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Record Shops You Simply Must Visit if You’re In LA

Los Angeles is the place to be, and this is a perfect time to be alive. They’re currently brimming with premium record shops. If you’re an audiophile like me, make sure to pay a visit to some of these magnificent places.

Introduction – Why is LA so great for record diggers?

As you might’ve noticed here, there has been a massive resurgence in the turntable and record player culture worldwide. It’s only natural that the place where everything happens felt the incoming change and embraced it.

Since LA is one of the places with the highest tourism rate, many blues enthusiasts, rockers, hipsters, and punkers came to search for their vinyl records. The big guys of Los Angeles noticed this massive wave of music lovers, and decided to erect music shops on a large scale.

There are various record spots you can visit, but we’ve handpicked only the best of the best, among which we can count:

1. Mono Records

mono records laMono Records are located in the Echo Park, and it’s one of the best punk rock forts to start your search for premium-quality vinyl records. You simply can’t miss them – the big, bad “Records” sign lights the way to the store, where you will be welcomed warmly by the professional staff. Their knowledge about various music genres is staggering, and you will feel right at home as soon as you enter. If you’re having trouble with the address, it’s Glendale Boulevard 1805, Echo Park, Los Angeles.

2. Rockaway Records

rockaway records laRockaway Records is one of the most hip places in LA, without a doubt. The outward appearance of this venue is simply amazing, especially at night when the big sign reflects the warm atmosphere of the interior.
It’s also one of the older shops in LA – they started doing business with vinyl records in 1979, and they earned the place in the top venues with ease. Some of the staff have been working ever since the early 90s, and they know everything they need about their trade. They are famous for their massive Beatles rarities and collections. They can be found at the Glendale Boulevard 2395, Silver Lake.

3. Freakbeat records

freakbeat recordsLocated at the Sherman Oaks, Freakbeat records decorate the street of LA like no other. They’re one of the best-organized and most versatile record shops in the US of A, so make sure to pay them a visit if you’re nearby. They boast a large collection of various vinyl records – starting from pop and rock, over metal, to prog-rock and alternative.

4. Gimme Gimme Record Shop

gimme gimme record storeYou can find Gimme Gimme record shop at the Highland Park, but that’s not their original place. They moved from New York, mainly because the rent is cheaper. Also because the population needed a hero. They boast a massive stock collection that’s pretty close to the staggering amount of 20,000 Long Play records, 12” singles, and more. They’re pretty versatile, but their stock is largely composed of punk gems and new wave vinyl records. They can be found at the York Boulevard 4628, Highland Park.

5. Permanent Records

permanent records laPermanent Records wanted to send a powerful message with a powerful name, and they certainly did – they told the world that they’re here to stay. The owners are Chicago rockers who never meant to go with the flow, and that’s why they’re frequently visited by record diggers from across the globe. The stocks are versatile and various, so you can expect literally everything and anything. You can find Permanent Records at the Colorado Boulevard 1583, Eagle Rock.

6. Origami Vinyl

origami vinylOrigami Vinyl is another great record hot spot in the Echo Park, and the most famous shop in the entire LA. Even though the shop is quite small, they make in-store concerts quite often. Their online shop has made them very popular. You can find them at the Sunset Boulevard 1816, Echo Park.

7. Vacation Vinyl

vacation vinylFound at the Silver Lake, Vacation Vinyl decorates the warm area of streets of LA. Apart from the occasional in-store gigs and concerts, they offer a wide variety of quality records from various artists and performers.
The best thing about this venue is that it’s maintained and looked after by several professional clerks. Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Rock – they simply have it all. So make sure to pay them a visit whenever you’re in LA. Vacation Vinyl can be found at the Sunset Boulevard 3815, Echo Park.