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How To Get The Best Sound From Your Record Player: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step # 1 – Check everything before you proceed

Preparation is the key, so it’s quite obvious why checking for possible errors and malfunctions is the very first step. There are times when your record player under performs because there’s something missing.
Other situations include warped, dirty, and damaged vinyl records. Apart from that, there are cases of damaged parts, wrong turntable positioning, bad ratios of anti-skating and cartridge tracking force, and such. If you want to get the best sound, you should check everything before you proceed to other steps.

Step #2 – Upgrades, replacements, and parts

Most people are quite content with how a record player sounds when they make a purchase, but what if you can get even further? There are cheap ways to improve the overall sound quality of your record player, and we recommend purchasing upgrade parts.

The record player needle that’s attached to your record player can easily be replaced – more specifically, you can upgrade it by replacing it with a superior one. Furthermore, you can replace and upgrade nearly any part (with the exception of plinth, but that can be done too, even though it’s not highly recommended).

Step #3- Positioning your record player

Where you put your vinyl record is of much importance when it comes to the sound quality of your vinyl records. A hard surface will ensure the stability of your turntable while a soft surface will provide more resonance. There’s also the matter of weight of your turntable, and the question of the overall construction.
There are a lot of things you should consider when positioning your record player, such as the record player plinth construction, is there any special material at the bottom, and such. Most record players come with a rubber mat at the bottom, in which case you won’t need to worry about the stability.

How your record player performs is also influenced by the things you put on top – more precisely, the lack of things on top and near your record player. Turntable emits sounds and vibrations, so the noise will deflect of any material and object in the vicinity. Make sure that the room you make for your record player is isolated if you want to get the best sound.

Step #4 – Adjust the Anti-Skate System (Bias)

The groove of your vinyl records travels slower on the inside when compared to the outside. There’s a force that performs a pulling motion toward the centre of the record – this force requires an offset and compensation, else the vinyl might pop out.

The Bias (or the anti-skating system) compensates for this pull, but it won’t do much good if you simply turn the power on. You’ll have to tweak the anti-skating system a bit if you want the best sound of your vinyl records and your turntable.

To do so, you should adjust the tracking force of your turntable cartridge. What we’re aiming here at is the correct ratio between the cartridge tracking force and the anti-skating force. They should always be near, but the cartridge tracking force should be stronger (by a bit).

If the cartridge force is set at 2.00 grams, the anti-skating force should be set at 1.75 – 1.8 grams, and if the cartridge force is set at 1.75, the anti skating should be set at 1.5 grams, and so on. This will greatly improve the sound quality of your vinyl records.

Step #5 – Adjust the VTA – Vertical Tracking Angle of the Turntable Stylus

If you’ve done everything correctly so far, the overall sound of your record player is improved greatly. Anyhow, there are still things you can do to further improve the sound quality of your vinyl records and your turntable.

The VTA (as in Vertical Tracking Angle) represents the angle of your record player stylus when placed in the groove (perceived from the side). Most people think that simply inserting the stylus in the groove will suffice, but that’s not entirely accurate. Loosen the bolt in the tonearm’s base, and the height will increase (or decrease). The angle you’re looking for should look parallel when you compare the surface of the vinyl and the arm tube.

The main reason why this is the final step is because some record players don’t allow this option. The VTA adjustment is only possible when you can easily loosen the bolt without affecting the overall construction. Those record players that offer this option will have this explanation in the user’s manual.

How to protect your ears against loud music and still enjoy it!

In order to protect your ears, you must know something more about the things that are capable of doing us harm. One of the worst things that can damage our ears and hearing is noise pollution.

Noise pollution is not to be taken as a joke. It is known that some sounds and sound volumes can cause problems to our ears if we don’t protect our ears from it. Simply speaking, any sound that is irritating or disturbing can be qualified as a noise pollution.

Noise pollution – what it is and dangers it poses

Every noise can cause discomfort and harm to our ears if it is on a very high volume. There are some boundaries that you simply can’t cross if you want to protect your ears from any sorts of damage. Furthermore, we will see what is the cause and effects of noise pollution and how to prevent it from harming your hearing.

We are exposed to high noises every day. There are some activities that we do every day which can do lots of harm to our ears. First and the main cause of noise pollution is loud music. Loud music is something that we can’t escape every time, for example, there are parties or concerts that we go to.

Possible health hazards caused by noise pollution

Some people like to listen to their music with the high volume on their headphones or record players which are also considered to be something that can damage your hearing.

Anyhow, noise pollution affects your mind and body in a negative way. The most important thing to know about noise pollution is that it can lead to loss of hearing, sleeplessness, headache, stress and tension, cardiac disturbance and at the end, it can come to deafness.

All these problems and injuries are to be taken seriously. Every damage that is inflicted on your ears and hearing is irreversible. So be aware of this problem and the damage it can cause, you can’t get your hearing back when it’s already ruined.

How to protect your ears from loud music?

In order to protect your ears from loud music, we first need to consider doing some steps to help us minimize the risk of noise pollution. We can simply say to anyone that if they want to protect their hearing, they should stay away from loud music and high volumes.

That would be wrong because in everyday life you will always find yourself in a situation where the music is loud. Take cinemas for example, in cinemas the volume is very high and that can cause problems to your hearing.

Simple ideas on how to protect your ears

The first thing you need to do when you are exposed to a loud music is to turn it down. If that is not possible you should consider doing something different to help you protect yourself. Wearing earplugs is a great idea for the best protection of your ears and hearing. Maybe it is a little bit silly to put earplugs when you are at a concert or a party, but this will help you for sure.


The best thing about earplugs is that you will still be able to enjoy the music because they don’t block the sound, they are only making it less damaging and more suitable for your ears. This is considered to be number one priority for people who are exposed to loud music every day, like musicians or club workers.

Equally important, you need to place earplugs correctly so they can protect you. Earplugs are meant to be inserted into an ear canal directly.

This is done in order to prevent any damage from loud music. There are four main types of earplugs. The groups are based on what are they made from usually. The most common materials are foam, silicone, flanged, custom molded earplugs.

Every type of these earplugs is good for protection, so you don’t have to worry about that. Some of them are reusable, other earplugs are disposable. Anyhow, this will be a great help at all times.  People who are exposed to a noisy environment which is 80 or more dB especially.

How to protect your ears with earplugs

If you are wondering how to know which earplugs are good, you simply need to see what they offer. Quality earplugs have 3 most important features that must be the part of every earplug.

First, earplugs need to lower the audio volume. A great pair of earplugs only lowers the volume of the sound, it doesn’t mute it completely.

Secondly, earplugs must maintain a great quality of the sound. In order to enjoy the music in a best possible way, earplugs must preserve that sound quality.

And the third most important thing about the earplugs is that they must provide a custom fit. You definitely don’t want to feel discomfort in your ears, so you must find a perfect pair of earplugs.


In conclusion, we strongly recommend you to save your hearing while you still have it. Get yourself a nice pair of earplugs so you won’t have to worry about any hearing related problems. We learned today that noise pollution is not a thing to joke about, so better be safe than sorry.

Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth system review

Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player – introduction
turntable on sale

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Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is one of those record players that can do whatever your mind can imagine – it’s a versatile turntable that’s packed with a manifold of high-end features, including a powerful RMS output (25W + 25W), the NFC Bluetooth feature, double CD player, USB, RCA, AUX inputs and more.

The market is full with versatile record players – 3-in-1, 5-in-1, even 7-in-1 record players, but this is “the” turntable when it comes to the well-rounded performance. Even though it comes supplied with a lot of useful functions and features, it’s actually pretty easy to use. Each part is divided, and each section of this record player has a handful of buttons that serve obvious functions.

Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player design
turntable record

This record player features a standard height and width. Its precise dimensions are 24” by 12” by 8”, and it is considered to be “moderately light” with 18 pounds of weight. These qualities make Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player a decently compact record player.

When it comes to the issue of storage, you’ll get more room if you keep the lid closed. You could enjoy your music this way, and save up some space in the process. As for the durability, this turntable is made of wood with several finishes, but the majority of the front side is adorned with plastic buttons/functions.
turntables record players

The RMS speakers are also made of wood and they’re quite durable. However, this type of material is prone to scratches, so you’d do well to avoid unnecessary repositioning. As far as the attractiveness is in question, both Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player and the RMS speakers are good to go. The outward appearance of this music system is very appealing, but they are not exactly “beautiful”. There are a lot of record players that could easily outmatch them in this field, but they’re appealing enough to pass as “attractive”.
vinyl player speakers

The design rating of Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power record player is 7/10.


  • Very durable;
  • Made from high-quality materials;
  • Matching materials, color, and finish of the record player and external speakers;
  • Decently compact and light;


  • Not exactly “beautiful”
  • There are a lot of record players that could outmatch this turntable in the field of aesthetics;

Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player features

This is a very versatile record player that comes supplied with a manifold of features and controls. In order to avoid unnecessary confusion, we could split this section into two separate segments, the Feature Section and the Controls section:
mobile record player

The Feature Section:

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is supplied with two RMS external speakers (25W + 25W), the NFC Bluetooth feature, the Double CD player, the USB, several SD card slots, a headphone slot, the RCA out, Auxiliary In jacks, the digital AM/FM radio with LCD display.

  • Two RMS external speakers

These powerful speakers pack a punch of 25W (each). They’re made from the same material as the record player itself, and they’re decently durable. The only problem is that they’re prone to scratches. Anyhow, they provide a clear and rich full-spectrum sound output.
places to buy record players

  • The NFC Bluetooth feature

The NFC Bluetooth feature is one of the latest technologies in the field of Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily connect most of your electronic devices to this record player, but you should keep in mind that the NFC Bluetooth feature is not a form of broadcaster – it’s a receiver-type feature.

  • Double CD player

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is supplied with Double CD player which you could use to play your audio content from CD (player) or burn your audio content onto a new CD (burner). You could even use this feature to record your audio content to a CD format (recorder). The only problem is that you can’t shuffle your CDs.
record player discs

  • USB, Headphone, RCA, AUX inputs and outputs

The manifold of inputs makes connection easy. This record player has a USB port, a Headphone input, the RCA output, several Aux inputs, and more.
retro vinyl player

  • Digital AM/FM radio with LCD display

The AM/FM radio is a fully digitalized feature that’s supplied with a clearly visible LCD display. Tune in to listen to your favorite radio stations easily.

The Controls Section

The controls section is here so that you don’t have to read the user’s manual thoroughly. We’ll quickly explain what each button does so that you can enjoy your music straight away:
turntable for records

Top Part

  • Tuner/Band – this control governs the use of AM/FM radio;
  • Sleep/timer – similar to automatic shutoff feature;
  • REC/DEL – short for “record” and “delete”. Record or delete your audio data;
  • Mode/Clock – changes can be seen on the LCD display. You can change one of the several modes or see the time (if you’ve set it previously);
  • Play/Pause/Stop – push to play or pause, hold to stop;
  • Previous and Next song – these functions are quite self-explanatory;

Bottom Part

  • CD 2 enable – switches the priority of CD playback from CD 1 to CD 2;
  • Increment – decrease or increase increments;
  • Play/pause – similar to Play and Pause in the “Top Part” section;
  • Record/Erase – similar to REC/DEL function, only for the “CD 2”;
  • CD 1 and CD 2 – opens the container for CD 1 and CD 2 respectively;

The features rating of Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is 9/10.


  • Incredibly powerful features;
  • Intelligently built;
  • Simplified controls;


  • There are too many controls which do not have obvious functions;

Techplay ODCR238WD SP High Power NFC Bluetooth record player performance
where can i buy a vinyl record player

If you want to see how good this record player performs, all you need to know is that it has a set of powerful speakers, a remote/manual method of operation, it features the Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s very reliable.

  • Great sound output

The high-performance RMS speakers have a power of 25W each. They provide a clear full-spectrum sound, and they’re probably one of the best features this record player comes outfitted with.

  • Remote/Manual method of operation

A remote controller is supplied along with the set, so you can use this record player remotely. Alternatively, you can use this turntable manually.

  • The Bluetooth function

The NFC Bluetooth function allows you to connect your electrical devices to this record player (if they support the Bluetooth feature, that is).

  • Three selectable speeds

You can playback your records at 33, 45 and 78 rotations per minute. Knowing that most record player models come supplied with the ability to reproduce audio at 2 selectable speeds, Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is superior in this field.

  • Very reliable

Every single feature and function is fail-proof, but they might get “rusty” after extended usage, figuratively speaking.

The performance rating of Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player is 9/10.


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  • Very reliable;
  • Incredible sound output;
  • Remote/Manual method of operation;
  • Three selectable speeds;


  • The Bluetooth function is not updated;

The final verdict

Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player belongs to the top border of the cheap price point category. It’s incredibly reliable, and it’s supplied with state-of-the-art features and technologies. Wrapping it up, it’s cheap, it’s reliable, and it’s extremely powerful. If you’re down of cash, and if you’re searching for a high-quality record player, Techplay ODCR238WD SP record player might interest you. It’s worth taking a shot, especially because it’s cheap.

Back To the 50’s Executive Antique Trumpet Horn Phonograph

Introduction – a word about the manufacturer

The original name of the brand responsible for this beautiful phonograph is “Back to 20s”. They are, to say the least, intriguing. Their catalog is one of the most versatile when compared to every other manufacturer, as they literally sell everything. From communist books, over vintage dresses, to high-end antique phonographs.
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Now, since we’re mainly interested in the latter. We’ll stick to phonographs, and to the answers to “why should you consider this amazing phonograph”. Back to 20s is the underdog in turntable industry. They can go toe to toe with some of the most reputable brands.

This manufacturer is bold enough to compete with some of the best brands in the turntable market – phonographs are rather outdated, and only a certain group of people is interested in them. Antique item collectors, old-school people, and generally everyone who likes vintage stuff mike be into phonographs, but that’s 10% of people, at most.

What are antique phonographs?

Phonographs are the predecessors of record players. They were invented in the late 19s, and they used various mechanisms to record and reproduce sound. The main reason why this brand got the name is because “phonographs” changed the name to “gramophones” in the beginning of the 20th century. We’ll stick to the term “phonograph” for the time being.
vintage phonographs

Now, the very first phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in the beginning of 1877. There were similar products at the time, of course – devices that could record sound, but there wasn’t a single one that could actually reproduce it until the invention by Thomas Edison.

The first phonograph recorded the sound onto a sheet of tinfoil that was wrapped around the rotating cylinder. The phonograph stylus then responded to vibrations that were produced in the foil, thus making the sound.
turntables and speakers

One of the greatest impacts on the basic design of the phonograph which ultimately led to the invention of record players was the transition from the old phonograph cylinders made of wax onto thin, flat discs that had spiral grooves which ran all the way to the center. This breakthrough can be prescribed to Emile Berliner.

Phonograph vs Turntable? What are the advantages?

Most people would agree that record players are superior to Phonographs. That might be true, but that’s like comparing the chicken and the egg. Phonographs are older, and they feature simpler designs, inferior sound capabilities, and they are prone to occasional errors and failure. Now, not everything goes against phonographs – there’s a full list of benefits that a modern phonograph (or, at least, a re-designed antique phonograph) can offer you:

  • Unique, astonishing outward appearance

Record players can’t match the beautiful design of phonographs, that much is certain. Phonographs usually come with a special trumpet horn that acts as a speaker, and that’s one of the main reasons why they are so attractive.
turn tabels

Secondly, phonographs look antique and vintage no matter how old or new they are. There are some record players that fall into the vintage category, of course, but they can’t even come close to antique phonographs.

  • A special kind of tone

Phonographs might be inferior when it comes to the sound output if we observe it from the audiophile’s angle. Now, the sound coming from the trumpet horn might be a bit distorted, but it has a special nostalgic ring about it. It’s something that turntables didn’t care to replicate (or couldn’t). Modern manufacturers reinvented record players, pushing them further from the original concept.
technics record players

  • Some phonographs come outfitted with a set of features that resembles that of a turntable

Original phonographs didn’t have a lot of outstanding features, but that might not be the case with some newer models (Back to the 50s is a perfect example for that). Now, some brands are interested in “recreating” the design of older phonographs. All while implementing some high-end features in their performance list. This is why there are still some models that can match the sound output of a turntable.

The design of Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable

This is, perhaps, the first thing you will like about this amazing phonograph. It features a simple wooden plinth and the unique trumpet horn speaker. The horn is extremely beautiful, but we shouldn’t skip the base. A beautiful construction with a vintage finish is what decorates the plinth of Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable.
recommended record player

There’s also a small flaw in the design which might be the deal breaker here – the horn is made of plastic. It’s not flimsy, but it’s definitely not durable, so you might want to pay extra attention to how you handle it.

The performance of Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable

Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable is a versatile record player that can reproduce your vinyl records at three selectable speeds, it’s supplied with a MP3 and CD player, the AM/FM radio, and various inputs and outputs.
hi fi record players

As for the audio performance, the plastic horn delivers a unique sound. Now, it might not suit everyone’s taste, but the objective rating of the sound performance would be 8 out of 10, at best. The ceramic cartridge has been pre-mounted, and it adds to the overall feel of the audio output, but you should keep in mind that this record player’s main forte is the outward appearance.

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The features of Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Record Player
digital vinyl turntable

Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable comes supplied with a beautiful Trumpet Horn, the AM/FM radio, a CD player and the Cassette Deck, the SD card reader, a single USB port, and a Li-Ion 3V CR2025 battery. It’s, essentially, a versatile record player that is highly capable of satisfying the needs of most audiophiles, but it doesn’t excel in the field of sound performance.

Value for the price
best place to buy a turntable

Considering the fact that Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable is an antiquity, it’s actually pretty valuable. The overall sound output is satisfactory, the price is correct, the design is beautiful and attractive. Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable holds a great value for the price.

Pros and Cons

The good and the bad about this turntable requires side by side comparison if we want to pass on the final verdict. There are lots of good things about Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable, but there are also some downfalls which reduce its overall value.
audio turntables for sale

  • The ravishing outlook – this record player has a beautiful plinth and the exquisite Trumpet horn;
  • Satisfactory sound performance – it comes with a powerful cartridge and a decent speaker;
  • Extreme versatility – Back to the 50s Executive Antique Trumpet Horn Turntable features an AM/FM radio, a CD and Cassette deck, a USB input, and various outputs;
  • Three selectable speeds – this gramophone can reproduce sound at three selectable speeds;


  • Heavyweight – This record player isn’t compact at all, and it’s super-heavy;
  • A modest sound output – if you’re a person who values high-fidelity sound, you might not be impressed;
  • A borderline price – Back to the 50s Antique record player comes at a moderate price;

The Final Verdict

The gramophone market isn’t as vast as the record player market, so finding a good model is quite hard. However, Back to the 50’s Executive Antique Turntable is one of the best models in the price range. You might want to take it into consideration if you’re searching for a high-quality gramophone.

Best Turntable Speakers

Best Turntable Speaker Reviews

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter

record player with mp3 input

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A short summary:

Micca’s MB42 bookshelf speakers are very cheap, their woofers come with woven carbon fiber material that enhances the overall bass performance, which makes it deep, clear, and transient. They’re quite compact, and they don’t weigh too much, but they require installation before you can use them.

Details, design, and specifics:

Micca’s MB42 feature a carbon fiber woofer construction – you can expect a deep, clear bass when you listen to your music. The High-performance silk dome enable smooth and accurate treble while the ported enclosure further enhances the overall bass performance. The neutral sound signature makes sure that you can hear every bit of vocals, and the compact design makes it mobile.

  • Well-Balanced soundstage – the highs and lows are accurate and balanced while the treble is incredibly clear and apparent;
  • Carbon fiber woofers – this feature enhances the overall bass sound, making it deep and clear;
  • Neutral sound signature – this feature makes sure that vocals are clear and accurate;
  • Compact design – these bookshelf speakers are compact and lightweight;
  • Great price – Micca’s MB42 bookshelf speakers belong to the cheap price point category;

Potential flaws:

  • These speakers require installation before you can use them;
  • There’s an improved model of the same speakers (MB42X);

Value for the price:

These speakers are  cheap, but they require installation prior to using. Anyhow, the soundstage is well-balanced, the bass is deep, and the vocals clear and apparent.

The final verdict:

Micca is a serious manufacturer, and you can’t go wrong with their speakers. If you want to get the most out of your sound listening experience, Micca MB42 is a perfect way to do it. Great speakers, phenomenal soundstage, all at a bargain price.

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Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors – Studio Monitor Speakers

record player with speakers reviews

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A short summary:

Edifier R1280T Powered record player speakers are high-tech bookshelf speakers that are supplied with the state-of-the-art technology and features. They feature a two-year warranty, remote control, and various inputs and outputs. They, however, also require installation prior to using.

Details, design, and specifics:

These speakers are a bargain if we take into account all of the features they come supplied with. Edifier R1280T Powered record player speaker set comes with 2 Auxiliary inputs which allow convenient connection of any device of 3.5mm output. These speakers are professional – they’re ideal for studios as they reproduce sound in a natural way due to the 13mm silk dome and 4” full-range units.

  • Dual Auxiliary inputs – you can easily connect any 3.5mm device to these speakers;
  • Studio quality – Edifier R1280T Powered record player speakers are professional, and they have a well-balanced soundstage and an incredible sound performance;
  • Remote control – you can adjust the volume with this feature easily;
  • A 2-year warranty – in the case that something goes awry, you have a 2-year warranty in the United States and Canada;

Potential flaws:

  • The price is good if we consider the features, but it’s quite steep for a set of speakers;

Value for the price:

Even though these speakers are quite expensive, they hold an amazing value for the buck. A phenomenal soundstage, great sound performance, and a set of incredible features.

The final verdict:

Edifier R1280T Powered record player speakers are, perhaps, the best turntable speakers that money can buy. Sure, they’re expensive, but they’re professional studio speakers that will make sure your sound listening experience is complete.

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Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

compact stereo with turntable

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A short summary:

Dayton B652 Audio speakers are small, compact, and they excel in sound performance. Premium quality ebony construction gives them durability and a beautiful outward appearance, and they belong to the affordable price point category.

Details, design, and specifics:

Dayton B652 Audio speaker set features a compact design which makes them easier to move around, a well-balanced soundstage, and ebony construction. These speakers excel in fields of durability, sound output, but they’re not exactly versatile.

  • A beautiful construction – Dayton B652 Audio speakers sport premium-quality ebony materials with a vinyl finish;
  • Compact and lightweight – these speakers are very light and compact;
  • A great price – Dayton’s B652 speakers belong to the cheap price point category;

Potential flaws:

  • Not exactly versatile – a woofer and a subwoofer are the only features;

Value for the price:

They’re cheap, they’re loud, and they’re reliable. What’s more to like? Great value for the cash.

The final verdict:

Dayton’s B652 speakers are one of the best in the price range, and they’re ideal beginner turntable speakers.

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Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter Black

speakers turntable

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A short summary:

Micca’s MB42X bookshelf speakers are an improvement over the earlier model (Micca MB42). This improvement is seen in the sound performance, but the design stays the same – they’re equally beautiful as their predecessor.

Details, design, and specifics:

Micca’s MB42X turntable speaker set features the same woven carbon fiber materials for woofer construction as the earlier model, and the high-performance silk dome that allows accurate treble. The new features are the 12Db crossover & Zobel network (including the baffle step) which enhances the overall performance. The price is also higher, but it’s still pretty affordable.

  • An amazing sound performance – Micca’s MB42X excels in the field of sound performance;
  • Silk dome – you’d be amazed at how great the treble is;
  • Highly optimized crossover of 12Db – a new feature on Micca’s bookshelf speakers. It greatly improves the soundstage;

Potential flaws:

  • It’s an improvement over the older model, but the alterations aren’t that big, actually;

Value for the price:

Micca’s MB42X is pretty cheap, but it’s more expensive when compared to its predecessor. Anyhow, it boasts a considerable value for the cash.

The final verdict:

A great set of beginner’s turntable speakers, Micca’s MB42X excels in sound performance. These speakers are remarkable in any way, but you can get similar results with Micca’s MB42.

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Q Acoustics Concept 20 Gloss Black Bookshelf Speakers with QED Silver Anniversary XT Speaker Cable Pair 6.5 Feet

used turntable sale

A short summary:

This beautiful set of speakers features some of the most advanced technologies and mechanisms in its design. It’s sports an enormous bass unit (main woofer) and a large treble unit (subwoofer). The frequency of response of Q Acoustics Concept 20 ranges from 64Hz to 22kHz while the crossover frequency is 2.9kHz.

Details, design, and specifics:

Q Acoustic’s Concept 20 speakers feature a 2-way reflex enclosure type, a main woofer (125mm in diameter), and a subwoofer (25mm in diameter). With a wide frequency of response (64Hz to 22kHz) this speaker set is able to playback a clear sound with much fidelity. The whole set includes two Concept 20 Turntable speakers, two speaker Grills, two port bungs, a user manual, and two terminated cables with QED Airlock banana plugs.

  • Premium-quality turntable speakers – with extra-large woofer, you can enjoy your music at a whole new level;
  • A wide frequency of response – the frequency of response of these speakers ranges from 64Hz to 22kHz;
  • A lot of complementary features – the whole bundle includes two Concept 20 turntable speakers, two speaker Grills, two port Bungs, a user manual, and two terminated cables with QED Airlock banana plugs;

Potential flaws:

  • Quite expensive, but valuable nonetheless;

Value for the price:

Q Acoustic’s Concept 20 is a premium speaker that belongs to moderate price range. It’s great and well-balanced, and it holds a remarkable value for the price.

The final verdict:

Q Acoustic’s speaker set is supplied with some of the best features, it’s incredibly powerful, and you’d find it pretty hard to find a better speaker bundle for the cash. It might be more expensive when compared to a standard speaker set, but it’s definitely worth the money.

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Klipsch R-14M Reference Bookshelf Monitor Speakers Bundle


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A short summary:

This speaker combo is incredibly powerful, versatile, and compact. Each speaker is lightweight and sports a powerful woofer that delivers strong and clear bass. The price is right, as it belongs to the affordable price point category, and you’ll get a set of complementary features as a bonus.

Details, design, and specifics:

The main features of this bundle include a set of two premium-quality speakers, each equipped with 4” copper-spun IMG woofers, and 1” aluminum suspension tweeter. Bonus features include a 16-gauge heavy-duty wire for speakers (100-feet long). Literally, you have everything you need to enjoy your music straight away.


  • Extremely powerful set of speakers – Klipsch Reference turntable speakers deliver full-spectrum audio and are able to fill an entire room with high-quality sound;
  • Get the best out of your bass – the 4” copper-spun IMG woofers are ideal for people who like positive vibes and deep, yet clear bass;
  • Complementary features – the complementary features include 100 feet of 16-gauge heavy-duty speaker wire, and five pairs of banana plugs;

Potential flaws:

  • The overall design of these speakers is extremely simple. In terms of aesthetics, there’s a lot to be desired;

Value for the price:

Klipsch Reference turntable speakers are pretty valuable for the cash. They’re simple, powerful, and compact.

The final verdict:

You won’t have to look very far to find a set of cheaper, or more attractive speakers. Anyhow, this set is stuck in the middle, between “being affordable” and “doing the job great”.

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Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

record player rca output

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A short summary:

Polk Audio T15 record player speakers offer excellent performance and optimum frequency of response. They’re decently affordable, but not cheap, and they are designed in a very straightforward manner. Plain and simple, they will get you ultimate sound output if you’re prepared to pay for it.

Details, design, and specifics:

Polk’s speakers are outfitted with dynamic balance high-performance drivers & tweeters, and the optimum frequency of response. They are made from premium-quality materials that negate most of distortion in sound – the casing sports magnetic shielding in order to keep distortion to a bare minimum. They’re sonically matched for enhanced and balanced response.


  • Superior engineering – Polk’s speakers feature magnetically shielded casings for minimal noise distortion, and they’re sonically matched so they operate in synergy;
  • A plain design – these speakers are designed in a straightforward manner;
  • Ideal sensitivity – the sensitivity of Polk’s speakers is 89 decibels;

Potential flaws:

  • They must be mounted by using the keyhole. This might not be the best way to mount your speakers to ceiling, wall, or similar structures;

Value for the price:

These speakers are not really cheap, but they’re definitely not expensive. They feature superior engineering and a plain design, so they’re pretty valuable for the cash.

The final verdict:

Polk’s speakers feature a great price, they are well-built, durable, and they’re professional-grade high-performance speakers. The best thing about them is that they’re actually quite cheap, so it’s safe to say that they’re one of the best turntable speakers on the market.

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Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers

ipod record player

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A short summary:

Pioneer’s SP-BS22-LR speakers are moderately expensive, portable, and lightweight. They pack quite a punch, and they’re ideal for home application.

Details, design, and specifics:

These speakers come in RF molded cabinets – this way, the internal ways are minimalist. The 4” woofer with huge magnets provides excellent bass response, and the 1” High-efficiency soft tweeter provides smooth music reproduction at any volume.


  • A beautiful design – these speakers are extremely attractive;
  • High-tech features – 4” woofer and 1” tweeter provide a perfect soundstage;
  • Optimum audio accuracy – the 6-element crossover blends the audio between the woofers;

Potential flaws:

  • Requires installation prior to using;

Value for the price:

These speakers are not exactly cheap, but they’re very valuable for the cash. Great features, moderate price.

The final verdict:

Pioneer’s SP-BS22-LR speakers won a dozen of “best speaker” awards, and it’s safe to say that they’ve earned it. These speakers offer high-performance speakers and a well-balanced soundstage.

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Yamaha NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

phonograph sale

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A short summary:

Yamaha is one of the most famous leaders in the industry of technology, and it’s pretty obvious how their model happened in our review. The NS-6490 is a set of extremely capable speakers that sports magnetic shielding from distortion and unwelcome vibrations.

Details, design, and specifics:

Yamaha’s NS-6490 features a set of 3-way speakers that are compatible with most sound systems or speakers. Each unit features three drivers, the 8” woofer, a 4” midrange, and a 0.75” Dome tweeter. The magnetic shielding is perfect for home-theater applications.


  • Energy saver – these speakers use up to 70 Watts of energy (constant) or up to 140 Watts (peak amp power) when they’re attuned to the maximum;
  • Magnetic shielding – you won’t have to worry about distortions;
  • High-tech features – each unit sports three drivers, the 8” woofer, a 4” midrange, and a 0.75 tweeter;

Potential flaws:

  • These speakers aren’t exactly compact. They’re bulky and hard to carry around;

Value for the price:

These are Yamaha speakers and they are cheap. If you take these two statements into account, these speakers are extremely valuable for the cash.

The final verdict:

Without a doubt, Yamaha’s NS-6490 speakers are the best in the price range. Phenomenal soundstage, high-tech features, and magnetic shielding provide extreme value for the money.

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Fluance SX6 high Definition Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers

record players nyc

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A short summary:

The last set of speakers in our review are the Fluance SX6 High-Def Two-Way record player loudspeakers. They feature premium-quality components, MDF construction, reduced cabinet resonance, and high-end neodymium optimal performance tweeters.

Details, design, and specifics:

Fluance SX6 High-Def speakers feautre Premium-Quality MDF wood that reduces the cabinet’s resonance. The top-notch neodymium tweeters are able to provide precise frequencies of response. The Ferro-Fluid acts to prolong the tweeter’s life.


  • Optimal price – Fluance SX6 High-Def speakers belong to the affordable price range;
  • Superior construction – Audio-Grade MDF construction reduces the cabinet’s resonance;
  • Butyl surrounds – this feature provides additional durability to the construction;

Potential flaws:

  • These speakers lack consistency at all volume ranges;

Value for the price:

They’re affordable, feature shielding, durable, and they sport superior construction. The overall value for the price of Fluance SX6 High-Def loudspeakers is outstanding.

The final verdict:

The price point category in which Fluance SX6 belongs is brimming with premium-quality speakers, so the competition is pretty stiff. Anyhow, Fluance SX6 falls into top 5, without a doubt.

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Victrola VTA-750B Nostalgic Aviator

Victrola – A word about the manufacturer

Victrola is one of the leading brands in the record player industry, and they hold several generations of high-end turntable series. Their models are extremely beautiful, and literally everyone can find a turntable that suits them in their catalog.
turntable all in oneThe branded started out in 1906, and it gained popularity and fame extremely fast with their exquisite gramophones. Now, even though gramophones and first record players came to be at the beginning of the 20th century, the competition was pretty stiff. Victrola’s beautiful inventions came on top with their prices, superior technology, innovative techniques, and affordable prices.

Victrola is (and was) so popular, that they earned various awards for the best-selling record players, best-designed turntables, and similar. They also partnered with other famous manufacturers, such as Innovative Technology, for example.

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cheap good record player

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The series that earned the most fame and reputation are definitely VTA and VCS, with their representatives – VCS-551 and VTA 750. We’re mainly interested in Victrola VTA 750B Nostalgic Aviator, mainly because it’s perfect in every field of performance.

The Design of Victrola’s VTA 750B Nostalgic Aviator

Victrola’s Nostalgic Aviator comes with a marvelous vintage design. It’s more of a music box, adorned with a set of built-in speakers with decorated woofers. The adjustable lid has the Victrola™ logo in the center, printed with a beautiful style that’s unique to this brand.
vinyl recorder for sale

The construction of Victrola’s VTA 750B Nostalgic Aviator is made of real Mahogany wood with an exquisite high-gloss vintage finish. This model is available in three different colors, each having a different finish – Mahogany, White, and Oak.

All in all, it’s very hard not to like this record player when we speak about design and the outward appearance – it’s classy, but it also looks modern enough to suit the taste of new-age kids and urban people.

Victrola’s Nostalgic Aviator performance

The performance of Nostalgic Aviator is, perhaps, it’s strongest point. Victrola’s VTA 750B belongs to the “all in one” record player category, and it boasts superior versatility and reliability:
sound system for record player

  • Supreme sound output and performance

The built-in speakers are extremely capable of projecting full-spectrum sound and filling the room in which Victrola’s VTA 750B is placed with graceful tunes and melodies. The “volume” and “tuning” knobs let you attune the sound perfectly and accurately.
record player names

  • A superb level of versatility

Being the all-in-one turntable, Victrola’s VTA 750B is superiorly versatile when compared to standard record player models. It comes supplied with a Bluetooth connection, a set of built-in speakers, a CD reader, remote control operation, the AM/FM radio, a cassette holder, and the REC button.

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There are also several AUX inputs that are supplied with this model, so that you can enjoy most of your tunes wirelessly from any digital device that supports the feature.

The features of Victrola’s VTA 750B Nostalgic Aviator

The 7-in-1 record player – the pinnacle of versatility
buy crosley record player

Victrola’s VTA 750B Nostalgic Aviator is a 7-in-1 turntable that’s sometimes referred to as the “Music Center” or “Music Box”. First of all, it’s supplied with a set of high-fidelity built-in speakers that are capable of satisfying the needs of any music enthusiast or audiophile.

AM/FM radio – For nostalgic enjoyment

The AM/FM radio is there for old-school people – you can sit and reminiscence about the older times, marveling at the beauty of Nostalgic Aviator in the meanwhile. A simple knob lets you attune to the station and broadcast you wish to play.

Three selectable speeds – enjoy your music at any pace
best vinyl to mp3 turntable

Furthermore, Victrola’s VTA 750B can play your records at three selectable speeds. You can enjoy your records at 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rotations per minute. It’s a belt drive record player that supports vinyl records that are 7, 10, or 12 inches in size.

The Bluetooth feature – Not so nostalgic, but very convenient

The Bluetooth technology is one of the newest addition to the Victrola’s line of record players, and it’s the only feature that stands out from the “nostalgic” part. The range of Bluetooth connection can reach 33 feet without physical obstacles (walls, doors, etc.).
best lp players

The Recording option – save some enjoyment for later

Now, one of the best features that this beautiful record player comes supplied with is the REC button. You can easily record your favorite vinyl records (or cassettes) on a CD without having to use your PC. Simply press the button when the music starts, and you’re set to go.

The price of Victrola’s VTA Nostalgic Aviator – is it worth the money?

Calling a record player valuable is pretty easy nowadays, but what exactly does it mean? Some people have deeper pockets, but some people need a lot of time and effort to save up for their turntable. It’s only natural for you to think “Is Victrola’s Aviator worth the cash?”.
best all in one stereo system with turntable

Since there are record players that are well below $50, Victrola definitely isn’t cheap. Now, it belongs to the moderate price point category, so it’s safe to say that it’s not too expensive either. Whether it’s valuable or not is up to you, but it’s ours to say that it’s versatile, capable, and reliable, so it’s pretty much worth. Audiophiles and music enthusiasts recommend it, so you might as well give it a shot.

The good and bad about Victrola’s Aviator

Victrola’s VTA 750B Nostalgic Aviator isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely pretty close. We’ve already checked what’s good about it, but you should also be aware that there are some things that you might not like so much:

The good:

  • It boasts superior versatility – it’s the 7-in-1 record player that comes supplied with a manifold of convenient features;
  • Three selectable speeds – you can enjoy your records at 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rotations per minute. Victrola’s Nostalgic Aviator supports records that are 7, 10, or 12 inches in size;
  • The Bluetooth feature – enjoy your vinyl records wirelessly. The Bluetooth range reaches up to thirty-three feet without physical obstacles;
  • AM/FM radio – Old-school people can enjoy AM/FM radio and various broadcasts with this beautiful record player;
  • The REC button – you can record your vinyl records and cassettes without using your PC;

The bad:

  • A borderline price – Victrola’s Nostalgic Aviator isn’t too expensive, but it might not be affordable for everyone’s pockets;
  • Quite Bulky and rather heavy – this record player weighs 28.4 pounds, so you might have a hard time carrying it around from place to place;

The Final Verdict

We’ve seen what this record player can do, we’ve discussed the price, and we’ve labeled it as valuable. Now, most people wouldn’t think twice – this record player is one hell of a bargain, and it comes supplied with a set of superior features, but it’s still not perfect.

It might be one of the best record players that were ever created, but it’s certainly not “the” best. It’s quite hard to grip it because of its bulky design, but that’s also the reason why it’s beautiful – it’s strong, it’s sturdy, and it’s made of beautiful Mahogany with a perfect high-gloss vintage finish.

It also supports vintage records of various sizes, and it’s capable of playing them at three selectable speeds, so that’s good for a start. The only thing that doesn’t add up to its overall value is the price. Audiophiles and vintage item collectors wouldn’t mind paying top dollar, but that might not be the case with a person who’s on a budget. It’s quite sad that such a marvelous record player is so highly priced, but it’s certainly worth every single cent.

Best Beginner Record Player

Best Beginner Record Player model reviews


Our team tested dozens of beginner record player sets. Down here we review 6 of the best sets comprehensively. Most of them include a nice pair of speakers. Would you like to more record player models with speakers? Then check this comprehensive review guide.

Turntable Lab: Audio-Technica Turntable Starter Package (ATLP60/A2+)

vintage looking record players

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One of the basic beginner record player sets by Turntable Lab. This set is quite affordable, it includes all the features you need to enjoy your records and music straight away.

Detailed description and features:

Turntable Lab’s Audio-Technica starter package is comprised of Audio-Technica AT-LP60 record player, Audioengine A2+ external speakers, a Turntable Lab mat, a carbon brush, and the corresponding documentation. The speakers are pretty basic, but they’re capable of producing decently strong and clear sound.

The AT-LP60 Audio Technica record player is great – it has a simple design, the turntable stylus is fashionable and precise, and all the settings and controls are simplified.
old style record players

The package includes:

  • Audio-Technica AT-LP60 record player;
  • Audioengine A2+ external speakers;
  • Turntable Lab Mat;
  • A carbon-fiber brush;


  • A great set comprised of high-quality products – Audio-Technica company earned their fame with state-of-the-art technology;
  • A decent price for a starter pack – You would pay quite a lot if you got these items separately;
  • Simple design, simple features – both the record player and the speakers have a pretty straightforward design;

Potential Flaws:

  • The external speakers aren’t too powerful – you will get clear and accurate sound, but these speakers aren’t too strong;

Value for the price:

The Audio-Technica starter package holds a great value for the cash. These items are more expensive when bought standalone, and the combination of these two is perfect. Phenomenal value.

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Klipsch R-15PM + Pro-Ject Primary Turntable Bundle

portable record players for sale

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Klipsch is a great and reputable brand that’s one of the leaders in the turntable industry. Their products are all about quality – great sounding turntables with attractive plinths and fashionable turntable stylus, but they’re not exactly cheap.

Detailed description and features:

Here’s the deal, you couldn’t get much better than Klipsch for the price. Now, this set might be a bit more expensive than you had in mind, but it will definitely last for quite a while. This Basic turntable bundle is comprised of Pro-Ject Primary record player (special edition), R-15RPM monitors, and the latest Bluetooth technology.

Now, you might be thinking – “why do I need all of this stuff?

I already have a pair of speakers, all I need is a turntable”. Of course, you could connect your speakers to this record player, but you shouldn’t expect too much in that case. Klipsch made this set of speakers in a special way so they could contribute to the sound performance of the high-end turntables.

The Pro-Ject Primary record player features a beautiful, yet plain design. It’s very attractive with its simple matte black plinth, it has a very accurate turntable needle that doesn’t scratch your records, and the additional supports make sure that this turntable is stable.

The R-15PM speakers are pretty powerful – they are capable of delivering full-spectrum soundstage, along with exceptionally deep bass and precise middle-section. Great sound overall, compact design, and they don’t even weigh much.
stereos with record players

The package includes:

  • A pair of R-15PM monitors;
  • Pro-Ject Primary record player (special edition);


  • The latest Bluetooth technology – this turntable set comes supplied with the latest Bluetooth technology that lets you connect this record player with your PC or your TV;
  • An amazing set of speakers – The R-15PM speakers have a solid sound performance, they’re quite compact, and they deliver a powerful bass;
  • Extremely easy to setup – you don’t need to waste too much time and effort connecting the speakers to your turntable, just follow the instructions;

Potential Flaws:

  • The steep price- this turntable bundle costs quite a lot, which is the only flaw of this package;

Value for the price:

Despite the price, you won’t find a single thing that’s bad about this record player set. The speakers are incredible, the turntable itself is exquisite, so it’s safe to say that this record player package holds an exceptional value for the price.

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Epsilon INNO-PROPAK DJT-1300 USB Turntable and INNO-MIX2 Mixer

records players for sale

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Now, this is something else. Epsilon INNO PROPAK is a turntable set for beginner DJ’s. Of course, audiophiles and people who really value music quality might find it great too, but the Mixer (equalizer) is best utilized by people with the know-how.

Detailed description and features:

Inno DJT-1300 USB record player has a great design – it’s attractive, it’s modern, and it features USB connection so that DJ’s could easily roll their tracks on top of the vinyl records. Now, the best thing about this set is that it features two Epsilon INNO DJT-130 record players, so you could easily practice your DJ skills with a friend at home, or set the stage on fire.

Now, the INNO-MIX2 speaks a story on its own. It’s a mixer (otherwise referred to as the “equalizer”) that lets you specify the quality and density of the sound output, but the controls are pretty confusing to a person who doesn’t have the appropriate skills. This is one of the main reasons why this pack is favored by the beginner DJ’s.
table top record player

The package includes:

  • Two EPSILON INNO DJT-1300 USB record players;
  • A single INNO-MIX2 audio mixer;


  • Ideal for DJ’s in the making – amateur DJ’s would be thrilled to have this record player pack. It features two great record players and a professional mixing table;
  • High-quality features – both the turntable and the equalizer hold great quality;
  • Built to last – every content of this package has an incredible durability rate;

Potential Flaws:

  • The set doesn’t come with turntable needles;

Value for the price:

Now, the price might appear a bit too steep, but you won’t find a better solution in the price range. Excellent value for the cash.

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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge Bundle with Phono Box and Audioengine A5+ Speakers

45 record player for sale

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There’s a very logical reason why people put Pro-Ject and Audio-Technica items in their turntable bundles. They’re simply better than the rest. This record player set is the perfect combination of high-performance record player and speakers.

Detailed description and features:

Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon DC is a turntable of exceptional quality. The beautiful matte black design is simple and it provides great sound output, and Audioengine A5+ speakers do an amazing job of delivering that clear and powerful noise.
record changer turntable sale

The package includes:

  • Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon DC record player;
  • Ortofon 2M Red turntable cartridge;
  • Audioengine A5+ external speakers;


  • Remarkable quality – excellent turntable and a pair of premium-quality speakers;
  • A cartridge of unprecedented performance – most beginner’s turntable sets don’t include a cartridge. This one does;
  • Built-in power amps – the speakers do an amazing job, even when used standalone;

Potential Flaws:

  • The price is way too steep for a beginner bundle;

Value for the price:

Here’s the deal – this turntable set does cost quite a lot, but don’t let that dissuade you. Pro-Ject and Audioengine create a great combo, so it’s literally unimaginable to find a better combination of beginner turntable and speakers. High value for the price.

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TechPlay Package TCP4530 Turntable with Audio-Technica’s AT95E Cartridge + 50w RMS Powerful Sykik Pro

lp players for sale

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If you’re on a budget and if you’re looking for a beginner turntable bundle, you might want to hear this out. TechPlay record player package offers an easy way to enjoy your music for a bargain price, so let’s see what it comes supplied with.

Detailed description and features:

TechPlay package includes a pair of Sykik Pro speakers (50W RMS with a 4-inch woofer, and magnetically shielded speakers), and a TechPlay TCP4530 record player. The latter is equipped with AT95E Audio Technica cartridge and the S-shaped metal stylus.

The package includes:

  • A pair of Sykik Pro external speakers;
  • TechPlay TCP4530 record player;


  • A phenomenal price – this record player bundle belongs to the cheap price point category;
  • A phenomenal pair of speakers – Sykik Pro speakers are some of the best in the price range;
  • High-quality turntable – TechPlay TCP4530 record player is supplied with premium-quality AT95E Audio-Technica cartridge and the S-shaped metal turntable stylus;

Potential Flaws:

  • The features of this set do not excel in any field of performance – they’re satisfactory at best and great for a start;

Value for the price:

Since it’s a bargain, the value is obviously pretty high. However, don’t expect too much, they’re good for starters, at best.

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Hercules DJ Control Air + S Series

vintage working record player

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Now, this could hardly pass as a “record player bundle”. Hercules DJ Control Air is a DJ Mixing table which has two record players attached to it. It’s a great way to save some space and get started right away.

Detailed description and features:

The best thing about Hercules DJ Control Air is that it doesn’t cost too much. The second best thing is that it’s convenient – you will have the speakers, the mix table, and the record player, all in one place. High-quality features and simplified method of operation.

The package includes:

  • A single Hercules DJ Control Air Mix-table;


  • Save up on your storage space – you don’t need external speakers or anything else, but this record player;
  • Ideal for DJ’s – the features and controls on this record player makes it ideal for DJ’s and audiophiles;
  • Very cost-effective – this record player set is a bargain, literally;

Potential Flaws:

  • This is not exactly a turntable;
  • No speakers;
  • No additional parts;

Value for the price:

Abnormal value for the price. You get everything in one place, and the features are all premium-quality.

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The Best All in One Turntable Models!

Introduction – What is All in One Turntable?

Let’s get right into the meaty bit: all-in-one turntables are regular turntable models that were either modified or specifically manufactured with highly versatile settings. Some are equipped with Digital Radio tuners, a hell of a good pair of speakers, others are compatible with modern electronic devices while some have a vast array of special features.

It’s important to note that these turntable models are primarily turntables – standalone MP3 players are more likely to perform better on their field, for example.

What are the benefits of owning an All in One turntable?

The benefits you can take advantage of by owning an All in One turntable are great and numerous. First of all, you don’t need to purchase a lot of different devices that serve similar purposes when you can have them All in One.

Secondly, they’re more cost-effective – Having a machine that will do all of these jobs will also help you save money.

Lastly, you can consider these turntables as an improvement over the regular models. They still look fashionable and retro, but they’re more capable and reliable.

The best all in one turntable reviews


Jensen All-In-One Hi-Fi Stereo CD Player Turntable & Digital AM/FM Radio Tuner Tape Reflex Stereo Sound System

retro record players for sale

This fella is the senior model of Jensen’s All-In-One turntable series. It’s equipped with various features such as CD playback, AM/FM tuner, Stereo, and more. It can do pretty much whatever you please – record your CD-R or CD-RW discs, deliver the goods via built-in Stereo Tuner, play your old cassettes… It also comes equipped with a nifty auxiliary input.

But wait, it gets even better – this Jensen is not just one of the most versatile turntable models on the market, it’s also one of the most attractive retro record players for sale. We are looking at an old-fashioned record player with a vintage look that will light up your room with some classy vibes.

The only problem is the Radio – the signal is not too powerful, so it might take a while before you can get a clear reception. This is not such a terrible flaw if you consider that the radio is replaceable, so if you don’t feel like tinkering and peddling with the radio that’s supplied with this model, simply install a new one.

classic record players for sale


  • CD playback – you can enjoy your CDs, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 discs easily and conveniently.
  • Cassette playback – You can either enjoy your mix tapes or record a new batch by using the cassette deck;
  • The superior belt-drive mechanism – This feature gives a clear and accurate sound so that your listening experience is complete and exquisite;
  • Auxiliary input – Compatible with most modern devices (such as PCs, iPhone models, and such);
  • Various speed settings – the Jensen All-in-One turntable can play music at 33, 45, or 75 RPM;


  • The only flaw of this turntable is the AM/FM Tuner. It’s frequency and reception are quite sluggish, so you need to either be patient or install a new one.


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Teac All-In-One 20 Watt Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Turntable

retro portable record player

An All-In-One turntable that is engineered to be the best – Teac All-In-One turntable was made to be the best. It’s extremely versatile and highly durable and reliable, and it has all the features you could possibly want out of your turntable – The CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, Digital AM/FM tuner, and the stereo system.

Want to know the best part?

It’s quite affordable for a turntable model that is capable of replacing all of your outdated hardware (CD players, Radio tuners, and similar). It’s a very valuable vintage record player that deserves to grace your home with the sweet melodies.

The downfall is that the screen is quite small – you could barely see what is written, and some functions are only spelled partially. Anyhow, a very valuable piece of musical equipment. Overall, this is good stuff, so a thumbs up from us!

retro lp player


  • Very versatile – Equipped with various modern technologies such as the CD player and AM/FM tuner;
  • Bluetooth connectivity – with as much as the push of the button, you can connect your all in one turntable with any Bluetooth compatible device.
  • Auxiliary & USB input – this device can easily connect to the external devices such as MP3 and CD players.


  • The screen is very small – people who wear glasses might find it very hard to read the info.


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Teac All-In-One Hi-Fi Stereo Turntable CD Player/Recorder/Cassette/Digital Reflex Stereo Sound System

retro turntables for sale

Another great product from Teac, this model belongs to the same generation as the model we have previously mentioned. It’s designed in retro fashion – the old-school outlook is combined with the vintage record player style and settings.

The needle is very durable and adds to the accuracy of sound output while the entire construction is made from high-quality wood.

What’s the bottom line?

If you happen to be between a rock and a hard place (this and the previous Teac turntable model), you could easily decide whether you like the outlook or performance better. This model looks older but has a greater overall performance rating while the Teac All-In-One 20 Watt Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Turntable looks newer and less retro.

turntable record player for sale

  • High-quality material – Extremely durable construction;
  • Fashionable outlook – This old-fashioned record player looks extremely retro;
  • Very versatile – It’s able to play CD’s, CD-R, CD-RW discs, MP3 files, and a lot more;
  • Auxiliary & USB input – Teac All-in-One turntable is compatible with iPhones, iPods, MP3 and CD players via these inputs;


  • The cover is not as durable as the entire construction


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Jensen All-In-One Hi-Fi Stereo CD Player Turntable & Digital AM/FM Radio Tuner Second Gen

vintage vinyl record players

I bet you would never say that this model is actually is a turntable. The design of Jensen All-In-One Second Gen turntable resembles that of a pair of speakers – this is only natural because it comes supplied with enormous Stereo Speakers which provide the phenomenal sound output.

The entire concept of this turntable is directly opposite of the first generation of Jensen All-In-One speakers – it looks modern, where the previous series of models looked retro and vintage. It has enormous speakers while the first models had built-in woofers. This does not mean at all that earlier models are bad – the newer models are simply superior.

vintage record players sale


  • Exceptionally powerful Stereo Speakers – goosebumps inbound;
  • Manifold of settings – Versatile options and various equalizer settings are supplied with this model;
  • Remote controls – Ideal for parties when you can’t reach it otherwise;
  • Easy to use – Simply read the instruction manual;


  • When people search for a turntable, they want it to look vintage and retro. This model looks very modern, but this is not necessarily a flaw – it’s a completely subjective matter.


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Boytone BT-17DJM-C All-In-One Turntable

old fashioned record player for sale

The last piece on our review is Boytone BT-17DJM-C. At first sight, it appears quite straightforward and plain. However, you would be wrong if you think that it’s a regular turntable device. What if we say that it can easily replace most of your electronic devices? Radio, MP3 and CD players, Cassette players, and such?

It’s supplied with built-in speakers that are very powerful, but accurate – no sound will be lost when you pump the volume up. It’s also equipped with USB, SD, and Auxiliary inputs so that you can connect your turntable to your PC, iPad, or iPhone.

But wait, there’s more.

The feature which makes this All-In-One turntable absolutely phenomenal and exquisite is the MP3 Conversion Setting. You don’t need to use your PC to convert your vinyl and cassette files to MP3.

retro record player for sale


  • Plain design and simple to use – Classic appearance and design make it look very good;
  • Highly compatible with modern technology – USB, SD, and Auxiliary inputs;
  • Phenomenal sound output – strong built-in speakers make sure that you enjoy your music on a whole new level;


  • It’s incredibly small in size and it’s amazing that all these features actually fit.


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We select the best record player with speakers !


We select the best record player with speakers!

PictureModelWhy should you buy itPriceOur Rating
Pyle PPTCM80BTBRPortable and plays every source$$$3.5 out of 5 stars
Innovative Technology ITCDS-6000Bluetooth option and top quality speakers$$$3.8 out of 5 stars
Teac MC-D800-CH All-In-One Turntable Speaker SystemWooden Design, Bluetooth option and CD player$$$$3.9 out of 5 stars
Victrola VTA-750B Nostalgic Aviator 7-in-1 TurntableNostalgic Design and user friendly$$$3.8 out of 5 stars
Pyle PLTT82BTBK Vintage Record PlayerPortable, easy vinyl to mp3 conversion$$$3.2 out of 5 stars

How to find the best record player with speakers ?

Vinyl players are very much alive and come with interesting technology. Finding the best record player with speakers that deliver high-quality sound is not an easy job.

There  are so many models available on the market!

A good stereo is something every vinyl music lover would look for in a record player when buying one.

Today many players come with in-built speakers to free the users from hassles of connecting and carrying external speakers. But not all the turntables with speakers deliver quality sound.

Turntabel with speaker in room

Loading records to the players, manually lifting the tone arm and placing the tone arm to play the record is fun and exciting. Apart from that vinyl record players take you back into the vintage times to pamper your music senses royally.

Maybe you are just getting into collecting vinyl records.

Or you are only interested in listening to some of your old records.

No matter what your passion is, when it comes to buying a record player with speakers, it is important for you to know which models deliver decent sound quality to enhance your music listening experience.

We can understand that it is not easy for any buyer to physically research into various models of record players with speakers to decide on the best record player.

We get that.

So, we thought we can make your job easy.


By bringing you the details of the best record players with speakers. We’ll make sure to inform you and make the right decision on the kind of one you want to buy, based on the features discussed.

Model 1: Pyle PPTCM80BTBR Bluetooth Turntable Recording with speakers

Pyle Vintage Retro Classic

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The Pyle-PPTCM80BTBR turntable with speakers is equipped with modern technology and has a vintage look.

The turntable features in-built full-range stereo speakers to enhance your music listening experience. The sound quality can be considered as decent compared to competitors’ turntable models.

The player is practically portable that folds into a briefcase and unfolds from a briefcase into an elegant record player in just a few steps. The design is rugged and stylish which allows you to transport it quickly from one place to another.

Key Features

  • Moving from one place to another is convenient with the stylish and rugged design of the Pyle turntable.
  • The turntable can play music from various sources with the help of accessories which include USB cable, aux-in cable and 45RPM adaptor.

Pro’s – Plays Everything

This retro look record player can play a wide variety of music from vinyl records, mp3 players, iPods and PC with the help of USB port and cable.

In short, the turntable is a perfect combination of analog and digital technology.

The player allows you to tune into some good and latest music with the inbuilt AM/FM when you need a mood change.

  • Stereo Speakers

The Pyle turntable with speakers features stereo speakers that can be folded and unfolded. They deliver sound that is good enough to fill any room.

The quality of sound is decent and can entertain the crowd of friends and family. And if you are interested in enjoying the music alone then the headphone output is just perfect for private listening.

  • Stylish Controls

The Pyle turntable comes with a stylish steel look control panel which is located on the face of the machine.

You can easily control the audio quality of the player. The front display has decorative steel knobs which include the volume, treble, base, aux-in capabilities, and phono.


Many customers are happy with their purchase.

A few customers complained that the feature where USB converts vinyl records into mp3 format is not satisfactory. The background noise sometimes seems to be recorded as well.

The players does have one or two drawbacks, but that is not preventing customers from buying the turntable.

It is loaded with great features that enhance the music listening experience!

Amazon Customers Review

The product has an average of 3.5 stars out of 5 and reviewed by 67 customers. Although there are a few concerns about the USB conversion to MP3, this is not preventing customers from buying this turntable as the unit delivers decent sound quality and can play music from almost all the external sources


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Model 2: Innovative Technology ITCDS-6000 Their best record player with speakers

innovative technology classic retro turntable

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Innovative technology is known for their quality vinyl record players that are a perfect blend of vintage looks and advanced technology.

The ITCDS-6000 model has been built using the latest technology that has changed the world of vinyl record players.

You can play music from almost all of your Bluetooth enabled devices with the Bluetooth wireless technology. It Features  50watt Bluetooth component stereo speakers with the record player.

So, what are we trying to say?

This model has EVERYTHING that a vinyl lover looks for in a record player:

Looks, Power & Performance!

Key Features

  • Built-in Bluetooth function that enables you to play wireless music from Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • The speaker grills and dual VU meters are removable which gives a classical feel.

Pro’s – Sound Quality

The record player plays crisp music with 50watts of stereo sound which are inbuilt. Unlike most of the turntables, this record player can play in 3 different speeds; 33-1/3,45 & 78 RPM which means that the unit can play your all-time favorites with different speeds.

  • Fully Loaded

The Innovative ITCDS- 6000 is loaded with features to take your music listening experience to next levels.

The player features a programmable CD player, Bluetooth function, Aux-in, head-phone jack and In-built FM radio turning the unit into a full-fledged entertainment deck. The player is a plug and plays version of the turntables.

  • In-built Bluetooth

The vintage look of this model of the Innovative technology player is undoubtedly an attractive feature.

Next to that, the in-built Bluetooth function can be termed as the best and most interesting feature of the player.

This enables you to play music from all Bluetooth enabled devices that too are wireless.


The Innovative technology ITCDS-6000 does suffer from certain drawbacks.

Few customers have complained of the CD player not working. Others complained of speakers not working properly.

However, the customers are happy with the vintage looks, sound quality and overall performance of the record player.

Amazon Customers Reviews

The product has an average of 3.9 stars out of 5 and is being reviewed by 370 customers.

This Classic and elegant Bluetooth component stereo of 50 watts, with the features of the innovative technology is designed in such a way, that it captures the look, power and the A-one performance of the exemplary shelf systems of the year 1980’s.


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Model 3: Teac MC-D800-CH Turntable Speaker Bluetooth

teac all in one turntable



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The Teac-MC-D800-CH-Turntable-Speaker-Bluetooth function is one of our favorite picks.

It plays back ten decades of music formats for audiophiles like us!

This beautiful turntable has a retro look and features extended speakers to the sides of the player. The design of the player is sturdy and compact.

The unique characteristics of this retro style turntable is the built Bluetooth connection and CD player that allows you to connect/ play various formats of digital music from your other gadgets at home.

Bluetooth wireless audio streaming with instant pairing also supports the conventional pairing.

The USB port of the player enables MP3/WMA playback. The player has a CD tray which can play MP3/WMA files. The Teac player features Auto-return 3 speed turntable with a sapphire stylus.

Key Features

  • Play music from various Bluetooth enabled devices with the instant pairing.
  • The quality sound delivered by the extended speakers of the player and the output of each speaker is 10 watt.

Pro’s: Built-in High-Quality Speakers

The Teac player features detachable speakers that can be placed anywhere in the room for enhanced audio experience.

The high-quality speakers of the record players combined with top quality engineering deliver sound that is highly impressive.

The player can play full volume clearly without compromising on the sound quality. The output of each speaker is 10W which means the total output of the speakers is 10W+10W.

  • Elegant Design

The player has an elegant look of wood grain walnut and black wood finish. The retro look of the player takes you back in time and gives you a royal feel of the music played.

The Bluetooth function of the player allows you to pair with other devices instantly to play different digital music formats. The USB port enables you to connect the flash drive for hours of playback. The player also comes with in-built FM/AM radio.

  • 3 Speed Options

The player reproduces and plays back 100 years of music formats. The turntable supports33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records and can also play 7-inch vinyl records. The player features auto-return feature which plays back the record again.

This record player is sure to add a touch of class and retro style apart from filling your home with crisp audio that is enjoyed by all.


The Teac MC-D800 turntable is an all-in-one turntable and is fully loaded with advanced features to entertain the music lovers.

However, the player is not completely free from drawback.

The only drawback that few customers have complained is that the unit plays the record very fast and completes the song at least 15-20 seconds earlier which is interrupting the quality of the sound output.

But that did not deviate customers from buying this Teac player as the unit is loaded with advanced features and can play music from external sources with a quick pairing.

Amazon Customers Reviews

The product has an average of 4 stars out of 5 and is being reviewed by 138 customers.

Teac’s best pick with speakers is one of the best home audio systems that could be used!

Enjoy its design, quality and elegant built!


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Model 4: Victrola-VTA-750B Nostalgic Turntable Entertainment

victrola aviator turntable with speakers

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Victrola-VTA-750B-Nostalgic-Turntable-Entertainment is a wooden music center with 7-in-1 functions.

This retro style wooden record player has the greatest in-built digital technology which plays records, CD’s, Cassettes and so much more.

The record player is constructed with wood and chrome coated grills giving the unit an antique retro look.

The control panel is located on the face of the unit and which is designed with attractive gold coated metal.

This classic style record player with a modern design is precious for the people who love and give the value to the original quality and look of the vinyl player.

The player comes with a unique feature that enables you to record vinyl records and cassettes without the need for a PC.

The Bluetooth function streams music from even a distance of 33 feet. So don’t look beyond this as it understands the need of the first time buyers and provides you the product loaded with multiple features.

Key Features

  • Victrola with built in speakers has two variations – Bluetooth and Non-Bluetooth.
  • Plays Vinyl Records, Cassettes, CD’s and much more by connecting to the AUX -in-line port. The Bluetooth variant of the player plays MP3/WMA music formats from all Bluetooth enables devices in 33ft proximity.

Pro’s – Built-in stereo speakers

The Victrola 7-in-1 record player features two stereo speakers on the front. They deliver rich and dynamic audio, thanks to the 36W speakers with peak power handling deliver a good job.

The nostalgic design of the player gives the listeners a feel of the original sound quality of the Vinyl.

  • Plays it All

This beautiful unit from Victrola plays three-speed records; 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM which means it plays all your favorite music from old vinyl records.

Apart from the turntable that player also features CD player, Cassette player, Bluetooth function and In-built FM radio enabling you to listen to the music you love all day.

The Bluetooth function of the player enables you to connect all the nearby Bluetooth enabled devices to play digital music formats.

  • User-Friendly

Victrola record player is an awesome player.

It proves to be a worthy device for the first-time users who want to put on money on a good product.

It is the plug-n-play type of model and can be directly put to use,  once unpacked.

Just plug it in and go!

Accessing each feature of the player for playing various types of music formats is easy and effortless!


The Victrola 7-in-1 record player is undoubtedly loaded with advanced features that enable you to play the past, present, and future music formats.

However, few customers have complained of not being able to fast forward or rewind when playing an audio cassette.

Some customers also complained of big jumps of the needle from one point to another.

Next there is a vast difference in the volume from 0-1 as well. But most of the customers are happy with the look, performance and price of the player.

This makes the model more and more popular each day!

Amazon Customers Reviews

The product has an average of 3.9 stars out of 5 and is being reviewed by 328 customers.

Victrola’s best pick with speakers is one of the best home audio systems!

It is loved by most of the customers because of its design, quality, and elegant built!


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Model 5: Pyle-PLTT82BTBK Bluetooth Turntable Recording

pyle ltt82btbk bluetooth turntable recording

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Pyle-PLTT82BTBK-Bluetooth-Turntable-Recording model with external speakers is a perfect combination of the yesterday’s classic style and the latest technology.

This retro style player features built-in speakers and Bluetooth function. The player is designed in such a way that could be easily transported.

One attractive feature of the player is the vinyl-to-MP3 recording feature that enables recording of the Vinyl music into digital music formats.

The vinyl music can be quickly transferred to the PC or shared with the family and friends easily. Isn’t that amazing!

The player plays all the three speeds of records; 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM allowing you to listen to all your favorite old classics.

pyle pltt82btbk knobs

 Key Features

  • Vinyl-to-MP3 recording feature enables you to convert vinyl music into digital music format easily.
  • In-built Bluetooth function allows you to listen to music from various external sources that are Bluetooth enabled.

Pro’s – Easy Conversion

You can convert an old vinyl record into a digital mp3 with the help of the driver and the music editing software.

It is also very easy to store the files on your computer.

The software could be used on both Mac and PC and could effortlessly connect all your devices with an AUX output.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

The player features in-built Bluetooth function that allows you to play music from various external sources or devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

The player can easily connect to any Bluetooth transmitting device within the specified distance and play the music. It’s a plug and plays version of the turntable.

  • Quality Sound Output

The player comes with foldable speakers that can be unfolded from the main unit to play music.

The full range speakers pop-out from the box type unit and can very well stream music from external sources with the help of Aux input jack.

This Pyle player model lets you enjoy music in classic old style along with advanced features of the system.


There are some minor complaints from few customers that have bought this player.

They complained that there is no radio, even though there is a mention of AM/ FM and sometimes LP’s stops before completely playing the record.

But still the customers want to buy this player anxiously and play their favorite vinyl music, customers are not bothered whether the player has AM/FM radio in the system as they purely want to enjoy vinyl music.

Amazon Customers Reviews

The product has an average of 3.0 stars out of 5 and is being reviewed by 80customers.  Pyle model is one of the best players because of its quality, design and elegant built that is worth buying especially for first-time users.


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What is the Best Record Player with speakers? – Verdict

We recommend Pyle-PLTT82BTBK-Bluetooth-Turntable-Recording first!

pyle pltt82btbk

pyle pltt82btbk display


It’s modern technology with Bluetooth function gives a classic style with a wireless streaming music that has a full range of the stereo speakers.

The old records can be converted and saved into the Mp3 files as the player consists of the function; vinyl to MP3 recording.

The AUX (3.5 mm) input jack helps to connect the external device followed by the other features like SD memory card reader, FM/ AM radio, CD player and having 3-speed selectable vinyl playback.






The second-best record player with speakers to suggest is the Innovative-Technology-ITCDS-6000-Bluetooth-Turntable which is a 50 watts Bluetooth component stereo.

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It can be termed as the best record player with speakers as it has 3-speed turntable (33 – 1/3,45, 78 RPM) quality and 3.5 mm of AUX in-line which allows you to connect to external audio sources.

The Dual VU Meters give a classical feeling, and an in-built CD player with a remote control enables you to play modern day CD music effortlessly.

Get home your kind of record player from the above mentioned and enjoy your old classic melodies all the day.


And what about other record players with speakers?

For sure, this a great list. But is this all?

The answer is no.

In fact, there is a wide variety of record players with speakers. We put a great deal of effort in some research of what is possible when you are looking the best device for you.

If the above list does not provide you your dream -machine, then we recommend you to have a look at this extra list we created:

  • A classic looking turntable with a big brass horn: The Pyle-Home Vintage Phonograph Horn Turntable. Next to a nice turntable, definitely a stylish piece of vintage design furniture.
  • If you want to fire things up towards a more semi-pro level, consider buying a beginner record player set.
  • The benefits you can take advantage of by owning an All in One turntable are great and numerous. First of all, you don’t need to purchase a lot of different devices that serve similar purposes when you can have them All in One.
  • When you already posses a record player and only want to extend your system with a good pair of stand alone speakers, we recommend you to have a look at this overview of the best turntable speakers.





Review of the PYLE-HOME PVNP4CD Vintage Phonograph

There are so many choices for record players, it almost boggles your mind. Do you go for a phonograph type of more a turntable design? Crosley or Electrohome? Vintage or modern? And for what price? Enough choices to make your head spin. Still, we do think that there are some models that do stand out enough to justify mention. One of those is the Pyle-Home PVNP4CD vintage phonograph, further referred to as “Pyle home PVNP4CD”. 

Despite its boring name, the Pyle-Home has some interesting features to put on the table. Characteristics vintage looks and retro sound. Keep reading to find out what we thought of this model.

Pyle Home Pros and Cons

First, the good thing, this item has a very nice design. The big prominent horn instantly reminds you to days in the past, it has no problem with easily becoming the center piece in your room. The authentically wood-crafted cabinet and combined analog/digital display can also be held responsible for that. We did like the sound this item produces, in manufacturing however, the company could have been more thoroughly.

The Design

The number one reason for owners of this model. This media player will look at home in any setting where you’re trying to accomplish old-timeyness.. Victorian, Early 20th century, etc. The brass horn is the part that is most characteristic, it does instantly bring a vintage look to your whole room. The horn is nicely accompanied by the wood crafted cabinet and copper display with solidly mounted rotary switches. Therefore this Pyle Home is not to be placed in a dusty corner of the chamber, it is fit for the job of catching some eyes. You can’t help but watch the records spin on this vintage style, authentically wood-crafted turntable as it plays your music.

The Sound

But as important as the design is the sound the player produces. You do not only want to look at your LP’s spinning, of course you also want to enjoy listening to them.