality. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean that the audio output is bad – it’s quite on the contrary.
portable turntable best

  • The manual and remote methods of operation

Since most turntables need to be operated manually, the remote control method of operation is quite a breath of fresh air. Enjoy your music without having to lift a finger, figuratively speaking. Even in the case if the remote control breaks down, you can always use Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II in the old fashioned way.

  • You can enjoy your music at three selectable speeds

Most record players can reproduce audio content at two selectable speeds. The three selectable speeds give you the opportunity to enjoy your music at 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rotations per minute.

  • The portability – compactness

The precise dimensions of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II are 14.2” x 18.1” x 10.2”. It’s not small, but it’s not too large either. It weighs 22 pounds, so it’s quite easy to move it about. This record player is portable and compact.
used vintage record player for sale

  • The connectivity

You can connect Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II to your PC, Mac, smartphone, or any other electronic device via USB function.

The performance rating of Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II is 8/10:


  • Manual or remote method of operation;
  • Three selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78 rotations per minute);
  • Decent portability;
  • Easy connectivity;


  • A satisfactory sound quality;

The good and bad about Crosley CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Turntable

As you could’ve already noticed, Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II is a great turntable that has some flaws and downfalls. Anyhow, it also has a large list of great features that will be able to provide a manifold of benefits that you can take advantage of:
record player pictures

The good about Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II:

  • It’s extremely versatile – this record player brings with a lot of high-end functions and settings;
  • Decent portability and compactness – it weighs only 22 pounds and it’s not too large;
  • It can playback audio content at three selectable speeds – you can enjoy your vintage records at 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rotations per minute;
  • A beautiful construction – real wood with paprika finish;

The bad about Crosley’s CR413A-PA Memory Master II:

  • There are record players that sound better;
  • Not entirely durable;
  • The price is quite steep;

The Final Verdict

Crosley’s CR2413A-PA Memory Master II is a great record player that’s more than valuable – it’s absolutely amazing. Surely enough, it’s quite expensive, but it’s definitely worth the cash as we take into account all the outstanding features it comes supplied with.

Crosley CR6233U-BK1 Dansette Sterling Portable Turntable

A short introduction to Crosley and Crosley’s Dansette Sterling
best audio turntables

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Crosley’s turntables are one of the best on the market, and most people are already familiar with some of their famous products (Crosley’s Cruiser, Messenger, etc.). Crosley’s Dansette Sterling, however, is one that’s most sought after.

why buy a record player

It’s a versatile record player that excels in performance, it’s beautiful, and it features a nostalgic, classic design. We’re going to discuss the features it comes supplied with, it’s design, and price before we pass on the final verdict.

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling Design

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a light weight record player that’s very easy to move around. It weighs only 12 pounds, and it’s as compact as can be. Considering the outward appearance, it has a set of four supporting wooden legs, a non-detachable dust cover, and a beautiful record player “head”. The “Dansette” logo has been implemented in the bottom left corner as a sign of quality while two control knobs are placed in the opposite corner.
cheap usb turntable

The simplicity is responsible for Crosley Dansette Sterling’s beauty – there aren’t too many features, the simple plinth design and a set of wooden legs are all there is to it. This beautiful record player comes in three color variants – Red, Black, and Grey.

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling Features

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a simple turntable, as we’ve already mentioned. The features it comes outfitted with are few, but they’re capable of delivering high-quality sound. It’s important to note that Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a re-introduction of the original Crosley’s Dansette. The BK-1 version is analog, and that’s one of the major differences.
popular record players

This record player is outfitted with a record player platter which can reproduce most record sizes (7”, 10” and 12”) and it can play them at 3 variable speeds. The simple “volume control” button allows you to adjust the loudness of the volume, and the Aux-In you can enjoy your music in a much easier way.

As for the sound output, this turntable has a set of Dynamic Stereo (full range) speakers that are “responsible” for the full-spectrum audio. Crosley always implements premium-quality features in their turntables, and Dansette Sterling is not an exception.
best buy usb turntable

It’s hard to say whether the stand (supporting legs) is a part of the overall features of Crosley’s Dansette Sterling, mainly because it’s function is different – these legs are supposed to be an aesthetic part that provides this record player with a beautiful outlook.

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling Performance

The performance should be the first thing to interest you if you’re an audiophile or a music enthusiast. The record player market is vast, and choosing the best-sounding turntable is not an easy task. Crosley’s Dansette Sterling comes with a set of full range dynamic stereo speakers that let out a powerful punch.
turntable new

The soundstage is balanced pretty good, so you can enjoy the accurate sound at all times – deep, clear bass is one of the most apparent soundstage features, the midrange is equalized, and the highs are crispy and enjoyable.
victrola record players

What speaks volumes about this record player’s versatility is the ability to reproduce vinyl records at two selectable speeds. You can enjoy your records at 33 1/3 or 45 rotations per minute. Surely enough, there are record players that are capable of reproducing records at 3 selectable speeds, but most people would agree that two selectable speeds are sufficient for enjoyment.
record player in suitcase

Compactness is the second best performance feature of Crosley’s Dansette Sterling. How much energy you need to invest in moving your record player from one place to the other determines whether a record player is compact or not. With Crosley’s Dansette Sterling you won’t have problems of this sort. It weighs only 12 pounds, and it’s designed in such a way that it won’t take up too much space wherever you put it.

The ability to enjoy your vintage records in a “portable” way is complemented with the aux input. You can connect Crosley’s Dansette Sterling to an amplification device, a preamp, your PC, Laptop, Mac, or similar electronic devices.

The good and bad about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a phenomenal record player that’s capable of delivering premium-quality sound. It’s not expensive at all, it comes in three color variants, and it’s decently affordable. We’ve mentioned most of the things that people need to know about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling, however there are some downfalls as well.
portable record player ebay

The good about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling:

  • A high-performance record player – this turntable is outfitted with premium-quality features. The performance value of Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is enormous;
  • Two selectable speeds – Crosley’s re-introduction of Dansette can reproduce your vinyl records at 33 1/3 or 45 rotations per minute;
  • A set of high-quality speakers – this turntable is supplied with a set of dynamic stereo speakers (full range);
  • Compact and classic design – Crosley’s Dansette Sterling looks nostalgic and classic, but it’s also extremely compact. Moving it from place to place is incredibly easy and it won’t take up too much of your space;
  • Lightweight – Crosley’s Dansette Sterling weighs only 12 pounds;
  • An affordable price – This turntable isn’t expensive at all. In fact, it belongs to the budget record player price point category;
  • Comes in three colors – Crosley’s Dansette Sterling comes in Red, Black, and Grey;

The bad about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling

  • It’s not exactly durable – the composition of this record player is based on plastic parts, mostly;
  • No counterweight – this feature (or the lack of this feature) governs the tonearm balance. Record player stylus can easily pierce, scratch, or damage the record if it’s not balanced properly;

Value for the price
a good record player

Most people like Crosley’s Dansette, and the re-introduction of it (Sterling BK-1) is valuable to the audiophile community. It’s a great record player that can offer you quite a lot, and it’s incredibly cheap, if we take all of the incredible features into account. It’s safe to say that this record player holds a great value for the cash.

The only downfall is that it doesn’t come supplied with a counterweight. This is extremely important to note before you actually use this record player due to the stylus digging deep into the groove of your records. So if you want to avoid damage, you might want to re-install this feature.

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As for the other features, most of them are incredible. People like how this record player sounds, how it looks like, and the fact that it’s compact and lightweight. All in all, it holds an amazing value for the cash.

The Final Verdict

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is the re-introduction of the old Crosley’s Dansette. It’s amazing, really, although not as much of a “boom” as the original Dansette was due to obvious reasons. The original had set the standards, and they are pretty high. It’s safe to say that Sterling BK-1 is able to put up with the challenge. However, the fact remains that the original is hard to surpass.

Anyway, there are people who aren’t into history, and people who want to know what a record player can do for them. If you’re that person, you will love all the benefits Crosley’s Dansette Sterling can offer you.

Best Turntable Cabinet Reviews

A word about record player cabinets

Record player cabinets (or turntable stands) are pieces of furniture that are designed to hold your record player and your vinyl records. Now, you could always put your turntable wherever you want, but the manufacturers of turntables often make these cabinets so that they complement the design of your record player.

Best Record player cabinet reviews

Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

rca record players

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A brief summary:

Crosley’s ST75-BK is a very practical cabinet – it’s beautiful, it’s not overly expensive, and it’s quite spacious. It’s probably one of the best record player stand models, as it’s built from handcrafted Hardwood materials that provide it with superior durability.

Details, description, and features:

This record player is available in three colors – paprika, cherry, and oak. The decorative door is made of glass which is transparent – you can see all the things you’ve stocked inside, and there are some features that are made of silver. The only downfall of this record player stand is that it requires some assembly prior to use.


  • Built to last – this record player stand is very durable, mainly because it’s constructed from handcrafted hardwood materials;
  • Available in three colors – you can get Crosley’s ST75-BK in paprika, Oak, or Cherry color;
  • Decently affordable – this turntable stand is not too expensive;
  • Silver plated parts – some parts of the construction are silver-plated;

Potential flaws:

  • Requires some work – you need to assemble some pieces before you can use this record player stand;

Value for the price:

Crosley’s ST75-BK does a good bang for the buck, and it’s not too expensive overall. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it’s safe to say that it’s valuable for the cash. The only problem that you might have with it is that you need to put your back into it before you can use it.

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Retro Clarence Media Bookshelf Console

antique record

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A brief summary:

Retro Clarence is medium-sized bookshelf with adjustable height. It’s made of birch veneer, PB, some metal parts, and MDF, with a medium walnut finish. It’s quite durable overall, and it’s not extremely expensive.

Details, description, and features:

This beautiful record player stand features a sliding door design, adjustable height of the shelf, cut-out door handles, and a walnut finish. The second finish included a special powder that makes this model scratch resistant and mar resistant.

The dimensions of this record player stand are – 44” in height, 42” in width, and 16 “ in depth. As for the materials, Clarence Bookshelf Console is made of MDF, PB, birch veneer, and various metal parts.


  • Medium size – Not too big, not too small;
  • Sliding door design – this design makes this record player stand pretty convenient;
  • High-quality materials – this bookshelf is comprised of MDF, PB, birch veneer, and metal;

Potential flaws:

  • It has a pretty straightforward design – overly simplified;

Value for the price:

This record player stand might be simple, but it’s more than valuable for the cash. Great value, terrific price.
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Crosley Everett Record Player Stand, Mahogany

turntable cd combo

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A brief summary:

Another Crosley record player stand in our review, the Everett Media Console was inspired by the Classic mid-century design. It’s pretty expensive, but it holds a great value for the cash.

Details, description, and features:

Crosley’s Everett turntable stand is one of the best record player stand models that money can buy. It features a set of full-overlay doors, it can hold up to 75 albums (more or less), and it’s made of genuine wood and metal hardware.


  • Extremely durable – one of the most durable Crosley record player stands;
  • A simple, yet beautiful design – the design was inspired by the classic mid-century credenza models;
  • Quite spacious – Crosley’s Everett can hold up to 75 albums approximately;

Potential flaws:

  • Very expensive;

Value for the price:

Even though it costs quite a lot, Crosley’s Everett record player stand holds a great value for the cash.

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Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand

best crosley portable turntable

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A brief summary:

Here’s the deal, Crosley’s ST66-PA Manchester record player stand is absolutely great, but there’s a catch – you have to assemble it yourself. Of course, you could pay extra to have it fixed by the manufacturer, but the service itself costs quite a lot.

Details, description, and features:

Crosley’s ST66-PA Manchester is a portable record player stand that’s built from handcrafted hardwood materials with a Paprika finish. It’s not expensive on its own, but it doesn’t come pre-assembled.


  • Quite cheap – Crosley’s ST66-PA Manchester belongs to the affordable price point category;
  • Portable and compact – it’s virtually weightless, so you can carry it around wherever you want;
  • Durable materials – the construction of Crosley’s ST66-PA Manchester includes premium-quality hardwood materials. Built to last;
  • Hand-rubbed finish – the finish of this record player stand is “Paprika” color;

Potential flaws:

  • Requires assembly – this record player stand does not come pre-assembled;

Value for the price:

It’s cheap, and it’s beautiful. Crosley’s Manchester holds a great value for the price, but keep in mind that you will need to assemble it before you use it.

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Storage Cabinet and Bookcases – Retro Clifford Media Bookshelf Console

turntable with usb connection

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A brief summary:

Clifford media bookshelf console is plain and beautiful. It’s also manufactured in a way that it doesn’t take up too much of your space. Attractive design, high-quality birch veneer and MDF materials, with a medium walnut finish.

Details, description, and features:

The features of this record player stand include a set of sliding doors shelves with adjustable height. The cut-out door handles were supplied on the sliding doors.


  • Attractive design – Clifford Bookshelf record player stand is extremely beautiful;
  • Space-saver design – this bookshelf record player cabinet won’t take too much of your space;
  • Premium-quality materials – built from birch veneer, PB, MDF, with a medium walnut finish;

Potential flaws:

  • It features a design that greatly resembles that of “Retro Clarence Bookshelf” which we previously mentioned;

Value for the price:

Big, strong, and sturdy. This would be a best way to describe this record player stand. These are also the features that provide an exceptional value to this turntable cabinet.

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Encore Nostalgic 5 in 1 Stereo

speakers for vinyl record player

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A brief summary:

A great, versatile turntable cabinet by Encore, Nostalgic 5-in-1 is absolutely great. It has two tone-equalizer knobs, a small display, and various features that make it exquisite and valuable. It’s not one of the cheapest models, but it’s not too expensive either.

Details, description, and features:

Encore’s Nostalgic 5-in-1 Stereo turntable cabinet is a versatile record player that can playback your records at three different speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 rotations per minute), it features 2 record player needles, but it’s quite heavy. Anyhow, this is a great record player for the cash.


  • Three selectable speeds – this record player can reproduce your vinyl records at 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rotations per minute;
  • Very versatile – this is a “5-in-1” record player that comes supplied with the AM/FM radio, a CD player, a DVD player, and various other features;
  • A beautiful design – Encore’s Nostalgic 5-in-1 stereo turntable looks astonishing;

Potential flaws:

  • Quite heavy – this record player cabinet weighs approximately 14 pounds;

Value for the price:

It might not be compact or portable, but Encore’s Nostalgic 5 in 1 record player is very versatile, and extremely valuable for the cash.

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Teac RK-6300 Rack Cabinet and Speaker Stands for DCD-D6300 Stereo

best turntables to buy

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A brief summary:

Teac’s RK-6300 Rack Cabinet is a three-piece set of record player furniture. Ideally, the “main” piece should be used for your record player while the two “side” pieces could hold small items, or simply serve for decoration.

Details, description, and features:

This audio rack consists of a cabinet that can hold your record player, vinyl records, albums, and other items, and two side pieces that could hold your speakers/woofers. The rack is pretty thin, and the whole package isn’t too expensive.


  • Pretty large – Teac’s RK-6300 is 17” wide, 39” long, and 15” deep (main piece);
  • Beautiful and attractive – the fiberboard had a special “wood grain” finish;
  • A great price – this furniture set can be bought at a reasonable price and it belongs to the moderate price point category;

Potential flaws:

  • The side pieces aren’t as stable as the main construction;

Value for the price:

It’s absolutely great. It was originally intended for Teac’s DCD-6300 system, but it could easily hold any medium-sized record player. Great value for the price.

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The Veep Stereo Turntable Cabinet – Credenza

vintage turntable restoration

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A brief summary:

This is, without a doubt, the best record player stand that money can buy. It’s also one of the most expensive models. It’s very versatile and it has a unique design that contributes to its overall value.

Details, description, and features:

Veep Stereo turntable cabinet has a design that was inspired by the mid-century stereo cabinets. It is comprised of various drawers and compartments – a record player storage part, and two speaker compartments on the sides. It’s very expensive, though.


  • A unique design – Even though it was designed to look as mid-century vintage record player stands, there aren’t too many turntable cabinets that look even similar;
  • Extremely spacious – beside the record player and speaker compartments, this record player stand has various other drawers;
  • Sturdy and built to last – the construction of this great record player stand is comprised of premium-quality hardwood materials;

Potential flaws:

  • One of the most expensive record player stands;

Value for the price:

Now, this turntable cabinet costs quite a lot. Possibly, even ten times more when compared to a standard record player cabinet, but that shouldn’t dissuade you. This is definitely a keeper, so you might want to save up some cash, and you won’t need another one, ever. Premium value for the price.

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Sylvania SRCD823 Nostalgic Turntable – Wood Cabinet

record player 1960s

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A brief summary:

Sylvania SRCD823 is literally the “turntable cabinet”. It’s essentially a turntable with a “cabinet” design. Turntables like this were made to save you some cash and space, but they’re usually pretty versatile and reliable. Such is the case with Sylvania’s SSRCD823.

Details, description, and features:

This record player has an enormous range of frequency response, and it’s a high-end cabinet belt driven turntable. It’s pretty versatile, highly reliable, but it also weighs quite a lot – 21.6 pounds, to be exact. Anyhow, it’s one of the best record player stands on the market.


  • A wide frequency of response – Sylvania’s SRCD823 Nostalgic turntable cabinet has the range of 60-20000 Hz;
  • Versatile record player – built-in speakers, “golden-wood” finish, belt drive, AM/FM, CD-reader;
  • A satisfactory price – this record player cabinet isn’t expensive (but it’s not cheap either);

Potential flaws:

  • Very heavy – Sylvania’s SRCD823 Nostalgic record player cabinet weighs approximately 21.6 pounds;

Value for the price:

It’s a bargain, especially if we take into consideration all of the amazing features it comes supplied with. Great value for the cash.

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Crosley Radio Wirecord Turntable Stand

bestbuy turntables

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A brief summary:

The Crosley’s Wirecord is a turntable stand made of wires. This way, you could save up quite a lot of space, and wired turntable cabinets weigh less. They’re also ideal for compact and lightweight record players, so if you own one, you might want to consider this.

Details, description, and features:

The design of Crosley’s Radio Wirecord is extremely simple, and we could hardly speak about the “features”, as there are only steel wires with the powder-coated finish. The dimensions of this record player stand are 26.5” in width, 37” in height, and 16.37” in depth.


  • Extremely straightforward design – it can’t get simpler than this;
  • Pretty spacious – Wirecord is pretty spacious, and it’s safe to say that it can hold your record player and most of your vinyl records;
  • Lightweight – this record player turntable weighs 11 pounds;

Potential flaws:

  • Wires can’t replace wood, especially if your turntable isn’t lightweight;
  • Not very attractive;

Value for the price:

Wirecord is a great way to save up on cash, as it’s pretty cheap, spacious, and it does the same job as wooden record player stands. Great value for the cash.

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Crosley Everett Media Console

crosley everett

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A brief summary:

Crosley’s Everett console is definitely one of the best record player stands. It’s made of mahogany with a smooth finish, its design is inspired by the mid-century record player cabinets, but it’s also very expensive.

Details, description, and features:

Crosley’s Everett record player cabinet has a spacious storage compartment that lies behind the sliding doors. You can easily store your vintage records and albums inside while your record players rest on the top.


  • Spacious storage compartment – behind the sliding doors is the vast storage compartment;
  • Beautiful and very attractive – Crosley’s Everett media console is built from mahogany;
  • A simple design – the design of this record player cabinet is pretty straightforward;

Potential flaws:

  • Very expensive – this record player cabinet costs quite a lot;

Value for the price:

Now, Everett is definitely expensive, but that shouldn’t dissuade you – quality always comes at a price. It’s a great record player cabinet that can hold most of your records. Terrific value for the price.

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Best Vintage Turntable Brands

Introduction to the big names in the turntable industry

We all like the sound of nostalgia and the aura of reminiscence that looms about our record players, but do we ever wonder – “Who made this masterpiece?”

The chances are pretty high that you could find the right answer among the names of the greatest vintage turntable brands. These manufacturers have gone a long and hard road to be where they are now, and it’s only fitting that we address them as “the best of the best”. If you’re interested in finding more about them, we’ve compiled a detailed report on some of the prominent names in the record player industry.

A honorable mention goes to Crosley Records. They improved the original turntable model for decades to the point of perfection.

The best of the best – Audio-Technica
record plaers


Audio-Technica was founded in 1962 in Shinjuku (Tokyo) by Hideo Matsushita.

Stationed in:

This manufacturer’s headquarters are stationed in Machida (Tokyo), but they operate via satellite companies worldwide.

A brief description of the brand:

Audio-Technica is a brand that’s been here for quite some time. The products that earned them their fame are, actually, turntable cartridges – AT-1 & AT-3, to be precise. They are known for their hard work and effort, and it’s safe to say that they’re one of the best brands that you can rely on when it comes to quality.

Their turntables often have a peculiar design – they usually implement a cool, vintage-style design in their products, and spice it up a bit with some modern features and controls. Anyhow, one of the best things about them is that they offer a wide variety of products.
vinyl turntables for saleHeadphones, earbuds, earphones, microphones, record players, and a lot more – this is a quick summary of their main catalog, but their stocks are ever increasing. You could hardly make a mistake by choosing them – they earned the trust of their customers by delivering consistent quality.

Some of the most notable products/awards:

When it comes to awards, Audio-Technica earned quite a lot of them. In fact, they practically earned an award each four years. It’s beyond question that they earned their place, and the living proof of that is that they operate for more than half a century. Some of the most renowned awards they received are:

  • AT-1001 turntable stylus package – Awarded from the AIST in 1965 (Agency of Industrial Science and Technology;
  • This company expanded to the US and the European market in 1972;
  • The introduction of the first series of headphones – AT-700 in 1974;
  • In the period from the early 70s through the 80s this brand received a dozen of prestigious awards, mainly for their high-end microphones, turntable cartridges, and other electronic devices;
  • Over the course of the last two decades, Audio-Technica was the main supplier of microphones and similar electronics for the prestigious Grammy Awards;

Now, their work speaks for itself. Among the most notable products, we could name a few that you might have heard of already:

  • The ATH headphone series:
  1.  headphones (WS55),
  2.  headphones with 53mm drivers, and the Bluetooth 3 (WS99BT),
  3.  professional headphones (M50),
  4. studio headphones (M50x),
  5.  headphones (MSR7)
  • The AT record player series:
  1. AT-LP60BK record player;
  2. AT-LP120BK record layer;
  3. AT-LP60 record player;
  4. AT-LP60WH-BT record player;

Tricks of the trade:

Audio-Technica usually designs their turntables in a very simple manner, and the same applies for most of their products in different categories (headphones, microphones, etc.). They value performance attributes, and they point out how important it is to actually enjoy your products, rather than just look at them and marvel at their beauty.

Old-School and classic – Jensen Electronics
rocord player


This brand started making their high-end products back during the First World War. Jensen Electronics brand was founded in 1915 by Peter Jensen.

Stationed in:

Originally, the brand was founded in the USA (specific location is unknown), but they operated in Germany as well.

A brief description of the brand:

Jensen Electronics were founded by Peter Jensen, the inventor of the 1st loudspeaker ever. It’s very hard to imagine the hype at that time – people didn’t have the means to enjoy their music as much as they do today. Record players were scarce, and pretty expensive too.
records and record playersAnyway, the Jensen Electronics company included several brands over the course of years, and they numbered Jensen, Acoustic Research (as known as AR), Advent, Phase Linear, NHT Loudspeakers, and more. They operated for a century before they were acquired by the Namsung America (as known as Dual-Electronics Company).

Some of the most notable products/awards:

Jensen Electronics began their road to fame with their famed invention – the loudspeaker. Ever since then, they improved the design and only added years of experience to the golden recipe. Nowadays, they’re famous for their vehicle sound systems, and, of course, their high-end turntables.

The best selling series (JTA) includes:

  1. JTA-230 3-speed stereo record player;
  2. JTA-222 3-speed record player;
  3. JTA-230E 3-speed record player;
  4. JTA-420 portable record player;
  5. JTA-460 3-speed record player;

Apart from record players, they also include various other products in their catalog.

Tricks of the trade:

Jensen Electronics turntables have a beautiful design, but they’re nothing too radical. They kept to the roots and only added additional features when the market demanded it. You could easily recognize their record player from a mile – they’re often versatile, but they’re also quite expensive.

A perfect mixture of vintage and modern technology – TEAC Corporation
vintage look record player


TEAC Corporation is a Japanese Electronics brand that was found in Tokyo (Japan) in 1953. They’ve been around for quite some time, and they’re a part of Gibson Brands Incorporated.

Stationed in:

At the moment, Teac Corporation operates from Ochiai Tama-Shi (Tokyo).

A brief description of the brand:

TEAC Corporation was originally named the “Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company”. Their catalog included various record player cartridges, some of the basic models of turntables, and similar electronic devices. Now, people really like TEAC, and there’s a strong reason for that – they have a nice customer service, their products are ingenious and (nearly) flawless, and their prices are quite affordable.
vinyl record players with speakersSimply put, TEAC provides what people need – quality, above all. We can’t say that they have a pattern that they follow, as long as we’re speaking about their products, but they certainly have a sort of code, if unwritten – they’re highly reliable, always available, and they accept criticism wholeheartedly. You can see that’s true by simply looking at their models – each is an improvement over the previous one.

Some of the most notable products/awards:

TEAC Corporation holds several series of high-quality turntables, among which we could number TN, LP, MC, and more:

  • TEAC TN turntables:
  1. TN-300 Analog record player;
  2. TN-300 Cherry record player;

The LP series is much alike the MC, with slight modifications – it’s a series of turntable + speakers combos that are decently affordable:

  • TEAC LP turntables:
  1. LP-P1000 Record player with the stereo system;
  2. LP-R550 Record player with USB and CD recorder;

Tricks of the trade:

This brand keeps flowing like water – they’ve been around long enough to learn that every successful brand needs to accept change, and that’s what they did – their products mirror diversity, and that’s the beauty of it all. You could find several products from the same series that don’t look too much alike.

The manufacturer of many a great turntable – Stanton Magnetics
purchase record player


Stanton Electronics were founded in 1946, and now they’re a part of the Gibson Company.

Stationed in:

At the moment, this brand operates from the United States, Florida (Deerfield Beach, to be precise).

A brief description of the brand:

Stanton Magnetics is, what we could call, a modern way to express the feel for vintage. They’re classy alright, but they don’t have that scent of nostalgia looming above them, which is the case with most old-school record player brands.

Now, some people like that quality, but some people don’t. Turntables are, they were, and they will be a piece of history – no matter how much effort the brands invest to recreate and reinvent them. Anyhow, there must be a reason why this brand managed to climb on top over the course of last 70 years.
new vinyl playerThis reason would be pretty obvious if we look at the modern fashion waves – hipsters, DJ’s, and urban kids developed a taste for antique stuff, and the first things they’ve noticed were, obviously, Stanton Magnetics record players. Why is that, you ask? Well, they look as if somebody made a stew out of nostalgia, poured some modern sauce, and spiced it with a taste of urban.

Some of the most notable products/awards:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Stanton Electronics include a wide range of DJ record players, but they never stopped there. The 500 series may just be one of their most popular series of magnetic cartridges, but it’s pretty certain that DJ’s had the best time ever since the invention of Stanton turntables. Some of their greatest series involve:

  •  High-Torque series;
  •  Direct-Drive series;
  •  Belt-drive series;
  • Straight-Arm series;

Note: The reason why we didn’t involve the “official” name of these series is because they all start with a prefix “T”. That would, of course, mean that there’s only a single generation of products that were improved over time, but that’s not a case if we consider the facts.

Tricks of the trade:

If there’s a brand that’s more innovative than Stanton Electronics, it’s so deep in the underground world that only a handful bunch of people know that it exists. Anyhow, this manufacturer laid everything on the line – they practically started from a scratch, and they pulled out everything they had when they released their first products.

Today, we call these turntables “DJ turntables”. They have a striking appearance, as they have simple plinth models that are outfitted with various features and settings that professional need.

High-end products, high-quality record players – REGA Research
crosley record players for sale


REGA Research Ltd. is a brand that was founded in 1973 by Roy Gandy, Terry Bateman, Mike Stops, and Phil Freeman. It’s not a certain fact that all of these people actually took part in the founding process, but they’re certainly the people that had the greatest impact on the company.

Stationed in:

This record player manufacturer is stationed in Essex, England, and they mainly deal with Hi-Fi equipment and record players.

A brief description of the brand:

REGA Research company is one of the youngest leaders in the record player industry, but that doesn’t mean too much – they literally didn’t need the time to climb up the ladder to stardom. Their record players, turntable cartridges, stylus models, and tonearms were a huge hit when they landed on the market.
vinyl turn tableLuckily, the vast majority of people had already developed the need for high-quality record players, and REGA was there to deliver. When you need a high-end turntable, you search for Rega record players. That’s all there is to it – people appreciate a brand that is consistent in the terms of quality.

Some of the most notable products/awards:

Now, REGA owns several generations of premium-quality turntables, but we could name REGA Planar P1 and REGA Planar 2 as their greatest accomplishments. These record player models are definitely some of the best that money can buy. Their design is incredibly straightforward, but their performance is something unprecedented.

Tricks of the trade:

Beautiful, simple design, and a set of top-notch features. These are the things to look out for if you’re looking for a REGA product.

A Honorable Mention – Crosley Records

We’re not going to go in-depth with this one, mainly because most people have the right idea as soon as this name pops up. Crosley is the brand that didn’t invent record players, but they certainly gave them a whole new function and level.

If quality ever had a name, it would be Crosley, without a doubt. This brand is responsible for improving the original turntable models to the point of perfection. They started out small – Powell Crosley took some of the record players that were on sale and gave them a new purpose. Nowadays, their record players are amidst the first products that are on display in every notable turntable shop.

Best Looking Record Players

Introduction to the most beautiful turntables

Record players have gone through a manifold of transformations over the course of the last couple of decades. The first that we ever saw were rather simple, but they were a huge boom. Nearly every home would have one.

Since they became popular pretty fast. It’s only natural that more and more manufacturers of electronics (and similar branches) wanted to enrich their catalog with record players as well. This led to a thriving industry and to the development of the turntable market that we know today.

Anyhow, every manufacturer has their own taste on tone they want, the design of today’s record players, so now we have different categories. We’re talking belt drive record players, all-in-one record players, over-the-top record players, and so on. We’re mainly interested in the best-looking record players.

Vintage record players – beauty beyond words

If we take any turntable as an example, we could say that it’s beautiful. These contraptions emit an aura of nostalgia and reminiscence, so even though they’re mechanical constructs, they live and breathe, in a sense. Now, discerning a beautiful turntable from the beautiful record player doesn’t require a set of keen eyes. Once you’ve seen them you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The best-looking turntables are specially designed so that they look unique. There’s an obvious pattern that can easily be noted if we observe any other category of record players. But that’s not the case here. The record players we’ve come across are all but ordinary.

Reviews of the best looking record players

Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000

where to buy vinyl player
Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram 4000 looks like a pleasant dream. It has a rather straightforward design, and it certainly looks familiar. This type of a record player was a standard back in the day when they started making them, but the details are odd.
Beogram 4000 has a square design, but it’s a bit thinner and wider when compared to a standard record player. The dust cover is also peculiar – it’s both reflective and transparent. Anyhow, the reason why this record player is unique is because it was the first of its kind. It was invented in 1972 by Bang & Olufsen, and it was labeled as the first ever electronically controlled gramophone.

The designer of this beautiful piece is Jacob Jensen, which brought him much praise for this accomplishment. Anyway, it’s a bit sad that this model’s production life was short – production has stopped in 1974.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable
play vinyl records

Pro-Ject is a famous brand, and their turntables are said to be some of the most beautiful on the market. The Debut Carbon is, perhaps, their finest work, and there’s a very good reason for that – it features a beautiful design, an incredibly simplified, reflective plinth, a matte black platter, and a Sci-Fi turntable stylus.

Now, it’s safe to say that this turntable is somewhat “modern”, and it lacks the “vintage” quality, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful. In fact, that just adds to the overall charm. Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon is one of the best-selling record players as well. The price is a bit steep, but the outward appearance and the overall performance of this record player is unprecedented.

Debut Carbon’s main color is matte black, but it’s available in various different colors – avid blue, red, gray, yellow, white, and purple. Each model (and color) comes with the same set of features – an 8.6-inch carbon fiber tonearm, a large platter with added weight for increased stability, a precision belt-driven motor, the innovative DC supply of power with an accurate DC-driven generator, TPE suspension, and the felt mat.

Wega 3300 Stereophonic System
record players with usb

Wega 3300 stands out from the rest. It’s not a turntable, it’s not a stereo system – it’s both. This record player is tucked neatly inside a furniture piece, and its cover is, surprisingly, an equalizer table. Some people think that this design is odd, but it’s actually amazing and innovative.

Most people would find themselves at a lack for words when they first see Wega 3300 Stereophonic system, as there aren’t many things that look like it. It’s definitely unique, but it also has a set of phenomenal features – it’s not just looks.

The plinth of this outstanding record player is made of painted wood (with a single chrome-plated metal bar connecting the plinth with the bottom support), and the overall construction features painted metal, brushed aluminum, plastic, and rubber.

Wega 3300 Hi-Fi stereophonic system is the full name of this product, and its designed is Verner Panton, a Danish inventor and manufacturer. The full dimensions of this record player are 23.8 inches by 16.7 inches by 16.7 inches.

Custom Rega RP3
buy vinyl player

REGA Research is a reputable brand that brought the turntable design onto a completely new level. This manufacturer understands the need for simplicity, grasped it, and improved it. REGA RP3 custom is the pinnacle of their craftsmanship (alongside Rega Planar 2), and it certainly deserves their spot among the best looking turntables and record players.

Now, Rega RP3 custom is special for two reasons. First of all, it has a set of unique features – it comes sporting a RB303 turntable stylus, it operates on Double-Brace technology, the hand-tuned motor operates with extremely low noise and vibration (24v, to be precise), the plinth had 3 finishes, and the premium-quality Elys 2 turntable cartridge.

Secondly, it features a magnificent, simple design that is practically Rega’s trademark. The only downfall of this exquisite turntable is that it comes at a steep price.

Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 X
where to buy a vinyl record player

While Debut Carbon served as the stepping stone to stardom for this magnificent manufacturer, the RPM 9.2 made sure they stayed there. This turntable features a design that’s on a close border between being “beautiful and simple” and “urban and exquisite”. The reason for that is because Pro-Ject is quite famous for making beautiful turntables with a straightforward design.

Anyway, RPM 9.2 is equipped with both the chassis & motor which are housed in the piano-lacquered gray color. The AC motor runs pretty quietly with the two-step pulley that drives the platter’s edge by means of the belt (a belt-driven turntable). The fiber plinth of medium density rests on the height-adjustable feet (three of them, actually, each has a magnetic field of their own).

The motor lies in a completely separate housing (metal) – this was done to put the vibration transmission to a minimum. Now, the platter is what makes this turntable exquisite – it’s a resonance-optimized platter that sandwiches the construction with the acrylic weighing of 3.5Kg.

All in all, it’s a beautiful turntable that deserved its place among the top, but it’s also quite expensive. Collectors, audiophiles, and people with deep pockets might be interested in it more than most.

The Nordic Concept Reference Turntable
turn table record player

This turntable is unique, no matter how you look at it. It’s actually a set of two separate record player plinths. One should be used to finely attune the sound output via the controls, and the other should be used to set the records spinning.

Now, there may be other record players that have a similar design, but they’re pretty obsolete, so it’s safe to say that this one takes the badge for uniqueness. The manufacturers of this turntable refer to the design as “dual-cabinet construction”. Each cabinet implements the use of Base Technology damping system. This was used to reduce the effects of vibrations in cabinets.

The features of this record player (apart from the two cabinets) include a turntable platter, a record player arm. Also, there is the integrated phono pre-amplification device, and the low-hum, low vibration motor. The acrylic platter (80mm) is able to deliver a constant, deep tone, and the puck is integrated for level adjustment. The ceramic bearing features an extremely accurate, balanced, and machined construction while the thin belt minimizes the vibration transfer.

You won’t have to charge this record player again unless it played for 48 hours straight. This is a pretty good run-time for a turntable. Anyhow, since we’re most interested in the outlook and the outward appearance of these turntables, it’s safe to say that this one is definitely attractive. It’s unique, it’s exquisite, and you could always brag about it.

Michell Transcriptor
vinyl record turntables

Michell Transcriptor is, to say the least, a contraption that looks like a turntable, but most people would say (at first sight) that it’s something more scientific. The only thing that connects it to the standard record player is that it comes supplied with a turntable plinth.

Every other feature is exquisite, and you could make a deduction that it’s a turntable when you see the stylus. Most people, however, would marvel at the design of the platter. It’s adorned with various magnetic pipes and it would be an understatement to say that it’s just “beautiful”.

The outward appearance of this record player is captivating, and the only flaw is that it’s very expensive. However, great things often come at such a price, so we could easily say that it’s “expensive, but cost-effective”.

Electrohome 861 Apollo
turntable record players

Electrohome’s Apollo goes back to the beginning of the early 80s, as you can probably say yourself by looking at its design. It actually resembles a disco ball, probably because the designers found inspiration in the disco wave that hit that generation.

It’s definitely exquisite – even the speakers are round. There are some good, and some bad things about it, however. The good thing is that it’s pretty affordable. It belongs to the cheap price point category, but the bad thing, is that it’s not so easy to find a willing seller.

Electrohome’s Apollo was made a long time ago, and the manufacturers discontinued the production of this model nearly three decades ago, so there are only a few of them left. It features a unique design, a set of exquisite speakers, and the adorable dust cover, but its performance is not what got it famous, that’s for certain.

DaVinci Audio Gabriel
vynil players

DaVinci’s Gabriel is, without a doubt, the best-looking turntable that the world has ever seen. It’s actually more of a construction than it is a turntable.  It features four tonearm bases that are carefully connected with each other, and the beauty of this contraption can hardly be described with words.

Each base has a reflective surface that’s extremely durable, and each base has a set of unique supporting legs. Now, the best thing about it is that it comes supplied with a huge turntable stylus that could hardly be replaced in the case it ever gets broken down. So you might want to be careful about how you handle it.

Now, this record player is extremely rare and expensive, but it’s a keeper. This turntable was built to last, and there are only a few of them left, so if you’re a collector, you’d best hurry. The record player itself is quite heavy, but once you’ve set it up, you wouldn’t want to move it anyway. Most people develop a tendency to simply awe and marvel at its beautiful construction, putting the music experience in the second plan.

If you’re a person who values aesthetics, this just might be a perfect turntable for you. DaVinci’s Gabriel isn’t just for show, however. The sound output capabilities of this magnificent record player are extraordinary. Anyhow, the only flaws of this record player are that it costs quite a lot, and it’s not so easy to find it (discontinued by the manufacturer).

Transrotor Artus
vinyl players with speakers

There are several reasons why we shouldn’t call Transrotor Artus a “turntable”. First of all, it’s a huge contraption. If we put a regular sized turntable next to Artus, it looks miniature and inferior. Now, you might be thinking – “What would I do? I could easily get a smaller record player and be done with it.” That’s true, but would you be able to find a better-looking record player? Hardly.

Secondly, Transrotor Artus weighs 250 kilograms. That’s way too much for a turntable, and most people wouldn’t even be able to lift it (unless they’re heavyweight lifters). The same question would apply – “Why would you bother with a contraption that’s so heavy?”. Now, you really don’t need to move it away once you’ve put it in a proper location. It’s beautiful as it is.

Lastly, it’s more of a machine than it is a turntable. The method of operation of this record player is extremely complex, and involves various hooks, lines, buttons, and connections. All of these little features provide a unique sound output. Hearing music from Artus and from any other record player simply can’t compare.

Usually, these turntables wouldn’t go beyond $10,000. Transrotor Artus costs 10 times as much, and more. This pretty much culls the list that could afford it by more than three thirds, so if you’re one of them, you might want to pay attention.

You simply can’t get any better than this. Artus Transrotor is superior to other turntables in nearly all aspects. The sound output is something that words can’t describe. Durability is impressive, the outward appearance is beautiful and captivating.

It can be yours at a ludicrous price, and it’s extremely heavy. If you can look past those little flaws, we have ourselves the best record player that money can buy.

The Final Verdict

By simply saying “a beautiful turntable”, most people don’t have these models in mind. The sole purpose of this article is to get you acquainted with some models that are pretty hard to find. Most of them are unavailable for purchase on the official market, so it’s safe to say that you couldn’t just stumble upon them.

There isn’t the “best-looking turntable”. Different people, different tastes. Now, what we can provide for you is a list of some of the best-looking record players. You’re bound to like at least some of them.

We Review the Best Crosley Record Players

best crosley turntableIntroduction to the Crosley Record Players

The sound that Crosley Record Players make is the one full of reminiscence, and even the skeptics will find it really hard to disagree with this statement. Even if you wanted to judge their quality objectively, you will most certainly get a positive verdict.

PictureModelWhy should you buy itPriceRating
travel music listenCrosley CruiserVintage design, portable, $$4.3
record enjoy buyCrosley Nomad PortableGreat sound, classic look, high value $$$4.7
Vintage record playerCrosley DansettePowerfull speakers, old school design$$$4.4
classic record musicCrosley TravelerCompact and easy to move, tone control options$$4.5
Crosley CR40RE TurntableCrosley CR40 MiniRetro look, low price$$4

The Crosley players are made the old-school way – they began to emerge on the market nearly a century ago, and that speaks volumes about their quality, knowing that they’re still up and running.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran or a high-school kid, the sounds of vinyl records will never grow old or get out of style.

crate crosley records


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For over a hundred years we’ve been blessed by the sweet melodies that Crosley record players make, enjoying ourselves to the fullest while the vinyl plays. A lot of things speak for their quality. First of all, the brand aged up with time, not against it, implementing the use of modern technology while still remaining true to the core.

Secondly, the name Crosley resounds with the memory of their late inventor, Powel Crosley, inspiring new generations of workers to honor the quality he has delivered to the people worldwide.

If you are asking yourself at any time – “are the Crosley record players any good?” – you could best hear the answer straight from their speakers.

The Top 5 Crosley Models

Crosley Cruiser Review

A perfect combination of tradition that aged as well as wine, the Crosley Cruiser yearns for the place in your home. Bringing warmth and tranquility with each tone, the Cruiser is capable of playing records at three different speeds, designed to suit the needs of all music lovers.

Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable


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The best proof that Crosley tradition is honored with the Cruiser is that it comes in many colors and patterns, including the vintage “chalkboard” look. The turntable is portable and belt-driven, equipped with the NP6 needle for concise, perfect tones. The cruiser also comes with dynamic stereo speakers and RCA & headphone outputs. This makes it very easy to enjoy by yourself or with your friends.

Let Mike from Crosley tell you more about it:

It is simply brilliant for the things it was meant to do – help people enjoy music at their home. It is small and portable, and it was not meant to be played at extremely high frequencies. This may be considered its only flaw – that it is useless for higher sound outputs without previously outfitting it with external speakers.

However, it is very affordable, and there’s a great value about it. Personally, I like fast-paced, loud music, often played at high volumes. The Cruiser delivered upon my standards without error, and I strongly recommend it, whatever your taste in music is. From classical music to hard rock, the Cruiser is your player.


  • Vintage design – brings back memories without fail;
  • Portable and compact – The Cruiser is small in size and can be carried from place to place with ease.
  • Stable – the “suitcase” design gives it great stability.


  • A bit pricey compared to standard portable players;
  • No USB connectivity.


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Crosley Nomad Portable USB Turntable

The Nomad is easily the single most popular model of Crosley players, specifically manufactured to mirror the players that could have been found throughout the homes at the time of late 40’s and early 50’s.

The Crosley Nomad


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Its design has a very straightforward, simple and absolutely minimalist look, but it hides a secret. It may be the most accomplished record player in the music industry, capable of delivering sound that is so pure that you will feel it in your very soul.

Concerning the details on how it works, it uses a belt mechanism and is capable of three different speed settings, with an intelligently crafted NP5 needle, made so you could enjoy the sound of your vinyl records on an entirely new level.

One of the best things about the Nomad is the retro look. It will take you down the memory lane, it will bring back the good and the bad – it plays the soundtrack of your life. The songs played on the Nomad gently crawl under your skin, making goosebumps like never before.

The only flaw of the Nomad that could be mentioned is that it weighs quite a pound. Don’t let this discourage you – the weight of the record player is determined by electronic hardware. So basically, more weight means more power output, which further means that the Nomad is one unmerciful juggernaut of pure reminiscence.


  • Majestic sound and exquisite, vintage look
  • Superb value for the price
  • Compact
  • Multiple speed setting


  • It weighs quite a bit


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Crosley Dansette Portable Turntable

The Dansette makes old sound new. The outlook of this model is so vintage that it is a must for old-school people. You should treat this record player as a real living person, for it breathes on its own through full range speaker lungs. Words can’t begin to describe what this Crosley is capable of. Putting on a record in it feels like pressing the rewind switch that takes you way back.

Crosley Dansette Junior 1


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These exquisite sound capabilities were made possible by superior Crosley craftsmanship that is well known for absolute quality. The portable audio features the auxiliary input, giving you options to play with the sound as you wish at two possible speeds (33 1/3 & 45 RPM).

While sifting through manifold reviews of Crosley Dansette, I noticed that people either praise it as the ultimate sound device or present that they don’t like it at all. As words usually mean little when the music is in question, I decided to give it an ear myself.

I was truly amazed that there is a single person that could state that Dansette is anything but absolutely terrific. The sound is pure and smooth, the feel and vibrations are genuine and strong, and I came up with only one possible explanation of the problem at hand – some people are more accustomed to electronic and otherwise “modern” music, and how the music sounds like in its purest form may be appalling to some.

I can guarantee with absolute certainty that the Dansette is more than a simple record player, it presents many soul fragments collected through vinyl records to form the most beautiful one. For people who really like music, the Dansette is a lifelong companion.


  • Two possible play speeds (33 1/3 & 45RPM)
  • Majestic vintage look and sound
  • Dynamic and powerful stereo speakers


  • As with most Crosley players, the vintage style design might not suit everyone


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The Crosley Traveler

The Crosley Traveler is true to its name. It is perfect for trips and voyages that are often long and dull, as it makes them vivid and enjoyable. The model is designed in a manner of a tan suitcase, making it possibly the most portable Crosley record player there is.

crosley traveler


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The Traveler is affordable, but should not be considered cheap. The word “cheap” often implies that something is a lesser variant of the main thing, often inferior. The Traveler is just as capable as any other Crosley record player, and it yearns to prove itself in your hands.

Belt-drive mechanized turntable is integrated into the case, capable of playing at three different speeds, and it also comes equipped with a fully adjustable tone so that you may experience it to the fullest. The main attribute of the Traveler is its compactness while retaining the standard for sound output.

You can take it with you virtually anywhere without absolutely any effort. The suitcase design is practical in various ways, as you can take it with you along other luggage items while preparing for a trip, use it at your home, take it to a party. The uses are numerous and as long as your creative the Traveler will perform.


  • Very decent sound capabilities and three possible speed variants
  • Compact, easy to use, easy to move around – easy to enjoy
  • Tone control setting – listening to your favorite song is now possible on a whole new level


  • One of the main problems with the compact part is that it weighs a bit (14 pounds). This, however, is not much considering record player standards
  • You might mistake it for your other suitcases by accident


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Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable

As simple and straightforward as it gets, the Crosley CR40 combines practicality and efficiency with quality. It has a standard belt driven mechanism and a standard needle that does not scratch or in any other way damage the record. With dynamic speakers and RCA output, it gives off a pretty decent sound.

Crosley CR40RE Turntable


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It might not be the best record player there is, but rest assured, the quality is guaranteed. If I could name only one reason out of many why this model is so great, I would say that it gets into people’s hearts quite fast and easy.

You will get fond of it by the time the first note is sung or played because it not only looks vintage – it sounds vintage as well. Turn its full range speakers on, put your favorite album and enjoy the ride. Only a few people stated that they could resist the haunting melodies of all the flashbacks the CR40 gives, and if you’re either a collector or simply a casual listener, this is a perfect record player for you.


  • Very affordable price and the quality that overshadows it – you can get it while you’re on a budget while still being able to enjoy it as much as more expensive record players
  • Great value
  • Well rounded
  • Retro look with a portable compact case


  • Not perfect, if you are accustomed to the premium quality sound. This model is aimed to please the casual listeners and people who simply like music


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So, What is the Best Crosley Record Player?

This is a rather hard question. The Crosley record players come in many models and every single one comes with a story on its own. Some are more expensive and more time and attention is invested in their manufacturing process, while others are intended to be less expensive in order to be more available.

Crosley music player

There is, of course, the middle ground where all Crosley record players meet. Their look and design are old-school. Simple and beautiful, they serve another purpose besides their function as a music player. They give a natural and vivid feel of the place where they are used – if a picture speaks more than a thousand words, a Crosley Record player fulfills the place more than a thousand paintings.

One thing can be said for certain – all Crosley Record players are best in their own fields. Those fields can be ranked from most important attributes to less important, while still crucial, ones. The combination of them is different in various models, but it always results in superior quality.

First of all, it’s safe to say that the most important quality a record player should possess is the sound output. The pureness of the tone, the strength of the vibration, all the details that should be heard in the song. All of these qualities are the ones that should be included in the record player with a superb sound output.

If you ask me what Crosley Record player gives the best sound, I wouldn’t struggle to answer because it is rather obvious – The Crosley CR49 Traveler. There are many reasons why this is so. The Traveler’s main attribute is that it is the most compact model among the Crosley record players, but you would be amazed at what sound it can produce.

It provides the option of adjusting the tone control, giving the sound superior flexibility. The diamond-styled needle is what makes that splendorous sound, and the dynamic speakers are what breathes them out. Truly exceptional, the Traveler is best for people who demand good sound.

The second quality which we should consider to determine the next field of abilities where different Crosley record players excel is, of course, the design and look. The record player would lose much of its credibility if it looked any different.

When you are listening to your favorite record or your favorite album by yourself, or when you invite some friends over, you’re going to listen to some music one way or another. Be it from any television program, from a computer device, or a record player, the difference could be felt before it could be heard.

With the best Crosley record player in any corner of a room, the atmosphere would feel a lot warmer, more welcoming. It was designed to provide that. The simple, yet fantastic vintage look is what makes the Crosley so majestic, as it bonds people together in many ways, not just by music.

For people with a strong sense of aesthetics, for people who love the way things look, for people who love all things beautiful – the vintage look is more than just important. As for the question “Which Crosley Record Player is the most beautiful” or “which Crosley record player has the greatest decorative function”, the answer would be the Crosley Dansette Bermuda.

Most record players need to be placed onto a specific surface (such as a table or a chair) so that they could be used. The other problem is that they are often small in size, and if they are placed far away, they could be heard, but not seen, lacking completely in their decorative function.

The Crosley Dansette Bermuda comes with a matching stand so it’s placed above ground on its own. Wherever it is placed, the Dansette is sure to attract your gaze. The very definition of the vintage look, the Dansette is beautiful and unavoidable. Once seen, it demands the marvel of all bystanders. For people who like the true vintage look, for listeners that like to see their music, this is the one.

The last category would be the price. The vast majority of people likes to listen to music, and most people don’t wish to pay too much in order to do it. While most Crosley record players are very affordable, there can be an even further categorization of their prices. It is interesting that the inventor of Crosley – Powel Crosley himself had this in mind when he came to the idea of inventing the brand.

Before we name the least expensive Crosley record player it needs to be mentioned that the first place would take the model that has all the qualities that a standard record player has. There are a lot of record players that are ridiculously cheap but lack in quality.

By far, the cheapest Crosley record player that matches the standards of an average record player is the Crosley CR40-RE Mini Turntable. It can easily be said that the CR40-RE is the average Crosley player with average capabilities, only cheaper.

Are Crosley Record players good?

The Crosley Record players can’t be described as simply as “good”. They’re not “perfect”, “splendid” or “outstanding” as well. I am at a lack of words to describe something that is capable of sounding majestic while being beautiful in its look.

Every single Crosley record player sounds marvelous in a very special kind of way, while their intensity varies from model to model. Every Crosley player looks ravishing and old-school, while some are more vintage than others. Lastly, every Crosley player is affordable, while some are more expensive and some really affordable.

The thing that is the same for all of them, that ALL of them possess all of these qualities – all of them are “good”. Ask yourself what is the virtue that you value the most and require for a record player to possess before searching for a model that will be suited best just for you. The sound output, the look, or the price? One thing is certain – whatever you are looking for, you will find it in the Crosley player. It lives up to it’s name as one of the best vintage turntable brands.

Crosley USB Turntable

The Crosley USB Turntable is the invention that merges the old-school with modern technology. Even though the record players are used for vinyl records and personal computers for digital audio tracks, the USB Turntable can make the vinyl record appear on a computer device.

There are many advantages of this invention. First of all, it is more practical to have a vinyl recorded on the computer, so it can be accessed easier and more frequently (for example, to use the record you need to pull it out of the casing, put it in the record player and play it, while on the computer all you need to do is click twice on the recorded file).

Secondly, the vinyl records are much more valuable than a digital audio track. Listening to your vinyl records on your computer pose no threat of damaging it, while listening to your tracks on your record player, on the other hand, can (the needle could scratch the surface, you might drop the record on accident).

Lastly, the use of USB Turntable also offers the possibility for more people to listen to different vinyl records simultaneously. If several people can’t agree on to what they want to listen, they could transfer one record in the digital format on the computer, while others listen to a different one on the record player.

Crosley Record Player Stand

A final piece for the perfect vintage feel, the Crosley Record Player Stand is a home for your vinyl records and a place to put your record player as well. While it is only natural that you already have a compartment where you store your records and your player, you could make the old-school feel complete by safely tucking them inside a Crosley Record Player Stand.

What makes them different from the regular record stands? Well, first of all, their look. The Crosley Record Player Stand is crafted using materials so that they complement the vintage record player look with their retro design while retaining the quality attributes.

If you happen to consider purchasing a record stand, there are some special models that you don’t want to miss out. The first one is the Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet – it is available in three colors, the glass doors give a clear overview of your vinyl records, and the hardware is silver plated so the vintage simply radiates from it.

Another stand that could help you complete your old-school collection is the Crosley ST75-PA Cabinet in the color of Paprika. It is handcrafted in the same way as ST75-BK but comes in different color, so if you have a record player made of wood, or painted in any color that resembles it, this is a better solution. One of the best recommendations I have for you is definitely the Crosley Alexandria 60” Audio Pier.

The Crosley Alexandria is a bookshelf, record player, and the vinyl records holder, as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. Elegant in every possible way, the Crosley Alexandria has majestic panel and shelving, wire management and brushed nickel pieces of hardware. Be prepared to be amazed.

The Verdict about Crosley Turntables

Crosley Record Players can suit everyone, they are intended to be used by anyone, but they’re definitely not for everyone. They’re all very affordable, reliable and sound-wise capable, but their vintage look just does all the work.

It either captivates the soul of the listener or drives it away. It can be said with absolute certainty that the vintage look is majestic in every aspect, but considering this is a modern, technological age, some people could be repulsed by it. All in all, the Crosley record players serve the functions they are intended to in the most special way.

What about other record players?

Off course Crosley Record Players are pleasing to the eye. In addition to that – and simply for information and entertainment purposes – our team studied the market for models that out stand in design. Check these beauties in the best looking record players section here.

And what about other brands?

Being one of the industry leaders in the (vintage) turntable market, it certainly has to compete with other vintage turntable brands. For those who want to know what’s behind the curtain of the A-brands, we’ve compiled a detailed report on some of the prominent names in the record player industry.

Review: The Crosley CR6233A-RE Dansette Bermuda

Pros: A plug & play system from a brand that is used by professionals. The control panel allows you to adjust sound settings to your requirements. With the detachable legs this Turntable is a piece of furniture that adds flare to your interior, at a very reasonable price. 

Cons: Although sufficient, for the effort from the producer on enhanced sound quality the audio output could have been a little bit better


Revive the Golden Era of Music with the Crosley Dansette Bermuda!

Crosley Dansette Bermuda 2

Dansette Bermuda is one of the greatest audio masterpieces made by British in the mid 1960’s. This portable audio player was considered as the best old school means of listening music with vitality and dynamics. To revive the golden era of music and culture, Crosley has made its best efforts to bring the British branded music player back to life and has succeeded in making it as the ultimate stereo solution. This audio system has proved to be the first choice amongst the music lovers who prefer portability along with quality of sound and greater dynamics.

The design of portable audio player is still the same as before but Crosley has added multiple functionalities which can give you the listening experience of your lifetime. Moreover, it is also known as the best household staple which can improve the overall ambiance of your house.

Despite the availability of modern age media players and devices, the Crosley CR6233A has always been the popular choice amongst the music enthusiasts. With the pursuit of portability and convenience, you can now get to listen high resolution music tracks through the USB connectivity feature as well.


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The Dansettes are back!

Crosley has made its best efforts to bring the Dansette Series back to life with enhanced features and customizations. Being a standalone music player, the appearance of the system gives reflection of 1960’s vinyl and a perfectly crafted structure which truly resembles its actual design. People who prefer home décor resembling old culture can also use this product as a household staple as it can be a perfect fit for any room you select.

Despite being heavy and sturdy, you can move it anywhere by just removing the system from detachable legs which are meant to give stability to the audio player. The structure and legs of the turntable are light weight, so everyone can move it around with ease.

The company has made no compromise in improving the sound quality of this audio product as the whole system is integrated with the latest upgrades. To make the vintage Dansette more appealing, Crosley has covered the upper lid and has placed a grille made out of grey clothing which helps create a wonderful retro.

Although there are no specific alterations made to the design of the audio system, Crosley has installed USB and an AUX port which gives more stability to music when played at high volumes. With the aid of dynamic full range stereo speakers, listeners can now enjoy their favorite tracks at two different RPM records as well.

So aside from providing high quality music, one can also use this product as a furniture style statement for the living room.

Record Player Stand

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  • The belt driven Turntable allows you to listen to music at two different RPM records of 33 1/3 and 45.
  • Gives the best music quality through full range stereo speakers.
  • Dedicated USB and Auxiliary ports.
  • Dansette style classic turntable series structure.
  • Supporting stand which resembles the actual design of the masterpiece.

Enhanced sound quality

The Crosley Dansette Bermuda has always been the longtime favorite of music lovers. With the integrated hi-fi Bermuda stereo speakers, people can enjoy quality music without paying a big fortune. There is no need for any sort of installations because the system is portable audio ready which means you can connect it with your smartphone or laptop without any inconvenience.

Bermuda Vinyl Better stability and Balance

Stability is one other feature of this audio system which makes it superior from others of the same kind. Most of the audio players tend to wobble at high RPM’s because of the weak structure.

This is certainly not an issue with the Crosley Dansette Bermuda because the turntable is placed on a strong 4-legged base which keeps the system stable and balanced at high RPM’s.


This is no ordinary turntable as it can also be used to keep your track records. Here are some of the features discussed which make this audio system better in terms of performance and durability from others of similar kind:

  • There is no need for any sort of professional assistance to operate the product. The system is based on the plug and play principle which means you can enjoy your favorite music through USB and Auxiliary connections. Moreover, the control panel allows you to adjust sound settings up to your requirements as well.
  • The system is priced relatively low as compared to the features and specifications given in this product. You can now enjoy your favorite music with ultimate sound quality and stability without spending a huge amount of money.
  • Based on the latest upgrades and physical characteristics, the Crosley Dansette Bermuda has always been the first choice of professionals who are in need of a system for recording and quality monitoring.


Although Crosley has worked hard to improve performance of the old Dansette Bermuda sound system, they must have focused a bit more on enhancing the audio output quality of the system. Whereas sound has been improved on the Cruiser models which were introduced after the launch of CR6233A, so listeners who are not satisfied by the performance of the current model can approach another available option.


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Customer Reviews

There are more than 95 customer reviews given at by the buyers of Crosley CR6233A-RE with a great overage score. This reflects the performance and durability level of the product amongst the people who have spent their hard earned money to get this audio system.

One of the customer who had purchased this product has claimed about the vinyl design and structure of the turntable. This is certainly not the point which can be considered as a negative factor for the recording system because the product resembles its actual appearance as in 1960’s and has improved specifications then before. So for those who want stable and better sound quality at high RPM’s, this product will surely satisfy their needs.


The red colored Crosley CR6233A audio recording system is available at in the $$$ price range, including shipping charges whereas the black colored model is available in the $$$$ price range. Check the actual price on here. Moreover, you can also avail equal pay financing facility to get the product instantly for which you can get more information at Amazon.

As compared to other audio systems available within the same price range, this product has improved features and you can also avail extended warranty for further satisfaction.

So if you want to buy a durable recording system with the latest specifications, this will surely meet your standards in each case.

The Final Verdict:

For music enthusiasts who value their culture and prefer quality sound, Crosley has reintroduced the old Dansette Bermuda system with improved specifications. The system can also be used as a furniture masterpiece which can be placed anywhere at your home and it will definitely improve overall appearance.

Whether you want to play your favorite tracks through USB or Auxiliary port, latest specifications have been installed in the music player for which you need no special assistance to operate. Moreover, the product is not highly priced and you can enjoy your favorite music with more stability.

To get the product instantly, you must make your purchase at as soon as possible and enjoy the best ever listening experience.


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