Gemini Turntables

Gemini – A word or two about the brand

turntavleGemini Sound Products (or simply “Gemini”) is an exceptional brand that manufactures professional audio, DJ, and record player equipment. They were founded in the early 80s, and their headquarters are located in New Jersey, US. They joined forces with Cortex (a mass-storage controller with embedded systems manufacturer) and iKey (electronics manufacturer).

Tricks of the trade – famous Gemini record player’s outstanding features

The thing that people like the most about Gemini is that they’re very affordable – nearly all of their products are available at a bargain price, with the exception of some high-end turntables that belong to the medium price point range.
That doesn’t mean that their record players are bad – it’s on the contrary. They simply don’t invest too much in the outward appearance and the design of their turntables. Gemini focuses on performance and simplicity.

Now, some of the features that they equip their products with are:

  • Adjustable pitch sliders – these functions specify the sound output;
  • Selectable speeds – most Gemini record players can reproduce records at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rotations per minute;
  • Dust covers – Gemini makes sure that your turntable is safe from dust;

Best Gemini Record Player Reviews

Gemini TT-1100USBbuy a vinyl record player


Gemini TT-1100 USB is a manual belt-driven turntable that has the urban look. It’s quite small, but it’s also very capable. Some of the best things about this record player are the price, the club-style outward appearance, and the USB connectivity.

Now, the reason why this record player is so popular is because it’s extremely cheap and highly valuable for the price. Most turntables in this price point category can’t even come close to Gemini TT-1100.

Details, description, and features:
record player turntables

This record player features a belt drive mechanism, a club-style outward appearance, variable pitch sliders (up to 10% up or down), and the aluminum platter. The variable pitch feature lets you specify the sound output, but it doesn’t give you too much freedom – you could only get to 10% up or down.

Now, the aluminum platter is a rarity among cheap record players, but Gemini TT-1100 comes supplied with it. This is an outstanding feature that provides great durability, it’s very attractive, and it helps avoid scratches on your records.

The USB connection, however, is considered to be the best addition to this record player. It allows you to connect this turntable to your PC (or Mac), and it’s often seen in premium-quality turntables.
vinyl record player usb


  • An amazing price – this turntable belongs to the cheap price point category, and it’s extremely cost-effective;
  • A great set of features – belt-driven mechanism, variable pitch sliders, aluminum platter, and USB connection;
  • A highly durable platter – the platter of this record player is made of aluminum which provides great durability to the construction;

Potential Flaws:

  • The sound output of Gemini TT-1100USB is nothing special – it’s great for the cash, but it can’t compare to some more expensive record players;

Value for the price:

Well, this record player is quite cheap, its features are pretty great, and it’s durable and lightweight. This is why it’s safe to say that it holds an amazing value for the cash.

Gemini XL500II Phonograph Turntable



This record player is somewhat older than TT-1100USB, so it’s only obvious that it looks more vintage. Gemini XL500II Phonograph record player is a direct drive record player that has a pretty straightforward design, but it also comes equipped with a set of very handy controls.

Details, description, and features:

The overall design of this turntable is, as we mentioned before, quite plain. It features a standard square plinth design, a dust cover, and some exceptional features, like adjustable pitch sliders and feather-touch control.

By using the sliders, you can adjust the pitch of your records up to 10% +/-, and the feather-touch control is actually a sensitive button that lets you start or stop your records in an instant. It’s a direct drive professional-grade record player that’s ideal for audiophiles and DJ’s.
record players turntables


  • Very cheap – Gemini XL500II record player can be purchased at a bargain price;
  • Direct drive turntable – this record player is extremely precise and accurate;
  • Handy controls – adjustable pitch sliders and feather-touch control;

Potential Flaws:

  • The dust cover isn’t exactly durable, so you might want to be careful about how you handle it;

Value for the price:

Being extremely inexpensive makes this turntable pretty valuable for the price. Great features, a terrific price.

Gemini XL500II Phonograph Turntable
List Price: $299.95
Price Disclaimer

Gemini XL-120 Belt Drive Manual Turntable

top rated vinyl record players


If you ever wanted a simple turntable, this might be your best bet. Gemini XL-120 is a belt drive record player that comes supplied with a removable headshell and the strobe illuminator. It’s one of the cheapest Gemini products, and it’s quite valuable for the price.

Details, description, and features:

This record player comes with adjustable pitch sliders (same as with most of their products), but you could only go up to +/- 6%. The dust cover was provided so that you could shield your record player from it, and the manual operation gives you full access to customization of the sound output.


  • Simple design, simple features – Gemini XL-120 belt-driven record player features a straightforward design and a set of basic features;
  • Manual method of operation – customize the sound output of your turntable as you see fit;
  • Extremely cheap – this record player is one of the cheapest Gemini products;

Potential Flaws:

  • Inferior pitch adjustment – most Gemini record players come supplied with pitch adjustment sliders that allow you to modify the pitch of your records up to +/- 10%. However, this model is only capable of going up to +/- 6%.

Value for the price:

Gemini XL-120 is definitely extremely valuable for the price. It’s cheaper than most Gemini products in our review, and the features it comes supplied with are pretty great overall.

Gemini PDT-6000 Digital Professional Turntable

record player 1970s


Gemini’s PDT-6000 is definitely one of their best record players. It’s extremely versatile, it’s a quartz direct-drive turntable, it has three selectable speeds, and it features the universal tubular arm. There are some flaws that most people could easily overlook, but they, however, impact the overall value of this product.

Details, description, and features:
record player classic

Gemini PDT-6000 is a quarts direct-driven record player that features a 13-inch (in diameter) aluminum platter and three selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 rotations per minute). The universal tubular arm has the effective reach of approximately 9 inches, and it’s very beautiful.
best phonograph turntable


  • A durable platter – the platter of Gemini’s PDT-6000 is 13-inches wide (in diameter) and it’s made of die cast aluminum;
  • Three selectable speeds – you can play your records at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rotations per minute;
  • Great turntable stylus – The Universal Tubular Arm has the effective reach of approximately 9 inches;

Potential Flaws:

  • The design – this record player looks almost exactly the same as XL-120;
  • The cost – you can purchase this record player at a moderate price.

Value for the price:

Even though this record player costs more than those we’ve already reviewed, it still belongs to the medium price point category. The features it comes supplied with are exquisite, and it’s safe to say that it holds a great value for the price,