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Record Player – Old turntables vs New turntables

First of all, we should get rid of any and all prejudice if we’re to pit old record players against new record player models. Most people think that “old” things (including record players) are sort of inferior to new. This statement is often backed by arguments such as:

  • New products are “unused”

Second-hand record players were used, obviously, and most people don’t want to think about their previous owners. There are even some minor defections and malfunctions that could have been duct taped (figuratively speaking), so they won’t be visible once you’ve felt the turntable out.

Is this statement accurate?

Of course, this statement also works in the opposite way. There’s a chance that the previous owner of the record player in question is an audiophile who augmented it with improvements, upgraded parts, and such.

  • New record players were manufactured using “advanced” technology

This one is pretty self-explanatory. As time progresses, the industry and science work hand in hand to create (and implement) advanced, superior technologies in the manufacturing process. Even though this matter is purely subjective, most people think that newer is better due to as much as a time gap in technology.

Is this statement accurate?

Even though the older manufacturers used simpler techniques to craft their record players, they were unhindered by the need for complex technologies. Simply put, these manufacturers relied solely on their skill, which explains why there are some older turntables that are greatly superior to the high-end, newer ones.

How do you spot differences between new and old record players?

If you think about it, this question is a good one, actually. Plainly speaking, there would be little (if none) differences between well-kept older record players and new ones Ceteris Paribus. Now, how can a layman spot the differences between these turntables? Let’s see the list of things that might be the cases:

Older record players have a peculiar sound output

The main reason why older record players are different from the new models is that they feature a peculiar, distinct sound output. Even though the sound quality should be a subjective matter, it’s hardly arguable that the older record players simply sound different.

The reason for this unique sound can be (and usually is) the use of different, sometimes even obscure technologies. Knowing that the Modern Era brought digital and electronic technologies, it’s somewhat of a standard nowadays. On that matter, the older record players relied on physics, superior engineering, empiric experience, feedback, and other non-electronic techniques and technologies.

Most old record players have the “old feel and look”

The reason why record players and nostalgia are synonymous is that record players gained massive popularity during the Pre-Modern Age era. Older models often remind people of things past. Furthermore, nothing is immune to the teeth of time, including record players.

No matter how much effort you’ve put in, record players wither. The preservation of your record player model, the construction will wear off at some point. The woodwork plinth might be the best example, as corrosion is hard to evade, which makes the base of your turntable extremely susceptible to exterior damages.

Old record players are usually sold standalone, while newer models are sold on a large scale

Even though this might not seem as a crucial difference, it is if you’re interested in antiquities. Vinyl record player collectors are usually prepared to pay top dollar for unique record players. In fact, dusty old record players are models that are usually cheaper and greatly superior in terms of performance.

Kids of today can never relive the days when record players got out. The time when it was a thrilling experience to sit by your cousins. The time to sit with your relatives on a family reunion event while turntable gently plays in the background. Most teens and young adults tend to remember these memories. On that matter, odds are that you would feel the same in that situation.

If that’s the case, no record player can reproduce the sound in the same way as that specific record player. All you need is the brand and the name of the model, and you might have luck finding it online.


Having said all this, it’s hard to say that there are any actual differences between old and new record players. Old models can easily surpass new ones in one field of performance while failing to do so in the other. In conclusion, if you’re ever considering a newer record player over the older model, don’t spend too much time looking for differences. The reality is – the perfect model might just be in front of you.

Cleaning your Vinyl Records


Vinyl records tend to wear after some time, but you shouldn’t be alarmed – there’s a way to prevent the damages. Cleaning your vinyl records on daily basis will keep them safe from potential damages, and it can easily be done – whether it’s by hand or by some sort of tools.
Since cleaning vinyl records isn’t rocket science, it’s hard to say which way of cleaning them is the best. Some people think that using water can be good while others state that it’s “lethal” for your vinyl records.

There are also some people that state that vinyl records should be scrubbed for dust and debris before you actually use them, but others disagree, stating that scrubbing your vinyl records may actually damage them significantly. Anyhow, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to clean your vinyl records, so let’s get down to it.

Cleaning the vinyl record by hand

The easiest (and most affordable) way of cleaning your vinyl records is by hand. You’ll have to use some other items, but, basically, all you need is some distilled water, a scrubbing tool, and some towels.

To clean the record by hand, you’ll need to follow these instructions:

  • Gather the necessary tools and items

As I’ve mentioned before, you’ll need water (warm or distilled, even though distilled water is best), a basin, dish soap, record cleaning pad (or brush), and some towels. Most of these items are already a part of a common household (with the exception of the record cleaning pad – this you’ll have to purchase before you begin).
Each of these items are necessary – there are items that are not on the list which can significantly speed up the process but are not on the list, such as rubber gloves, washcloths, liquid soap, and such.

  • Prepare and distill the water (or buy distilled water)

Even though records are waterproof, cold water may tighten them up (figuratively speaking). Always make sure that the water is hot (or distilled) before you start the cleaning process.

  • Wash the records

Apply soap to your records after drenching them in hot/distilled water. You should use the record cleaning pad for this, as it’s specifically designed to graze the records in such a way that it doesn’t harm them. After you’ve washed the record you wanted (or records), you can proceed to the next step.

  • Rinse your vinyl records

Rinsing the records can be done with cold or tap water. If you’re wondering why you can use cold water during the rinsing process and not during the washing process, the answer is simple – you’ll immediately dry them after you rinse them.

  • Dry your vinyl records

Drying your records can be performed with a towel or with two washcloths. Whatever you chose, it’s important that you do it as soon as you’re finished rinsing.

  • Storage

Storage is definitely the most important part when it comes to the preservation of your records. If you want to avoid unnecessary damages to your vinyl records, you should always tuck them safely inside sleeves (paper coverings). Some records come with these once you buy them, but if they don’t, you need to make these sleeves (basically, just wrap them in paper when they’re dry).

Cleaning your vinyl records with a record cleaning machine

If you’re uncertain whether you can perform the cleaning of your records by hand (or if you don’t want to bother with the entire process), you can always simply buy a record cleaning machine. This is definitely a more expensive solution, but it’s more efficient.

Record cleaning machines are automated machines that will perform the entire cleaning process on their own when the “on” button is pressed. All you have to do is simply insert the record in the slot and push the button. Record cleaning machines are somewhat new, and most people are accustomed to cleaning their own vinyl records by hand.


It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll clean your records with a record cleaning machine or by hand. Some people don’t want to waste their money on these contraptions (as they’re definitely more expensive when compared to the other solution), others enjoy washing their records, but the choice is yours.

The fact still remains – cleaning records is easy, and it can be done by literally anyone. It’s up to you to decide how the cleaning process will go, how much money you want to spend, and how much time you will waste in the process.

The Bad Habits That Will Eventually Destroy Your Records

There are ways to prevent potential damage to our vinyl records, but there are also habits that really get in the way of record maintenance. Have you ever wondered “why” are some of your vinyl records defective? If you’re a person that possesses these habits, you should break them as soon as possible. These habits will definitely ruin your vinyl records eventually, so here’s the top 7:

Habit #1 – Grazing the surface of your vinyl records with hands

Even though it’s self-explanatory, let’s see what happens when you graze the surface of your vinyl records. For instance, human skin is filled with dirt, grease, oils, and other things that are hazardous to record’s “health”. Each graze will leave some dirt or debris that will eventually build up and wear our vinyl records and stylus.

Occasional hand contact is unavoidable, but don’t fret it – even if you sometimes do happen to touch the surface of your records, a good cleaning will fix everything. Just make sure to avoid this altogether, if possible.

Habit #2 – Horizontal Vinyl Record Stacking

Horizontal vinyl record stacking is one of the worst habits you could develop. Most stores stack their records in boxes or in vertical rows, and only the used record bins are stacked horizontally. This way, the ring on the record sleeves wears out, making the cover of your record virtually useless.
Furthermore, there’s a lot of pressure between the sandwiched records, and there are some cases when those vinyl records that are treated this way cease to work. If you want to avoid this habit, stack your vinyl records vertically without any excess objects atop of them.

Habit #3 – Leaving your vinyl records out of their covers

Another habit that is terrible and self-explanatory. Whenever you leave your vinyl records out of their covers, you leave them without any shelter from environmental damage. Dirt, grime, bugs, and various other things will seriously damage your vinyl records if you leave them out.

Habit #4 – Carelessly dropping your vinyl records in their sleeves

There’s a certain noise that you’ll hear when you carelessly drop your vinyl record in the sleeve. This noise can be somewhat entertaining, but it’s also the noise of your record weeping. Not only will you puncture a hole in the record sleeve, you’ll damage your record as well.
A sleeve with a hole is a terrible shelter for your vinyl records, so it’s safe to say that this is a bad habit to have if you own records and a record player.

Habit #5 – Bad & Irregular Cleaning

You should regularly clean your vinyl records if you want to avoid unnecessary damage. Now, cleaning is quite easy. All you have to do is – gather up all the tools needed, wash your records, and dry them up. If you don’t want to waste time, you could always waste money – there are special machines that will clean your records for you.
Cleaning your vinyl records will remove grime, dust, and dirt from your vinyl records, improving the overall sound quality of your tracks. Irregular cleaning, on the other hand, will build up these hazardous materials on the surface of your records, damaging them.

Habit #6 – Cueing up your vinyl records by hand

Whenever you cue up your vinyl records by hand, you scratch the surface of your records. Now, it might be ironic that scratching can do harm to your records because the sound is made through scratching on a vinyl groove, but yeah, that’s how you damage your records.

If possible, you should wait out for the record to finish if you want to avoid any potential damage, but that requires a great deal of patience. An alternative solution will still damage your records, but the damage would be minimal – use a cueing lever if you want to minimize the damage.

Habit #7 – Putting out the record when the platter is still spinning

There’s one very simple rule when it comes to a spinning record platter – simply don’t touch it. Whenever it’s spinning, it means that you are supposed to enjoy your record, so that’s all you should do. If you’re itching to play another record, have a little patience and wait until the platter stops rolling.

Those people who are incapable of waiting for the platter to stop spinning usually end up damaging and scratching the surface of their vinyl records. Of course, there are ways to fix these problems, but it’s often better to prevent the damage.

Best Cheap Turntable Models for Listening 2016 – 2017


There’s a special reason why we accentuate the “listening” part when we speak about turntables. Nowadays, people buy record players for their looks, because they offer means to convert vinyl records to mp3 formats, and other reasons. Anyhow, this is why it’s important to single out those record players that excel in sound output and performance.

Types of turntables – how to choose a turntable with the best specifics for listening to your audio?

Choosing a record player with the best specs is pretty hard. The market is enormous, and new models pop up every day. Since most people don’t have the opportunity to try out their record players before they purchase it, it’s important that you know what you’re after. This is the reason why you should be acquainted with the basic turntable types.

All-In-One turntables

Most record players are outfitted with various features. Now, these features allow you to enjoy your vinyl records, to convert them to a digital format, to tune your turntable with your PC, to adjust external speakers, and more. There are, of course, those turntables that excel in versatility – the All-In-One turntables.


  • Excellent versatility;
  • Medium price;


  • These record players do not excel in any field;
  • Standard sound output, satisfactory at best;

Decorative Turntables

These turntables aren’t just for show – in fact, they’re quite good. Now, here’s the deal – most of these turntables are manufactured in a way that they excel in outward appearance. You might be thinking – “this one looks cool, so the sound must be awesome too”. That presumption wouldn’t be a wrong one, but, the fact is, the focus of these turntables is in their looks, so they don’t quite excel in sound performance.


  • Very attractive design;
  • They’re usually equipped with special knobs and decorative features;


  • Satisfactory sound capabilities;

DJ Turntables

Now, these turntables are all about sound performance. If you want to simply enjoy your music, this category of turntables is a great way to achieve the best sound experience. However, they’re quite expensive because they’re specifically designed to fit the needs of professional DJ’s. They also have a rather simple design.


  • Amazing sound performance;
  • Simple design;
  • Quite compact;


  • Very specific soundstage and equalizer;
  • The price is often above average;
  • The outward appearance is satisfactory at best;

High-End turntables (Crosley, Jensen)

These record players are designed by the leading brands, and they cost quite a bit. This is, perhaps, the most versatile of categories because each model doesn’t have much in common with the next. Now, you could find turntables that offer the best sound performance here, but you should be prepared to pay top dollar.


  • Amazing versatility;
  • These record players excel in at least 2 or more fields of performance (design, sound output, versatility);
  • Great features and sound;


  • A very steep price;

The best cheap turntable  for listening models reviews:

1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with Built-in Speakers

turntable canada

Check out on amazon

1byone’s belt-driven record player offers an easy way to enjoy your music at home for an affordable price. It belongs to the budget price point category, but don’t let it dissuade you. This record player has a great styling – it has an attractive wooden outward appearance, a protective cover, and a convenient panel with settings and controls.

It has a built-in feature that allows you to convert your audio records to MP3 format, and it features three selectable speeds – 33, 45, and 78 rotations per minute. The set also includes a 45-RPM adaptor. The front-face speakers provide a full-spectrum sound output, as well as the RCA output.
record mp3 player


  • Attractive outward appearance – great wooden design, protective cover, and a beautiful front panel;
  • Vinyl to MP3 feature – this feature allows you to convert your audio into MP3;
  • Three selectable speeds – you can playback your records at 33, 45, or 78 rotations per minute;
  • Great price – this is one of the best budget record players;


Jensen JTA-230 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

buy turn table

Check out on amazon

Jensen is one of the prominent leaders in the turntable industry. The JTA-230 is one of their best models as it’s pretty affordable, and it has a beautiful design and outward appearance. This record player features three selectable speeds (33, 45, and 78 rotations per minute), a USB port for Vinyl-to-Mp3, as well as the software for Recording and editing of your vinyl records.
crosley tech record player


  • Three selectable speeds – standard 33, 45, and 78 rotations per minute;
  • USB Port and features for editing and converting of your vintage records;
  • Pitch control and Power indicator;
  • A bargain price;


  • Overly simplified features and controls – these controls are easy to use, but there aren’t a lot of them;

  • Check out on amazon

Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed turntable

turntables canada

Check out on Amazon


Jensen’s JTA-222 is another amazing record player from the JTA generation. It’s an older version, but it has all the features that audiophiles need. One of the reasons why we included both models is because people tend to like this one better, mainly because of the old-school vintage design.
portable turntable usb

It has 3 selectable speeds (same as JTA-230), 33, 45, and 78 rotations per minute, and it’s supplied with the AM/FM receiver, and the FM indicator.

Check out on amazon

Innovative Technology Bluetooth Turntable VSC-550BT-TU

buying turntable

Check out on amazon

When it comes to Innovative Technology turntables, the name says it all. This record player has a unique suitcase-like design, it’s very affordable, and it has three selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 rotations per minute). It has a built-in Bluetooth feature, and 3.5mm aux-in port.
turntable stereos

The Innovative Technology VSC generation has five suitcase turntable models of which the 550-BT-TU is the best. Excellent sound quality and performance, great price, and the exquisite value for the cash.


Check out on amazon

ION Audio Max LP 3-Speet Belt Drive Turntable with Built-In speakers

vintage phonograph player

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Ion’s Audio MAX LP belongs to the All-In-One record player category, and it boasts an excellent level of versatility. You can easily connect this record player to your PC with the USB cable and transform your records into MP3 files by using the complementary software.
vintage portable record player for sale

The entire set features a protective cover, a 45-RPM adapter, and a felt slipmat for increased stability. This record player is very affordable, it has an amazing sound performance, and it’s highly valuable for the cash.

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Best Used Turntables

Used Turntables – What are the main benefits of owning one?

cheap vintage record player

Most people tend to think that the word “used” refers to something that’s broken down, unwanted, outdated, or something like that. That, of course, may be the case with objects that lose their value over time. However, there are things that get better with age, such as wine, books, and, of course, turntables. In fact, record players look the best when they’re dusty.

Now, you might ask yourself – “what could I possibly do with a used record player? I could easily buy one of the cheaper models”. That’s true, of course, but there are a lot of benefits of owning a used record player. Such benefits and advantages are:
gramophone record player for sale

Most second-hand record players are in tip-top condition

There are situations where people just need extra cash, really fast, and they need to sell their old record player so that they could buy a new, and a better one. When this is the case, these turntable models usually don’t have any flaws whatsoever.
new vintage record playerThese second-hand turntables are often as good as new, especially if their owner is a turntable collector. There are a lot of high-end turntables that cost pretty much, so it’s only obvious that people would sell their older models.

People don’t usually sell their turntables if they’re completely broken down

The only way to completely break down a record player is by utterly destroying it. Every turntable is comprised of various tiny parts and bits that are accurately connected with each other, and each part is quite easy to replace. In fact, it’s always cheaper to replace some parts when compared to the solution of buying a completely new one.

Getting a replacement part is quite easy nowadays
old vintage record players
The turntable market is full of replacement items, and the process of repair is not too delicate if you have the required know-how. If that’s not the case, you could always employ a tinkerer (a special kind of mechanic who specializes in delicate mechanic operations) who’s wage wouldn’t go above the price of a new turntable, that’s for sure.

The price of used turntables is often substantially lowered
portable record player for sale
It’s only obvious that people lower the price of their second-hand record players when they sell them. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a model that you can get at half the price when compared to the original. This is a terrific opportunity to buy yourself a high-end record player at a budget price, or save some cash.

Things to pay attention to when buying a second-hand record player
vintage lp player
We’ve gone through the various benefits and advantages of owning a second-hand record player, but we should also note that there are things you should pay attention to when you’re searching for your second-hand turntable. Now, those things would be:

Be careful of products that do not contain images

The vast majority of offers (when it comes to second-hand record players) on the market would have this form. There are decent people who aren’t fond of taking pictures of their things (or aren’t able to – elderly people, for example), but there are scammers who want to take advantage of anyone who takes the bait. If the turntable you want to buy doesn’t have any picture attached next to the offer, the chances are that you might be scammed.

Make sure to check the facts
vintage vinyl players
Always make sure to check if the name of the brand that made the turntable you’re after corresponds to the name of the brand that’s printed on the record player. That will tell you a lot about the credibility of the person you’re dealing with, as well as the other facts about the record player itself.

Make a test run

The only way to make sure that the turntable works is by testing it, that’s pretty much certain. However, there are situations where people will tell you that the reason they’re selling it is because it doesn’t work. If that’s the case, make sure to check which part is broken (or missing), and try to strike a better bargain.
vintage vinyl record players for saleMost people don’t have the necessary knowledge to replace or repair their turntables, so they opt for selling them. If they do not know what’s wrong with their record player, you could always come to a compromise – go to the nearest record store and ask for a professional revaluation.

Parts that can be replaced when necessary

Now, we’ve come to the part where you have actually acquired a second-hand turntable. Next stage is the damage report – if you’ve been patient so far, you’ve already asked the seller (or determined yourself) which parts are broken and missing. If you have that knowledge, you should consider the list below for further instructions:

If the stylus (turntable needle) is missing
vintage wooden record player
This is, perhaps, one of the most common situations. Turntable needles are often fragile, and people who sell their second-hand turntables often remove them. If this is the case, you could get a replacement needle on the market for a really affordable price. Re-inserting it is pretty easy with some basic tools.

If the cartridge is missing

The situation where the cartridge is missing is not as common as the previous one, and it’s slightly more delicate. The cartridge is connected with some other parts (such as the needle, for example), and it needs to be re-attached to those parts before you install it back in the turntable.

If the tiny parts are missing – screws, bolts, and such
where to buy vintage record players
This situation could have either no impact at all, or it could be really dramatic. Everything depends on the part from which these parts are missing – if the screws, bolts, or other tiny parts are missing from some of the vital components (motor, for example), the situation is dire, and you might need professional help. If, however, these parts are missing from the plinth, or any other part that does not serve a vital function, you could easily replace them yourself.

The best record player under 100 dollars!

The Best Record Player Under 100 dollars!

best record player under 100


Record players are wonderful instruments of music that have changed the world of music in the last few decades.

Every music lover dreams of owning a record player that efficiently plays music and is easy to operate.

But there is one factor that influences buyer’s decision to a great extent in purchasing a record player.

You might wander what this is right?

Well.. it’s the budget!


But luckily we have some great news for you!

If your budget is limited to just $100, you still have plenty of options in record players to choose from.

Are you looking for some help in deciding on what is the best record player under 100 dollars is?

Well, then you have come to the right place!


We have done all the research on behalf of you.

Here are the five best record players that efficiently play music and yet are budget friendly.

PictureModelWhy should you buy itPriceOur Rating
jensen jta 230Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in SpeakersDecent sound and USB output$4 out of 5 stars
Jensen JTA-222 1Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed TurntableBuilt-in speakers and user friendly$4.2 out of 5 stars
Crosley Cruiser Portable TurntableCrosley Cruiser Portable TurntablePortable suitcase design, easy to use, good sound$$3.7 out of 5 stars
Crosley CR40RE TurntableCrosley CR40-RE Mini TurntableVersatile in features, nice vintage look$$3.8 out of 5 stars
Pyle Home Retro Drive Belt 1PYLE PVNTTR22 Retro TurntableClassic look and RCA output$3.7 out of 5 stars

Model 1: Jensen JTA 230

jensen jta 230


Check out on amazon

Jensen JTA 230 is an affordable record player which for sure will exceed your expectation when it comes to its features. The interesting part of this budget player is the three speed stereo with built in speakers. This player can be considered as an entry level player. It makes an excellent music player for those who are just getting familiar with vinyl record music.

The player features a robust ceramic cartridge to keep external noises low. The diamond stylus tip efficiently plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records. The operation of the unit is completely manual, but has an auto-stop feature which stops the platter to spin when the needle reaches the end of the record.

 Key Features

  • 3-Speed Stereo with built-in speakers
  • Efficiently plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records
  • Features Robust ceramic cartridge
  • Decent sound quality for the given budget

Pros : Sound Quality

The sound quality of the record player can be termed as decent taking price and size of the player into consideration. Many owners are happy with the sound quality of the unit concerning the budget and the size of the record player.

Supports all the three speeds

The player can play 33 1/3, and 45 RPM records efficiently with the same stylus / needle without any hindrance. However, using an advanced stylus for playing 78RPM records is recommended to prevent any scratches on the records.
USB Output

The USB output of the player enables you to connect various other devices such as MP3 players, iPods, etc. to play music. The output allows you to connect the player to PC to convert your LP audio files to digital formats.

Cons – Manual Operation

The player does not have a lever to lift the tonearm. The tonearm has to be raised or lowered manually when a record is played. The absence of auto start-stop feature forces the listener to manual carryout the operation which is quite irritating when one wants to enjoy non-stop music.

Amazon Customers Review’s

The product has an average of 4 stars out of 5 and reviewed by 2,305 customers. Although there are few concerns about the sound system, most of the device owners are happy with the sound quality.

Check out on amazon


Model 2: Jensen JTA 222

Jensen knows that the budgeted models are used by the new users. That is why they have loaded their budget models with all the necessary features. This model can be considered one of the best Jensen’s model and users probably cannot ask for more features within this budget. The beautiful antique look of the Jensen JTA 222 model gives new users a satisfaction of owning the old classic record player.

Apart from the beautiful looks, this model is compact and lightweight. It comes with a dust cover that protects the player from accumulating dust and mite when not in use. In-built speakers and radio are other features that make this Jensen model further popular. The model is engineered with the ten decades’ experience of Jensen.

Jenssen JTA 222

Check out on amazon

Key Features

The Jensen JTA-222 features three-speed stereo (33, 45, 78 RPM).
Built-in speakers and radio enhance the audio experience of the owners.

Pros – Low Cost

The best of part of this player is the unbelievable cost itself. The player is offered in the price range of $ on including shipping. Check the actual price on here. This makes this record player worth buying for everyone that is new to the world of vinyl records. The record player is loaded with all the features that a music lover looks for in a device.  Jensen takes you one step ahead in your search for the best record player under 100 dollars with this great model.

User Friendly

Jensen is aware that most of its users are first time users of record players and hence know that how important it is to make user-friendly players. JTA 222 is a plug and play kind of record player and is quite easy to operate even for first-time users.


The player has an antique wood design look and comes with a dust cover which is exclusively for the Jensen Owners. Features like In-built radio, output jack speaker (external RCA ) and in-built speakers offer true value for your money.

Cons – No USB

The only major inconvenient features of buying JTA 222 unit is that it needs to be manually operate. The tone arm does not return to the beginning of the record automatically and this must be done manually for every record played which can be inconvenient. The USB port is absent, and this model cannot play other discs except for LP’s. However, many owners do not pay much attention to these minor inconveniences and are happy with the player.

Amazon Customers Review’s

The product has an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 and is reviewed by 1,209 customers. Although there is no MP3 and USB port, device owners are least bothered about these features making it one of the best record player that is exquisite and functional at a very affordable price.


Check out on amazon


Model 3: Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

After careful consideration of various portable turntables, we have come across the Crosley Cruiser portable turntable. It is attractive, affordable and functional for the given budget.

The Cruiser player is portable, user-friendly and delivers awesome sound.  We think these are some of the best features one can find in low budget players. The output is as well  harmonious as it maintains resonance. The hardwood underneath the player absorbs shocks resulting in further reducing of the vibrations.

Setting up the record player is easy and needs no technical know-how. The record player features tone arm made of aluminum which not only adds to the look of the unit but is also durable.

Key Features

Plays all the three speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records) and comes with built- in stereo speakers.
The player is compatible with MP3 players and iPods as it has an AUX port and it also has the RCA audio out that enables you to hear the music in the one go.


Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

 Check out on amazon


Pros – Appealing design and finish

Just by looking at the cruiser player you can say why people love it so much. The player features a suitcase design and comes with a beautiful finish which is hard to resist to buy. The leatherette and wooden build of the unit are surprisingly robust too.

Built-in Speakers

The record player is fully portable and features two speakers that are built into the case and are driven by 3W amp. The sound quality delivered by the speakers is of good quality and is very decent for the money.

Ease of Use

The crosley cruiser is a plug-play type of player, and one can get started to enjoy playing music as soon as it is unpacked. The player is user-friendly and can be easily operated even by a layman to vinyl records.

Cons – Tracking Weight

The tracking weight of the cruiser has been mentioned as a concern by a few owners. Some of them even feel that the speaker output can be improved by further reducing the vibration noise levels. There are also few customers that suggest on using a more sturdy material for building the record player.

However, the owners conveyed that these are just suggestions and are satisfied with the features and sound delivered for the amount spent for purchasing the device.

Amazon Customers Review’s

The product had an average of 3.7 stars out of 5 and reviewed by 2,659 customers. The customers are satisfied with the sound quality, build and design of the record players. Check the actual price on down here.


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Model 4: Crosley CR40 RE

The Crosley CR40-RE is one of the best record players that is launched by Crosley. It can be grouped into high-end turntables but is low on the price end making it a perfect device for new vinyl music lovers. The turntable features front-firing speakers, better styling and is compact in size.

If you are the one that is looking for high-end turntables, then this model will qualify. The CR40-RE makes a great player for average music lovers as the device is priced greatly and is sturdy built.

This record player provides a great music listening experience for the new and average music lovers in a casual setting. The CR40-RE can be termed as one of the best portable record players from Crosley.

Key Features

The CR40-RE is a three-speed belt driven turntable which plays 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records as well as 7,10 and 12” inch records. It features full range stereo speakers with an auxiliary output.

Crosley CR40RE Turntable

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Pros – Mini Turntable with High-end technology

The Crosley CR40-RE is a minimized turntable from the company but is loaded with features and technology of high-end turntables making it one of the best among the lot. The turntable features belt-driven mechanism and a diamond stylus that is durable for a long time.

Sound and Speed

The record player plays all the three speed records 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM and comes with auto turn-off function. The player also plays 7, 10 and 12 Inch records. The turntable features dynamic full range stereo speakers with auxiliary output that delivers reasonably good sound quality.


The colors (brown, black, tweed) and the great retro look of the vinyl wrapped unit offers the user luxury of using a retro turntable. The player is fairly lightweight, and the convenient handles make the unit highly portable.

Cons – No Batteries

The cover of the player must be taken out completely to play the large records as they do not fit with the cover on. There is no provision for the player to run on batteries. In other words, the player doesn’t work on the batteries but works only on power supply through adapters.

However, the cover removal or missing battery option has not affected the mind of the customers greatly, and they give their full support to buy the player without bothering of the small drawbacks.

Amazon Customers Review’s

The product has an average of 3.8 stars out of 5 and reviewed by 416 customers. There are no batteries, but still, the player works very well with adapters and is worth to buy from the price range of $$ only with no shipping charges. Check the actual price on down here.


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Model 5: Pyle Home PVNTTR22

The Pyle Home PVNTTR22 enables you to enjoy music in all forms and comes with the belt-driven mechanism. The player is a stylish silicon-based technology turntable which has a classic style and elegant look. This record player plays all the three-speed records and even your favorite  AM and FM radio.

The player comes with two built-in stereo speakers to enhance your music listening experience. The RCA output of the player enables you to play music through a separate audio system. The protective dust cover provided with the unit adds to the retro look of the player. The PVNTTR22 turntable delivers a high-quality performance for all kinds of the audio needs and provides the user a classic feel when the records spin and play your lovely music.

Key Features

The record player features two built – in stereo speakers that delivers decent quality sound.
The RCA line out enables you to connect the turntable to your home music system

Pyle Home Retro Drive Belt 1

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Pros – More than Vinyl

The Pyle player plays audio more than just vinyl records by enabling you to connect and play music from almost any external music player with the help of 1/8inc input. The player also features built-in AM/FM radio.

Versatile Playback

The turntable can deliver sound through the built-in stereo speakers, or if you want an enhanced audio experience, then you can connect the player to external speakers or home sound system with RCA line-out.

Vintage Collection with Modern Technology

The player is a perfect blend of a vintage look with modern technology. The protective dust cover provided with the player is transparent and has a custom fit which adds to the classic look of the record player.

Cons – Minor Issues

There are two minor concerns that are mentioned by few customers which are the manual operation of the tone arm, and external speakers are required for enhanced audio experience. But still, customers continue to consider and purchase this Pyle player as the device provides the actual feel of vinyl.

Amazon Customers Review’s

The product has an average of 3.7 stars out of 5 and is reviewed by 80 customers. There are more and more clients who are buying the product, because this 3- speed record player has delivered a high-quality performance, and can be purchased from the price range of $ with free shipping. Check the actual price on down here.


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What is the Best Record Player Under 100 dollars  – Verdict.

Although the features and the sound quality of all the record players under $100 discussed above are almost similar, there are two players that have gained some extra points in few areas.

The first option to be recommended is a Jensen JTA 230 model (3-speed stereo belt driven with turntable (33,45,78 RPM). It consists of an AUX input jack that enables you to easily connect your digital audio player, iPod or MP3 player to your personal computer.

The built-in stereo-speakers, the classic look, and the sturdy design are the other features that rate it little higher than others. There are plenty of features in the player which make it one of the best record players.

The second option we recommend is Jensen JTA- 222 which is a 3-speed stereo turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM) with additional features of built-in AM / FM radio and two inbuilt fronts facing speakers that deliver impressive sound quality.

You can also get to experience and enjoy the other features of the player. Think of the stereo headphone jack, power indicator, wooden case, dust cover, and RCA line-out. However, the USB port is absent, but still, the player Jensen JTA- 222 proves to be one of the finest quality record players with a speed switch that runs from 33 – 78 – 45 RPM.

And what about other players?

Next to these five great models, the market offers more record players under 100 dollars. We reviewed them comprehensively on our website.

For a record player in this range, it is important to know what you are after. This is the reason why you should be acquainted with the basic best turntable types.

The 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable for example is a great example of a turntable which is affordable and yet is a close runner to the more professional turntables.

If you are looking for turntables that do not only deliver nostalgic melodies to your room, but also add a Vintage touch to your interior, you should check out the Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player. This one adds a really nice 1950’s and 1960’s detail to your home. When you want an easy start en keep your investment low, we recommend the PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro.

The Pyle PTR8UBTBK Bluetooth Turntable System is very useful if you have multiple sources of music next to Vinyl. It has a USB-Jack and an SD-Jack, for example. Next to that, the Bluetooth option allow you to connect with your cell-phone or Ipad.

When you are interested in Vinyl, but also have a collection of that other famous audio-carrier from the past – Cassettes! – Then the Studebaker SB6052 Wooden Turntable  and the The Oak Anders Nicholson System will be a great choice for you. Next to their versatility, one knows to appreciate the antique wooden design.

“I want a used turntable”

If you want to make only a small investment – or simply have a small budget – you should consider to study the possibilities of buying a second hand used turntable. Off course this requires more preparation.

To help you trough this process, we made a small guide. Read on how to get to the best used turntables.


Review: 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Pro’s: We love the combination of its Vintage fifties-look & feel thanks to the solid wood appearance, in combination with its versatile features. While most of the Turntables which only play Vinyl Records don’t have all the modern features, this player pushes the Vinyl options to the max!

Con’s: The needle is sufficient, but to ensure and enhance the sound quality in the long run you might want to stack up some high quality copies.


Discover the Vintage Feel with 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable!

Sometimes people would say a vintage turntable record player belongs in the past. Or that it’s intended only for those select few that are still collecting vinyl records.

You can’t deny the one simple fact about it – nothing beats the sound quality of a good vinyl, played on a good turntable. That’s why next to the great 1byone model we’re reviewing here, we provide you with a wide choice of good affordable record players here.

In addition to that, if you’re worried about not having enough records to play just yet, don’t be – with Bluetooth sync, you can play tunes directly from your phone or tablet.

1byOne Bluetooth Wood 1

Revive the ’50 & ’60

The 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable sports an attractive design that successfully combines both retro and modern look. The main appearance of solid wood, combined with a transparent dust cover make sure that you get a real vintage feel with this product, as it looks like it was made in the ‘50s or ‘60s, while at the same time the modern look of the new features is blended in magnificently.

To give you an idea of the options, we made a brief instruction video:


The built-in stereo speakers do a great job of reproducing the distinctive sound of vinyl, as well as a number of other formats like mp3, which you can play by connecting your tablet, phone or laptop to the same speakers via Bluetooth. In addition to the nifty versatility, these speakers are made to fit any music genre you could think of, as they are providing clear and quality sound, which you can optimize for the said genres.

The usability of this turntable goes beyond that of a regular record player, as it has a sweet function of recording from vinyl to mp3, so you can get your favorite songs you have on vinyl, and take it with you on your phone or iPad. The sheer quality of this product lies in its versatility, but while that can be characterized as its main strength, that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking quality in other features and aspects.

1byOne Bluetooth Wood


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Features and Specifications            

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable has the following features and specs:

  • Vinyl-to-MP3 recording function
  • Options for both Bluetooth and plug & play
  • Full range stereo speakers that are built-in
  • 33/45/78 RPM (rounds per minute) speed settings
  • Solid wood appearance, designed in a vintage style
  • Dust cover for protection
  • Great clear sound, with undistorted bass
  • RCA Line-Out
  • Dimensions: 9 x 13.9 x 6.2 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording

One of the main features that, in my opinion, really stood out from the rest is the ability to record a song from vinyl to mp3. While you can find a re-mastered recording of the majority of songs out there, the ability to record your favorite song directly from your vinyl record is something that really comes in handy, and not only that but also the fact that you’re keeping the original sound is something you don’t see every day.

In order to successfully record a mp3 file, make sure that you place the stylus on the record before doing anything else, as you’ll end up with a blank file if you don’t do so, which is not exactly mentioned in the user manual.

Another thing about this feature I have to mention is that you can’t pause between songs, so you’ll end up with one file for one side of the record. While some may think of this as a somewhat bad thing, let’s remember the fact that most of the artists used to record whole albums, if not sides of an album, as a whole piece of art – take any Pink Floyd album as an example. The bitrate the turntable records vinyl to mp3 is 160kbps, and this can’t be changed.

1byOne Bluetooth Wood


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Bluetooth and Plug & Play

The Bluetooth and plug & play feature is the one that actually got me to love this product. While I do have a fairly good record collection, with numerous artists and different genres, I have to say that it’s great to have the option of playing any song that I don’t have on vinyl by simply syncing  my phone or even my laptop by Bluetooth or a good old AUX line in port.

In addition to the aforementioned goods, there’s also an OUT port for external speakers, so you can even hook up your surround system, in order to get even more out of this amazing turntable.

Pros & Cons

The pros of this product are:1byOne Bluetooth Wood

  • Versatility
  • Low cost
  • Quality sound
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Used by professionals

Cons:1byOne Bluetooth Wood 6

The only thing with this turntable I could categorize as a flaw is the needle, which comes off as a bit of cheap, but luckily this is the one thing you could easily upgrade – just stock up on better quality needles, and change them as soon as the old one gets used up, if not before. Other turntables have the ability to play more audio types, such as CD, Radio and Cassette. The 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable is limited only to Vinyl Records. Yet this means all the effort on quality focus in this Record Player is put in just this medium, to give you maximum joy on your Vinyl collection.

Customer reception

Currently, there are over 150 customer reviews of 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable. I have to say I noticed that even the lower ranking reviews have a positive feel to it.

The main issue most of the customers had was with the look and design of the lid cover, its color and design to be specific. While the color is something that is entirely subjective (for me, the transparent lid only makes things better – I like seeing my records spin), the design of the lid cover is actually pretty great, as it does a great job of its main purpose, protecting the turntable and the record it’s playing of any dust or other debris (pet owners like me are going to appreciate this a lot).


Check out on amazon


While the price of this turntable can be categorized as being somewhere in the middle budget range, there are a lot of “deal” offers on Amazon that can push this product to the “budget-friendly” classification. It is available in the $$ price range. Check the actual price on here.  In my personal opinion, and compared to the products of the same category and with similar specifications, this product gets you a really versatile record player for a real bargain price.


Check out on amazon


Whether you’re looking just for a record player or the main utility for your music, 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable can be considered as a great fit. With the Bluetooth and plug & play features, you’re sure to get a sound system that looks vintage, but can play both modern and retro tunes with great quality.

If you’re planning to use it at a big party, the built-in speakers are maybe not going to be enough, but with the classic red/white audio out port, you can hook up this bad boy on much more powerful sound systems, playing your favorite vinyl on some modern surround systems. The recording option is sure to give you the ability to have your favorite vinyl records and tunes played on your phone, mp3 player or tablet, getting your music to anywhere you are, which is something we’re all accustomed to by now.

This versatility, combined with a smooth ‘n’ sexy retro design is something that should not be overlooked, and it’s precisely why I think this product really deserves all the praise. Last, but not least, the fact that it comes at a bargain price, alongside great customer support is something that tells me this turntable is a device you should have in your home, especially if you’re a vinyl addict as me. Good stuff, a thumbs up from here!

1byOne Bluetooth Wood

Review: PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro

Pros: Well, at first it is insanely cheap. For that price it has decent sound quality and a nice design. The wooden craftwork does bring some vintage atmosphere. With also the ability to play radio, it is pretty all round. This model is aiming for users that do not want to spend too much money.

Cons: This is one of the lowest priced record players. This means there has been some concessions on the quality of the product. The turntable does not feel extremely solid. The sound quality is okay, but cannot be compared to higher priced models from Fluance or Audio Technica.

Get Started with PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro!

Music is an important part of life for many people. Through the years, we have come a long way with how music is recorded and played. I, myself, have watched as once coveted CD’s became outdated and forgotten, as digital files and MP3 players moved in to take over. So, what happens when you’re the child of a music-loving mother who has kept an immense vinyl collection just for you, and you have never owned a record player in your life? You visit Amazon to see what is in stock and find the best product suitable to your needs.

vintage pyle home

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I wanted something with a vintage feel that would accommodate both the vinyl and modern generation of music playing. I was hoping for something on the cheaper side, since I would not be using it for anything more than playing the vinyls my mother gave me. I also wanted something that was reliable and made by a great company. That is when I stumbled upon the PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntables. I immediately loved this product and all of its features.Pyle Home Retro Drive Belt 1

Compact, Retro & All Round!

This product is styled with a wonderful retro design. I has dual control knobs and built-in speakers that make it look like it has come right out of the 60’s and into your living room.

The cabinet that houses the speakers is handcrafted from wood and very elegant, to accentuate that vintage feel. The turntable also comes with a clear dustcover to protect it while not blocking the view of the turntable itself.

The cabinet and turntable are compact, giving it the ability to fit anywhere in the home. It is everything that is loveable about the vintage style reimagined in the modern age of music. The sound is produced from built-in speakers. They produce a full-bodied audio that has a vintage tone to it. There is also the ability to plug in external speakers to create a louder and more booming sound, such as when being used for parties.

This turntable is great for use when you are home and want to put on some music or when you are hosting a party. This is a quality product that delivers a decent performance. It is well-built and long-lasting. Lastly, this turntable is a multi-tool. It has three speeds, and AM/FM radio, and IPod or external music player connect ability.

Features and Specifications

  • 3 speed turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM)
  • 5 mm aux-in jack
  • Ceramic stereo cartridge – stereo RCA output
  • 45 RPM adapter – AC power supply
  • Transparent plastic dust cover
  • Belt-driven auto turntable
  • Auto-stop (Ensures tone arm will be raised and reset at the end of the record)
  • Auto-return (Automatically replays from the starting point as if it is on a loop


zoom pyle home turntable


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3 Speed Turntable

One of the key features of the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable is that this product offers 3 speeds: 33 , 44, and 78 RPM. All vinyls are not created equal and, they come in three different sizes. Vinyls that were 78’s were rare, even back in the 1980’s. It can be very difficult to find a turntable that can play each type, inclusively. The PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable allows you to enjoy all of the vinyls you own, on one convenient product.

3.5 mm Aux-in Port

Another key feature of the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable is that is has a 3.5 mm aux-in port. This enables you to connect Ipods, MP3 players, and other external music players to the turntable and play music from them. The PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntables become a bridge between generations by bringing different platforms of music together into one product. There is also an FM/AM radio to even further extend the functions of this product.

PROSPyle Home Retro Drive Belt 2

  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Used by professionals but easy to use at home
  • Vintage look
  • Multiples uses


Check out on amazon

One of the only cons about the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable is that the sound produced from the built-in speakers is slightly less refined, or tinny. It can lack the full-bodied oomph that we are used to hearing in our music today.

The sound may also begin to distort when turned up too loud. This can be chalked up to the fact that it is a vintage styled product giving out a retro sound. The sound is similar to what you would have heard back in the 1960’s.

This minor negative point can be easily remedied by also purchasing a pair of external speakers with it. These speakers can be plugged into the aux-out for a more boisterous and modern sound, making this a minor problem with a very easy fix.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are currently dozens customer reviews for the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable on its Amazon page. The average score given for this product is very positive. The majority of the reviews talk about a worthwhile product with a wonderful vintage look.

Many customers mentioned that a problem with this turntable is, as mentioned, that the sound is less refined. It was also noted that the sound can become slightly distorted if turned up too loud. It is a small turntable and the price is on the lower side. As stated, the sound problem is easily remedied by simply buying an external pair of speakers to connect to the turntable.

On a positive note, this sound is similar to what you would receive had you bought an actual vintage turntable. Sound from speakers in the 1960’s and 1970’s differed from the sound we receive from them now. This problem can be viewed more as a feature that gives the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntables a complete vintage feel, rather than a negative. For a more modern sound, buy a set of external speakers to complete your purchase.


The price that is currently listed on Amazon for the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntables is in the $$ rice range. Check the actual price on here. There are two protection plans for 2 years and 3 years that you can also purchase along with it, and which a very affordable. Check the actual prices on for 2 years here and 3 years here. This price is toward the low end when compared to the prices of products that are similar in quality and style. However, the quality is top notch for the price range. Therefore, you are purchasing a high quality product at an affordable price. However, the price is low for a reason, as this is not an extremely fancy and updated turntable. It is a turntable that is perfect for mostly home use and beginners.


Check out on amazon


ConclusionPyle Home Retro Drive Belt 3

The PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable is a wonderful product when looking for a turntable for the home. It has multiple uses, with an FM/AM radio, the ability to connect with external music players, and the ability to play at 3 speeds. It comes in a fantastic retro style that will add flair and class to any home. This product bridges the gap between generations of music lovers and comes at a low price for the quality you receive. All in all, the PLYE-HOME PVNTTR22 is an awesome product which is developed by a great company. This is a smart purchase for the vinyl lover in your life.

Review: Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player

Pro’s: We like the retro feeling of this system. The colors and design add a nice 1960’s touch to your home decor. Next to that it is very easy to handle and all the features work just fine. For a record player in the $$ price range this is a good buy!

Con’s: The sound quality of the inbuilt speakers is not great. Consider to connect a pair of external speakers, of look for record players for over a $100.

Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player

This is what we think of the Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player

There is nothing as satisfying as getting a record player of less than 100 dollars price tag which combines both the old and modern features, allowing you to enjoy your music the way that perfectly suits your mood.

The current renaissance in the music recording industry has not only enabled you to buy an extensive array of throwback classics but also the latest records. Whether you want to listen to your favorite old vinyl records or the latest tunes in digital format; the Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player allows you to enjoy both of the worlds with its cool, vintage-inspired design.  Let’s take a look at this top-performing, affordable turntable.

Retro Vinyl

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Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player Description


One outstanding thing about Gadhouse Brad is its distinctive ability to deliver vinyl music in style. With inspiration from vintage music players and modern technology, Brad is designed with an aesthetic vintage appeal for a nostalgic music experience.

This music player is made from high quality polished plastic that you can say was inspired by or simply reflects the era of 60s and 70s. Actually, it comes in two colors, retro green and rock’n’roll grey which are also borrowed from the retro era itself.

Find out more about the Gadhouse Brad vintage turntable

So, if you are seeking for a genuine uniquely designed music player with a retro look yet includes modern features, you should consider the Brad Vintage. It is designed to add a unique finishing touch to your décor while at the same time give you the best music experience.

Sound Quality

Unlike traditional sound systems, Brad features all functionalities from speakers to amplifiers into one complete compact size. It includes Bluetooth speakers as well as a modern dock making it an advanced music player with a retro look.  With its integrated speakers you can play your favorite songs via Bluetooth using your Smartphone, tablet or even the laptop.

Although its sound quality doesn’t match that of high-end turntables, Brad Vintage delivers a decent digital sound quality from its in-built stereo speakers.  Therefore, if you are looking for a good sound quality with a bit of a nostalgic trip down the memory lane, Brad Vintage got you covered.

# Read what others say about the sound quality here!

Overall Quality and Usability

Generally, Gadhouse Brad is an awesome record player with numerous features that render your listening experience more enjoyable. Its retro styling is very nice, it’s got an old-school design, but without too much exaggeration. The green, tan, and yellow colors are a perfect match for many vintage decors.

Gadhouse Brad is built solidly, and nothing seems cheap generally; the top is firm and opens and closes effortless. Bluetooth capability can be used to connect to external sound systems quickly and easily with no issues.

Features and Specifications

  • plays 7-12″ vinyl records
  • Belt-driven Mechanism
  • Three-speed turntable: plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPMs
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Allowing you to stream music from your mobile device
  • 55mm audio jack: Allows you to connect headphones to the vinyl record player for times when you want to listen to MP3s alone
  • Distinctive vintage look in retro green or grey
  • RCA line out jacks
  • Ruby stylus
  • In-built Stereo Speakers
  • Volume adjustment knob
  • Play and pause lift lever
  • Function select

Design Old Sound

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  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Color: Green, Grey

Brad’s Key Features

  • Bluetooth built-in

This record player is a retro-modern blend of an old school style and modern style. This all-in-one player features wireless Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to play all your digital favorites via your music player or phone on its high-quality integrated speakers. The two 3.55mm audio jack allows you to enjoy your best hits with a headphone, all by yourself.

  • Plays 3-speeds

The turntable features belt-driven capability, which runs at three-speeds enabling you to play 7-inch to 12-inch records at 45, 78 RPMs and 33 1/3, this allows you to listen to all of your favorite vinyl records irrespective of the size. It has a full range, dynamic stereo speakers as well as both headphone and RCA outputs.

  • Replaceable Stylus

If you’ve been playing songs using a record player, you may have notice that as the stylus wears down over time there are some slight distortions in the quality of sound produced. Furthermore, there is always an increase in the number of jumped tracks due to the same wear and tear. As you continue using the record player in this condition, the stylus will eventually break and that’s the end of you enjoying your favorite songs again.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to Brad Vintage. Instead of kissing your precious record player good-bye, Brad Vintage allows you to replace the needle with the Gadhouse Universal Replacement Stylus. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite songs for as long as you wish without having to worry about a wearing stylus.


  • Decent sound quality
  • Easy connection with different gadgets through Bluetooth connectivity,
  • Has a solid performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Can play various sized vinyl-records starting from seven to twelve inches.
  • It is portable and light.
  • Affordable


  • Lacks USB connectivity
  • Cannot convert vinyl records to MP3


This vintage vinyl player is available in the $$ price range with an average decent positive review score. This portable record player comes in retro-green and grey color.

According to most of the reviews, many customers are very pleased with the item. It’s sound quality, ease of use, ability to play all vinyl records and the price are positive factors. However, there are several negative feedbacks, the most evident being complaints about sound quality from its inbuilt speakers, which can be easily remedied by connecting to external speakers via the Bluetooth option to enhance the experience further. All in all, Brad can make a good buy considering its affordable price and the plethora of amazing features it carries.


The price of a gadhouse brad vintage is in the $$ price range. Check the actual price on here. Compared to other record players with the same price it makes a good purchase, especially if you are planning to start out on turntables. It will perform incredibly well as long as you don’t intend it for DJ or audiophile purposes.  Contrary to what brad’s price might suggest, it is actually a highly rated vintage record player that surpasses many of its users’ expectation.


Check out on amazon


If you are operating on a budget and you are desperately yearning for a record player experience, then Gadhouse Brad Vintage is exactly what you should consider. With a price tag of less than $ 100, this record player is yet another of Gadhouse’s exceptional release.

It comes fully loaded with amazing features to improve your listening experience including Bluetooth capability, play and pause lift lever, and extreme ease of use due to its automatic operation. Although its speakers may at times leave something more to be desired, you can either use the output terminals to connect to external speakers or connect to a Bluetooth system.

All in all, this model is a must have for casual listeners as well as first-time vinyl users. The price is very fair and it comes with a plethora of features to give you an immersive music experience.


Review: Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable!

Pro’s: A definite winner for the Vinyl-Rookie! Being a plug-and-play system, this turntable is very light, has modest measurements and is softly priced. Although no hi-fi, For this money the speakers are surprisingly loud. It easily fits on the shelf of an entertainment deck.

Con’s: It doesn’t have a USB jack, so you’re kind off restricted to Vinyl. But hey, isn’t that what you buy it for in the first place? More experienced Vinyl-Lovers might better search for a more bulky model.


Get Started with Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable!

We all wish to own a turntable at some point in our life, after realizing how awesome they are. But we wouldn’t know which one to purchase and how to operate.

We would probably look for something which is very easy to use, without compromising on the sound quality.

And because it is our first turntable, we wouldn’t know what to look at! You might first want have a look at the more affordable record players.

Trust me; I’ve been there as well!

If you are at that point right now, congratulations! For you have decided to enter a whole new world of music listening experience. If you are looking to buy your first turntable, your choice should be Jensen JTA 222 model. You do not have to look beyond this, and I’ll tell you all that you need to know to own this model right here.

Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable

Check out on Amazon

Why a turntable?

You must be wondering why or if one should invest in a turntable, when we have advanced players that would do the job. Turntables carry a history with them, and they were the firsts of CDs and Blu-Rays. To own a piece of such a history itself should be the reason. But that shouldn’t mean you should compromise on the quality of the music. In fact, it shouldn’t be surprising when I say that they are just not an antique recording technology, but are also one of the best till date.

That being said, to get the best out of a turntable, proper setup and installation add up to be one of the most important factors. Understanding the requirements of first-time buyers, Jensen has done it all in this model.

Introducing Jensen JTS-222

Jensen probably understands that this product will be mostly used by the first time users, and they have made sure not to disappoint them. Considering the pricing, we couldn’t have asked for more in this model.

The antique wooden design will really impress the buyers. Since most of the first time users would want a classic and antique experience, this is top notch. On top of this, the model is lightweight, compact and comes with a dust cover as well.

And if you don’t own a lot of vinyl, for now, it shouldn’t be a problem for this comes with inbuilt radio in it. Above all this, you also have inbuilt speakers in this model, which frankly, is quite good for the money we pay! You get all this with the promise of Jensen, who are into this business for more than ten decades now.

  • Built-In Speakers: This model comes with a front facing built in speakers, which makes it quite compatible. What is best is that, if you do not wish to use the built-in speakers, there is an option to connect it with your home stereo system, using the RCA audio output jacks, which are provided at the back of the turntable.Turntable Vinyl
  • Compact: The Jensen JTA-222’s dimensions are 6.5 inches by 13.4 inches by 14.3 inches and weighs only 6.3 pounds. The light weight makes this model very compact because it has built-in speakers as well which pretty much means that we can store it or carry it, practically anywhere.
  • Loaded with Features: For the money spent, Jensen is offering a lot of features in this model. This is one of the very few turntables in this range, which comes with a cover to protect the vinyl from dust while playing. It also has AM/FM stereo receivers, stereo headphone jack, 3-speed stereo and the antique wooden design which make it a perfect choice!


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  • Size Matters: People often tend to ignore this point, while considering to buy a turntable. Well, up until they get it delivered. Unless you are an audiophile with a mini studio dedicated to audio systems in your apartment, size matters. We usually have an entertainment deck at home with the stereo on it. But did you know that not all turntables fit in these average entertainment systems? Well, the number further reduces if you want a turntable with an RCA audio output jack. But the Jensen JTA-222 fits perfectly in it! Not only that, the classic wooden design, looks cool!
  • Ceramic Cartridge: The model comes with the ceramic cartridge which is the secret behind the lower cost yet better sound quality. When the needle tracks the groove, the stylus moves, and in turn, the ceramic will bend. Different electrical signals are passed, based on how much the ceramic arches which also eliminates the use of an equalizer, thereby offering an excellent product at a lower cost. Ceramic cartridges are also less sensitive to the external noises and vibrations, and thereby producing a better quality of sound. Also, while using a ceramic cartridge, we would not need a counterweight, which in turn won’t require changing the tracking force. All this helps since the model is compact, and we need to keep it that way.

Jensen JTA-222 4


Low Cost – Jensen is offering this product in the $ or $$ price range,which includes free shipping from Amazon. The price itself is the best news while purchasing this product. And it is not short of any features as such as well. Hence this is worth every penny!

User-FriendlyTaking note that most of its buyers are first time users of a turntable, the JTA-222 is very user-friendly. It is the plug and plays version of the turntables.

Design – The wooden like design with dust cover, the RCA output, and inbuilt speakers, all of these which will fit in the entertainment deck, gets a thumbs up for sure.

3 Speed Options – Unlike most of the other turntables, this can play in 3 different speeds, and it also has the auto turn off function on it.


This model does not have a USB port provided on it. But because most of us are purchasing this to get the feel of vinyl, I don’t see why this should bother anyone.

All our home entertainment systems are supported with USB ports. So we don’t really need yet another USB port, especially in our turntable, which is meant to play the vinyl.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

The product has an average of 4.2 stars out of 5, and rated by more than 1,150 people, and rightly so. The ratings and reviews themselves speak about how great this product is.

Although there are a few concerns about the volume of music this product delivers, this is perfectly fit to cover any decent sized room. On top of that, since it has an external RCA output, we don’t have to be too concerned about this.


This product has been priced in the $ or $$ price range when purchased on Amazon which includes shipping. Check the actual price on here. The price itself being one of its most talked about point in the review, it is in abundance with appreciation. This is probably one of the cheapest turntables in the market, yet with many functions which work perfectly!


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If you are looking for a turntable which delivers excellent music from your vinyl collection for the best price, Jensen JTA-222 should be the one. The sound quality, the volume, the features, the price and most importantly the ratings should persuade any buyer to go for this model.