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Yep, Vinny here!

The phones are there for my neighbors ­čÖé

I’m called Vinny┬á(okay, born as Vincent Steve Denvast, but now mostly Vinny) and I did start this website. The reason for me was my interest in old music. And then not all the old music, but more specific the vintage vinyl sound. What started as a small side project is now turning into a real site. I’m not sure what this site will become but I hope to stack you with great content about vintage record players. It would be great to gather more and more people around this site with an┬áinterest in (old) (classic) turntables!

Where did this start?

For me my passion for record music started already before I could buy music or musicalold model instruments myself. My parent owned a small electronic store where also some turntables could be purchased. What I remember from that time was playing in the shop when my parents were working. And at the background there was always some vinyl playing. Therefore most of my time around that age I was surrounded by vinyl sound ­čÖé And that has caught me. I found the first model when I was around 14 in my parents basement. Now, living in Chicago I own a couple of players. All the more vintage types. And I do notice the looks and interest of visitors (there are four turntables in my living room) when entering. When we than play some records, they are hooked.

The model that I now use:

better instrument!

(Not my own picture)


Because┬áI’m not that great with a camera I use some pictures of┬áImage courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.