Denver – Record Venues You Simply Have To Visit

Denver is the largest town in the Colorado federal state, and it houses approximately 600 thousand citizens. Now, these people definitely know how to party – their botanic gardens are exceptionally beautiful, Colorado’s Ski Country is always brimming with life, and the Cherry Creek State Park is a wonderful place to visit.

As for the record shops, Denver is a home of some of the most beautiful record venues in all of the USA. We’ve compiled a list of the top shops you simply have to visit, so take a look:

1. Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout is definitely one of the best vinyl record shops that Denver can offer. This is store is massive, but it’s pretty well-organized – there are several long rows of hand-picked vinyl records, and it’s safe to say that most of the selection is quite old-school.

It’s not uncommon that Twist and Shout hosts in-store performances, but they also sponsor local gigs and shows. Their prices are quite affordable, so make sure to pay them a visit when you’re in Denver.

2. Wax Trax

Wax Trax may just be a true heaven for audiophiles, music enthusiasts, and vinyl record lovers. This record shop is brimming with musical obscurities, reissues, oddities, and some of the rarest vinyl records in the US of A. The staff of this magnificent record venue is friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely polite, and, occasionally, you may even bump into some famous stars, as they frequent this audiophile heaven.

3. Mutiny Information

Mutiny Information is the most versatile shop Denver has to offer. It’s practically a café, a record shop, a comic shop, and a premium-quality bookstore. People gather here all the time, as there are plenty of activities to choose from. The interior is very home-like, as it is inviting, warm, and quite beautiful altogether. Now, the only downfall is that there are not a lot of records to browse.

4. Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge

Bowman’s is the place for writers, poets, and artistic souls. This place offers booze and vinyl records, and it’s safe to say that this combination is absolutely ideal. Apart from their vast vinyl record stock, there are a lot of different brands of booze to enjoy. The prices of Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge are affordable, and their staff will gladly help you it if you’ve hit a tight spot.

5. The 52 80s

The 52 80s is another magnificent shop that you’ll definitely want to visit if you’re in Denver. This is a true nostalgic gem that will bring back memories faster than anything. A wide selection of rare vinyl records and other musical oddities & obscurities is at your leisure at a reasonable price.

The staff of 52 80s is well-acquainted with up-to-date music genres and trends, and they’re very, very polite. Simply ask them what you need, and they’ll show you around. As for their stocks, they don’t have a wide catalog of vinyl records, but the entire place is extremely well-organized, so you’re bound to find a thing or two to your liking eventually.

Here’s a fun-fact: The 52 80s also sell action figures and similar nostalgic gems and tokens of the past millennium, so make sure to check the entire place out before you leave.

6. Angelo’s CDs

Angelo’s can be found at various locations throughout USA. Angelo is more of an institution than a music shop, mainly because they’ve earned the trust of their beloved customers by providing premium-quality products and services.

We’ll stick with this venue since they’re somewhat of a rarity these days – vinyl records were thought to be extinct until recently, and Angelo’s is the first Vinyl Record Chain in quite a while. Even though they’re definitely among the best of the best, Angelo’s CDs offer more than just records and cassettes.

The stocks of this magnificent shop are filled with body-art accessories and jewelry for those with a taste in aesthetics, bongs for those who like to puff on occasions, throwing knives for people who like exotic things, and, of course, a wide variety of hand-picked vinyl records.

Considering the vinyl records and cassettes, you can find virtually anything here – from the oldest Beatles records, to the latest mainstream music genres. The staff of Angelo’s is professional, friendly, and well-acquainted with everything you may need, so feel free to inquire about the stocks, the shop itself, or whatever comes to mind. Their prices, however, are quite competitive, and they’re not among the cheapest, most definitely.