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Crosley CR6233U-BK1 Dansette Sterling Portable Turntable

A short introduction to Crosley and Crosley’s Dansette Sterling
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Crosley’s turntables are one of the best on the market, and most people are already familiar with some of their famous products (Crosley’s Cruiser, Messenger, etc.). Crosley’s Dansette Sterling, however, is one that’s most sought after.

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It’s a versatile record player that excels in performance, it’s beautiful, and it features a nostalgic, classic design. We’re going to discuss the features it comes supplied with, it’s design, and price before we pass on the final verdict.

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling Design

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a light weight record player that’s very easy to move around. It weighs only 12 pounds, and it’s as compact as can be. Considering the outward appearance, it has a set of four supporting wooden legs, a non-detachable dust cover, and a beautiful record player “head”. The “Dansette” logo has been implemented in the bottom left corner as a sign of quality while two control knobs are placed in the opposite corner.
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The simplicity is responsible for Crosley Dansette Sterling’s beauty – there aren’t too many features, the simple plinth design and a set of wooden legs are all there is to it. This beautiful record player comes in three color variants – Red, Black, and Grey.

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling Features

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a simple turntable, as we’ve already mentioned. The features it comes outfitted with are few, but they’re capable of delivering high-quality sound. It’s important to note that Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a re-introduction of the original Crosley’s Dansette. The BK-1 version is analog, and that’s one of the major differences.
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This record player is outfitted with a record player platter which can reproduce most record sizes (7”, 10” and 12”) and it can play them at 3 variable speeds. The simple “volume control” button allows you to adjust the loudness of the volume, and the Aux-In you can enjoy your music in a much easier way.

As for the sound output, this turntable has a set of Dynamic Stereo (full range) speakers that are “responsible” for the full-spectrum audio. Crosley always implements premium-quality features in their turntables, and Dansette Sterling is not an exception.
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It’s hard to say whether the stand (supporting legs) is a part of the overall features of Crosley’s Dansette Sterling, mainly because it’s function is different – these legs are supposed to be an aesthetic part that provides this record player with a beautiful outlook.

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling Performance

The performance should be the first thing to interest you if you’re an audiophile or a music enthusiast. The record player market is vast, and choosing the best-sounding turntable is not an easy task. Crosley’s Dansette Sterling comes with a set of full range dynamic stereo speakers that let out a powerful punch.
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The soundstage is balanced pretty good, so you can enjoy the accurate sound at all times – deep, clear bass is one of the most apparent soundstage features, the midrange is equalized, and the highs are crispy and enjoyable.
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What speaks volumes about this record player’s versatility is the ability to reproduce vinyl records at two selectable speeds. You can enjoy your records at 33 1/3 or 45 rotations per minute. Surely enough, there are record players that are capable of reproducing records at 3 selectable speeds, but most people would agree that two selectable speeds are sufficient for enjoyment.
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Compactness is the second best performance feature of Crosley’s Dansette Sterling. How much energy you need to invest in moving your record player from one place to the other determines whether a record player is compact or not. With Crosley’s Dansette Sterling you won’t have problems of this sort. It weighs only 12 pounds, and it’s designed in such a way that it won’t take up too much space wherever you put it.

The ability to enjoy your vintage records in a “portable” way is complemented with the aux input. You can connect Crosley’s Dansette Sterling to an amplification device, a preamp, your PC, Laptop, Mac, or similar electronic devices.

The good and bad about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is a phenomenal record player that’s capable of delivering premium-quality sound. It’s not expensive at all, it comes in three color variants, and it’s decently affordable. We’ve mentioned most of the things that people need to know about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling, however there are some downfalls as well.
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The good about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling:

  • A high-performance record player – this turntable is outfitted with premium-quality features. The performance value of Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is enormous;
  • Two selectable speeds – Crosley’s re-introduction of Dansette can reproduce your vinyl records at 33 1/3 or 45 rotations per minute;
  • A set of high-quality speakers – this turntable is supplied with a set of dynamic stereo speakers (full range);
  • Compact and classic design – Crosley’s Dansette Sterling looks nostalgic and classic, but it’s also extremely compact. Moving it from place to place is incredibly easy and it won’t take up too much of your space;
  • Lightweight – Crosley’s Dansette Sterling weighs only 12 pounds;
  • An affordable price – This turntable isn’t expensive at all. In fact, it belongs to the budget record player price point category;
  • Comes in three colors – Crosley’s Dansette Sterling comes in Red, Black, and Grey;

The bad about Crosley’s Dansette Sterling

  • It’s not exactly durable – the composition of this record player is based on plastic parts, mostly;
  • No counterweight – this feature (or the lack of this feature) governs the tonearm balance. Record player stylus can easily pierce, scratch, or damage the record if it’s not balanced properly;

Value for the price
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Most people like Crosley’s Dansette, and the re-introduction of it (Sterling BK-1) is valuable to the audiophile community. It’s a great record player that can offer you quite a lot, and it’s incredibly cheap, if we take all of the incredible features into account. It’s safe to say that this record player holds a great value for the cash.

The only downfall is that it doesn’t come supplied with a counterweight. This is extremely important to note before you actually use this record player due to the stylus digging deep into the groove of your records. So if you want to avoid damage, you might want to re-install this feature.

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As for the other features, most of them are incredible. People like how this record player sounds, how it looks like, and the fact that it’s compact and lightweight. All in all, it holds an amazing value for the cash.

The Final Verdict

Crosley’s Dansette Sterling is the re-introduction of the old Crosley’s Dansette. It’s amazing, really, although not as much of a “boom” as the original Dansette was due to obvious reasons. The original had set the standards, and they are pretty high. It’s safe to say that Sterling BK-1 is able to put up with the challenge. However, the fact remains that the original is hard to surpass.

Anyway, there are people who aren’t into history, and people who want to know what a record player can do for them. If you’re that person, you will love all the benefits Crosley’s Dansette Sterling can offer you.