Pros: There is no denying this is a world class turntable. With the design from Teac and the technical quality from Audio Technica, one can say this record player is a winner. This model is available in multiple colors and provides a superb sound.
Cons: They are pretty expensive. When you are aiming for a model that is above the average the Teac TN-300 is one to consider, butalso the price is above average. With about $300 this is a high end model.

TEAC TN-300 red review

Who is Teac?

Based in Japan, the Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company, or TEAC, was founded in the late 1950’s. On their payroll  was Katsuma Tani, who had a career as an engineer in aviation and aeronautics. With his knowledge he would built a reputation for TEAC as a highly qualified creator of audio equipment. This knowledge is the base for the Teac TN-300.

Some TEAC History

The company has four divisions, and TEAC Consumer Electronics is one of them. They played a significant role in the home recording scene during the early 1970’s. One of their iconic innovations that time was the 4-track cassette recorder, which made it possible for everyone to record their musical talents an offer it to the professional market.

During the years that followed, TEAC developed a proposition in which it would offer high quality and durability recording equipment that still would be affordable for every music lover, big or low budget.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, TEAC produced some notable cassette decks, CD players, turntables and amplifiers. As we are Turntable lovers, today we give our attention to the TEAC TN-300.

needle teac tn 300

Joint Forces with Audio Technica

teac record playerThis turntable is developed in cooperation with another well-known brand in the music industry, Audio Technica. Also having its roots in Japan from the early 1960’s, Audio Technica is specialised in producing mics, headphones and elements for turntables.

For the TEAC-300 they produced a MM phono cartridge. This cartridge ensures accurate reading, so you can enjoy sound with outstanding clarity and detail.

Design of the TEAC TN-300

This is a very straight forward, yet tight and modern designed turntable. It is available in multiple colours, like black, cherry, white, natural and red. The high gloss finish of the table’s surface looks great in contrast with the aluminium, metal-look parts. The transparent dust cover still allows the viewer the good looks while protecting the machine. If you don’t want flashing lights and a ton of features, this definitely is one for you.

TEAC TN-300 red review

Sound Quality

The sound that the TEAC TN-300 produces is just outstanding. The combination of the static, balanced straight tone-arm and the Audio Technica Stylus is a really big hit. Your old and new Vinyl albums just sounds more accurate, with more clarity and detail than on other comparable turntables. It also reduces unnecessary record playback, allowing you to preserve your vinyl collection for years to come. It is a warm sound with surprising good bass and tight highs. Just ad a decent set of speakers or connect is to your home stereo, and it is time to enjoy.

Quality and Durability

This turntable looks and feel very firm and solid. The body is made out of high density MDF, mounted on four aluminum legs with rubbers wrapped around it. All parts on the Turntable (knobs, platter and tone-arm) are made out of aluminum and feel solid. The dust-cover has to small rubber foots for a safe landing on the turntables body. The electronics are safely and substantial assembled under the body in a firm PVC cover.

Teac-tn-300 analog turntable

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When you receive the box with the TEAC TN-300, it requires a ten-minute setup. Give it some attention, and it will be very easy. Even if you are a turntable rookie, there is an excellent instruction manual enclosed to guide you through the process.

Want to know what expect upfront?

Here’s a video that shows how to do the setup:

You can transfer music from your Vinyl records to your pc, using the USB digital output. Download cd quality digital music and play it on your smartphone, while enjoying the rich classic vinyl sound. It is also very easy to connect it to your home theatre as well. You will need to turn-on the pre-amplifier, that is a part of the unit, in order to successfully drive a power audio/video amplifier, that drives your speaker system. If you have a collection of old Long Playing records, that you have not played in a long time, and which have special meaning to you, buy this Teac unit.

Reviews on Amazon

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Price range and final verdict
A great turntable for an above average price. Check the actual price on here. The price range for this model is $$$$, so one could say that this purchase would definitely be a conscious choice. A choice that will be rewarded with the experience of word class equipment. Buy this turntable!