New York’s Finest Record Shops

New York is definitely one of those places that are on everyone’s bucket list – big lights, big stars, nightlife. Everything there is brimming with fast-paced life, and I will personally shake the hand of the gentleman (or gentlewoman) who claims that they’ve experienced boredom in the NYC.

There are a lot of great things to see there, but there are also a lot of great things to hear. New York is the birthplace of many great bands and performers, so it’s only natural that this city shelters some of the finest record shops on the planet.

Rare vinyl records are in high demand these days, and you’re in luck – New York is full of shops that offer a variety of rarities, but make sure to bring a fat wallet with you because the prices are not exactly a bargain.

We’ve composed a list of the finest record spots in the NY, so, if you happen to be there, be sure to check them out:

1. Academy Records

Academy Records is one of those hot spots that are actually very affordable, and not just for NY standards. They’ve been around for quite a while, ever since the beginning of the 80s, and their stocks include an impressive catalog of the best records, CDs, LPs, and more.

The store is beautifully organized, and there’s a lot of room to feel relaxed while you’re browsing. The staff are well-informed and polite, so it’s quite clear why Academy Records deserve the #1 spot in our list.

2. Black Gold

One would think that Black Gold is a place where you can inquire about the oil industry, business, and so on, but one would be mistaken. This magnificent store sells a variety of things, including coffee, vinyl records, and antiques, hence the name.

The store itself features a beautiful interior design, including the stuffed hyena, a deer head, and a beautiful black ceiling. You can find a lot of stuff here, ranging from the trashy grunge-rock, over classic rock, punk, and metal. All in all, they’re quite affordable, but they’re definitely not cheap.

3. Captured Tracks

Captured Tracks is one of those venues in Greenpoint that doesn’t exactly strike as a record shop. The interior is brimming with business-like motives – perhaps the owners wanted to show that they’re serious, and that they did.
Once you’re inside this store, you might feel a familiar feeling. The interior resembles a work place, that’s true, but the friendliness of the staff simply makes everything different.

Captured Tracks is one of the relatively younger record hot spots – they opened up in 2013, and they’ve been kicking it ever since. Their stocks are large and versatile, their staff are approachable and straightforward – everything checks out, so just go and enjoy yourself.

4. Deep Cuts

Deep Cut records sound edgy, and, let me tell you, they have a reason to be – New York is a place where competition is stiff. It doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with – baking bread, selling records, singing, dancing. Deep Cuts is a store that deals with various music genres and records, but they’re more metal than any other store we’ve come across. Black Sabbath, Slayer, Anthrax, Death – their vinyl records are first to pop out once you enter the store.

Everything is in perfect order, though – there’s a separate section for each music genre, and you can always ask for help if you get lost along the way. The staff of Deep Cuts are decent folk, and they know their way around things. If you’re searching for rare releases of Iron Maiden’s LPs, they’ll get it for you in no time.

5. Generation Records

Located in Greenwich Village, Generation Records shine like the brightest diamond. This magnificent store is filled with rare LPs, used vinyl records, but they also sell t-shirts, posters, and other band merchandise. Some people think that this province is quiet and mild, but that’s not the case with the rockers at Generation Records – there are dozens of extreme-metal vinyl records, punkers would be pleased to see “God Save The Queen” in the first rows, but any average Joe can find various whatevers.

The store is not aggressive, though – most people would simply walk by without even noticing it, but once you’re inside, it’s a totally different story. Their work staff are familiar with everything they need to know, and they’ll gladly share their knowledge with you. Reasonable prices, friendly faces, and tons and tons of great records.