Finding the best record venues in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is actually a part of NYC, and it forms the Kings County with four other districts. The East River, Newton’s Creek, and Betts Creek are just some of the marvelous sights to behold in this piece of heaven.

Ever heard of the Coney Island? It’s one of the wonders of Brooklyn – an amusement park that will make your trip memorable. You can always visit the Brooklyn’s museum if you’re into history, art, and architecture, or simply take a stroll in the Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

The Children’s Museum of Brooklyn is also a magnificent place to take your kids, but what if you’re looking for a record shop? Here’s where we step in.

Brooklyn is very beautiful in its own right, and the record shops that it houses only contribute to its beauty. Here we have a list of the best record venues in Brooklyn that you simply have to visit if you’re in Kings, NYC.

1. Rough Trade

Don’t be deceived by the name – Rough Trade is actually pretty fair, if we’re to take the name literally. They’re one of the best Williamsburg record shops, housing tons and tons of versatile records from various music genres.
The place itself is huge, and there are always hundreds of people, rummaging through the records in hope of finding a rare vinyl record.

Rough Trade’s interior is minimalist in nature, so don’t expect fancy lights or light shows. Even so, they’re always full, and their record stocks keep piling up, despite the fact that people literally “rob” them of records on a daily basis (since their prices are a bargain).

2. Co-Op 87

Co-Op 87 vinyl record shop is a record hunter’s paradise. This place may not be beautiful or attractive, but it’s brimming with rare & limited edition records. The shop is well-organized, and there are tons of boxes and crates with rare vinyl records.
Their prices vary from product to product, and there are some very expensive records, but you can always find a cheap record if you dig hard enough. They can be found at Guernsey Street, between Norman and Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn, NYC.

3. Heaven Street

Heaven Street is actually a Heaven of best records in all of Brooklyn. This marvelous shop houses only the best records, among which you can find the rare editions, the latest vinyl records, and cheap used vinyl records.
The shop owners were mainly interested in punk, post-punk, hardcore, industrial, and metal music, but there are classics & electronic records as well.

If you’re a hardcore, punk, or metal fan, there are no excuses – this shop is a must go-to for any metal head.

4.  Black Gold (Brooklyn)

There’s Black Gold in NYC, and there’s some Black Gold in Brooklyn. We’re mainly concerned with the latter, so let’s get right to it – this shop is found at Court Street, Brooklyn, and it just may be the best record shop in the US.
Basically, this is a coffee shop that’s filled with records. Personally, I can’t imagine a better combination. A freshly brewed cup of coffee, a relaxing atmosphere, and tons of records that are just waiting to be explored and bought.

The interior of Black Gold is purely amazing – it was tastefully decorated, and it has a soothing aura that makes you want to be there all the time. If you’re up to some casual coffee and record digging enjoyment, this is your place.

5. Record Grouch

Record Grouch is a treasure trove of used LPs, 70s jazz music, European metal collection, and more. Their prices are their forte. The used records bin is where you will find all those bargains that will help your wallet retain its width. There are also some rarities that will lighten the load.
The interior is minimalist, so you won’t have any distractions while you’re browsing for your records. Anyhow, Record grouch can be found at Manhattan Avenue at the Huron Street in Brooklyn.

6. Vinyl Fantasy

Vinyl Fantasy is one of those shops that will simply blow you away as soon as you enter. Their selection of vinyl records is insurmountable, and they are always full of mainstream, indie, and alternative records and cassettes.
What’s more, they also sell cheap comic books, graphic novels and more. The staff are polite, friendly, and well-versed in the latest music trends. They will gladly help you out if you don’t know what you should buy or get. With such a great selection, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t visit them, to say the least.