Where To Find The Best Record Shops In New Orleans

Are you searching for a good time in New Orleans? This is the biggest city in the Louisiana state, and it’s definitely among the best-looking towns. It’s nested between Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne, near the Mexican gulf, and there are a lot of great sights to behold.

Some of the most famous places you definitely need to visit are:

  • The French quarter – this quarter is brimming with beautiful sights, haunted houses, and astonishing architecture;
  • Jackson Square – vivid landscapes and artisan-level monuments are just some of the wonders Jackson Square can offer you;
  • The National WWII Museum – you can marvel at the relics of the 2nd World War in this history museum;
  • Preservation Hall – This hall is considered to be one of the homes of jazz music;

If that wasn’t enough, you should definitely check out the record shops of New Orleans. There are many beautiful record venues in this amazing town, and we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best for you, so let’s see what they can offer you:

1. Louisiana Music Factory

The Music Factory of Louisiana is a large record venue that’s exceptionally warm towards new faces. There are plenty of rows of well-organized vinyl records, underneath which you can find some of the rarest limited-edition vinyl releases.
They sometimes host in-store live performances which are always a blast, but I’d say that their wide catalog of vinyl records is their forte.

Jazz enthusiasts, professional DJs, and large tour groups are standard customers of the Louisiana’s Music Factory, but locals seem to like them pretty much too. All in all, the prices of Louisiana’s Music Factory are quite fair, the references are top-quality, and most of the stuff is well-organized and well-kept.

2. Euclid Records

Euclid Records can be found at the Chartres Street, New Orleans (number 3301), and there’s one hell of a reason why you should pay them a visit. Their stocks are brimming with limited releases, rare releases, and up-to-date mainstream bands and performers. Their prices are also pretty cool, and, most importantly, these people know their business.
Euclid Records have been around for 32 years, and they’re definitely doing something right. The locals simply adore them, and you could see a variety of people at all times – hipsters, rappers, DJs, metalheads, punkers, and even industrial fans.

3. The Mushroom

Now, here’s an oddball. The mushroom is a versatile shop that deals with patches, T-Shirts, DVDs, Jewelry, Smoking Accessories, and, of course, CDs, Records, and movies. There’s a beautiful hip graffiti at the entrance of the store which is quite old, but still very welcoming.
The Mushroom started out in the 1969 by the Student Liberation Front as a sign of protest against over-priced book shops and venues. Needless to say, they’re up and running even now, so you can expect fair prices and top quality merchandise.

4. NOLA Records

Originally, this shop opened up in 2011, but it was renamed and reopened in 2015. NOLA records offer a wide catalog of new & used vinyl records, DJ gear, but they offer premium-quality production equipment.
The in-store events are quite a commonplace here. They spread the love between music enthusiasts and audiophiles with cheap prices and superior services. The records span from reggae, over hip hop, to jazz, soul, rock, and similar music genres.

5. Skully’z Recordz

Skully’z Recordz owner is certain Scott Wells, and they’re definitely one of the craziest Bourbon Street record shops. The store itself is quite small, but don’t be discouraged by it – there are plenty of limited release records, indie & electronic vinyl records, and more.
On top of all, the prices of Skully’z Recordz are all but expensive, and you can even find some metal & experimental vinyl records if the place isn’t too crowded. This is definitely a venue you’d want to visit if you’re searching for rarities and oddities.

6. Peaches Records

Peaches sound innocent and cute, and that word could fit the Peaches Records nicely. In fact, Peaches Records is much alike the Bed, Bath, and Beyond of vinyl records. The store is huge (to say the least), and it would take you many days and sleepless nights to simply check every raft out.
Peaches were open for 40 years (probably even more). They offer premium-quality new and old-time records, rap music records, vintage releases, and band merchandise. The prices of Peaches Records are quite fair, and the staff is quite polite and warm.